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4.5.46 - Final Fantasy VII: What are the Weapons? How do I defeat them?

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This article is from the Final-Fantasy and other Square Soft Games FAQ, by nickzman@eskimo.com (Nick Zitzmann) with numerous contributions by others.

4.5.46 - Final Fantasy VII: What are the Weapons? How do I defeat them?

The Weapons, as Aeris's mother recalls, are a sort of planetary
self-defense force. They are created by the planet in order to defend
the planet from whatever might hurt it (again, applied Gaia theory).
Four of the six weapons seem to be targeting Shinra, because of their
Mako plants depleting the planet's life energy.

There are five Weapons created by the planet: "Weapon," Diamond Weapon,
Ultima Weapon, Emerald Weapon (USA and International versions only), and
Ruby Weapon (USA and International versions only).

For more information about the Weapons, we bring you:

By: Kao Megura and Nick Zitzmann

Weapon: The first weapon, whose name is unspecified in the game, appears
shortly after Jenova is defeated in disc 2. He heads toward
Junon, where he is destroyed by the Sister Ray.

Ultima Weapon: He appears after Cid & the others return to Mideel to
check on Tifa & Cloud. You fight him at several different
places in the game, see article 4.5.30.
Ultima Weapon's stats:
The statistics of this monster change depending on where
and when you fight it:
The first time you fight it (Mideel):
- It can use Quake 3 and the Ultima Beam against you.
- You can steal a Curse Ring from it.
Any aerial battle (Junon Lake, Mideel, North Corel):
- It can use a spark attack and the Ultima Beam.
- You can steal a Circlet form it.
Any ground battle (Fort Condor, Mideel, Gongaga):
- It can use Quake 3 and the Ultima Beam against you.
- You can steal a Reflect Ring from it.
The last battle with the Ultimate Weapon (Cosmo Canyon):
- It can use the Ultima Beam and Shadow Flare (an enemy skill)
- You can win the Ultima Weapon from it.
- During the last battle, it's stats. change:

  LV: ??          EXP: 35000       Steal: n/a
  HP: ??          AP:  3500        Win:   Ultima Weapon
  MP: 400         Gil: 25000       Morph: n/a

Control: n/a
Note that the number of battles you fight depends on
how much damage you inflict per battle--if you injure
it enough in your second fight, it will fly to Cosmo
Canyon for the last fight.
Normal way to defeat Ultima Weapon:
You can protect yourself from the Ultima Beam by
equipping someone's bracelet with 'Elemental' plus
'Ultima' or 'Bahamut (any kind)', I (Kao) believe. The
best way to attack it is to cast MBarrier on yourself
and hit it with summon spells or physical attacks. It's
the weakest of all the Weapons and shouldn't be too hard
to kill.
Quick & dirty way to defeat Ultima Weapon:
If you happen to have Knights of the Round, it should do
enough damage to put Ultima Weapon away.

Diamond Weapon: As soon as the party returns to the Highwind after the
return to the Forgotten Capital during disc 2, Diamond
Weapon surfaces and initiates an attack on Midgar. In
the USA & International versions of the game, Cloud &
the others will have to attack Diamond Weapon up until
the defense forces in Midgar are ready.
Diamond Weapon's stats:

 LV: ??          EXP: 35000       Steal: Rising Sun
 HP: 30000       AP:  3500        Win:   n/a
 MP: 3000        Gil: 25000       Morph: n/a

Control: n/a
Notes: Cannot be 'sensed'. Weak against Lightning and Slow.
Diamond Weapon's attacks:
<no name>
A laser ray attack causing 700+ damage to one target.
<no name>
A foot stomp attack causing 1000+ damage to one target.
This is done when the Weapon's HPs are getting low. Unless you
kill it in 3 rounds, it will use the 'Diamond Flash' attack.
Afterwards, it will keep doing these two attacks repeatedly.
'Diamond Flash'
This causes around 1500-3500 damage to all party members, and
casts 'Silence' as well (probably 'Minimum' too).
Normal way to defeat Diamond Weapon:
Diamond Weapon is protected from physical attacks by a
strong exterior shell, so forget about physical attacks.
To beat it, cast Barrier on yourselves to reduce
physical damage, then cast Slow on the Diamond Weapon.
Use magic (Bolt 3, Tornado, Break, and Ultima
all work well) to wear him down. Eventually, the
Diamond Weapon may open up its protective covering,
allowing you to use physical attacks (but it's
possible to fight it repeatedly and never have this
happen once, or for it to do this at the start of a
battle--it's seemingly random.) If it does lower its
defenses, you should use Limit Breaks, and if a
character has the Double Cut materia, that will come
in handy. Note that the Diamond Weapon will
automatically become vulnerable to physical attacks if
it does the 'Diamond Flash' attack.
Quick & dirty way to defeat Diamond Weapon:
If you have the Knights of Round materia, use it here.
One shot of KOTR should do the trick.

Emerald Weapon: After you received the submarine from the underwater
base during disc 2, you may see Emerald Weapon roaming
around on the floor of the ocean. He serves no purpose
to the plot of the game, but he has a valuable item
(the Earth Harp) that you obtain if you can defeat him.
Unless one of your characters has an Underwater
materia equipped, you're on a time limit during this
battle. Good luck!
Emerald Weapon's stats:

  LV: ??          EXP: 50000       Steal: n/a
  HP: 1000000     AP:  50000       Win:   Earth Harp
  MP: 100         Gil: 50000       Morph: n/a

Control: n/a
Emerald Weapon's attacks:
'Emerald Shoot'
Causes 8000+ damage to one target.
'Emerald Beam'
Causes 6000+ damage to all targets.
'Revenge Stamp'
Causes 3000+ damage to all targets. It's used as a counterattack.
'Aire Tam Storm'
Causes 1111 points of damage, multiplied by the amount of materia
the character is currently using (ie. a character with nine or more
materia equipped will be hit for 9999 points of damage). This
attack is only used when all of the Weapon's Eyes are destroyed.
It will stop using this once it hides its Eyes and goes back to
regenerating them.
And here are the statistics of it's 'Eyes':

  LV: ??          EXP: (shared)    Steal: n/a
  HP: ~25000      AP:  (shared)    Win:   (shared)
  MP: 0           Gil: (shared)    Morph: n/a

Control: n/a
The attacks of the four Eyes include:
<no name>
Causes 5000+ damage to one opponent.
<no name>
Drains 550+ MP from one opponent.
(The 'Eyes' appear after you've been fighting for a
while. They attack continuously, and after killing all
four of them, the Emerald Weapon will hide them and
then rejuvenate them after a while.)
Normal way to defeat Emerald Weapon:
Choose three characters, and give them their Ultimate
Weapons. We suggest Barett (because you'll be equipping
a lot of materia, which increases the power of his
Missing Score anyway), and Yuffie (because her
Conformer will usually cause max. damage against the
Emerald Weapon if there is a large difference between
their levels). Make sure you have an Escort Guard, as
this will cut the damage of Aire Tam Storm by 2/3rds
(really!). The other character(s) should be wearing
Wizard Bracelets.

Now, give each character enough HP Plus materia so that
they all have high life (at least 9000 points). One
person should have 'Revive' or 'Phoenix' handy.
Although it's optional, the 'Underwater' materia is
also useful.If you don't have many Elixirs or other
restorative items on you, then 'Restore' + 'All' would
also be advisable. However, make sure that's _all_
the materia they have, because you'll want to fill
their other slots with Counter Attack orbs. It is
suggested that you get as many of these as you can
(see article 4.5.40), maxing them all out by fighting
enemies like Magic Pots (be sure to equip your double
and triple AP weapons), and continuing to do this until
you have at least 8 Counter Attack materia per person,
although it's advisable that you have enough to
fill up all the empty slots.

Go into battle with the Emerald Weapon, but don't do
anything (maybe cast Barrier on yourselves if you think
it's necessary). Wait until the Weapon attacks your
party, and then you'll counterattack once for each
Counter Attack materia equipped! So if the Emerald
Weapon used Revenge Stamp and every character had 10
Counter Attack orbs, you'd do 30 attacks in all against
the Weapon, and they'd all do 9999 damage (except for
Cloud, since his damage amount changes on how much HP
he has--for that reason, you may consider giving him a
normal weapon). You can then use your turns to heal
yourselves, since you'll be attacking more or less

Warning! I (Nick) found that Emerald Weapon, unlike
most "normal" monsters, can counter-counterattack.
That is, it can counterattack your counterattacks.
So make sure you keep your HP high!

The second method is to get the W-Summon and Knights of
Round Materia (or Master Summon), and at least one Mime
materia. Cast KoR twice and then keep Miming it. This
strategy works very well if you can get Mime for all
three members, but it also requires you to have gotten
Knights of the Round or to have beaten the Ruby Weapon
beforehand, which isn't easy or practical.
Quick & dirty way to defeat Emerald Weapon:
This one's so difficult that there really isn't a way.
Try doing this: As above, but instead of Counter Attack
Materia, use the 'double Knights of Round' strategy
described in the 'Ruby Weapon' section below.

Remember that you can run away from the Emerald Weapon
if things get a little hairy.

Ruby Weapon: Once you have the Highwind, you can encounter Ruby
Weapon in the desert surrounding the Gold Saucer.
Bumping into his location in the desert should cause
him to surface. Like the Emerald Weapon, he serves
no purpose to the game's plot, but it does have a
valuable item (the Desert Rose) if you can defeat it.
Ruby Weapon's stats:

  LV: ??          EXP: 50000       Steal: n/a
  HP: 1000000     AP:  50000       Win:   Desert Rose
  MP: ???         Gil: 50000       Morph: n/a

Control: n/a
Notes: Is weak against Stop, Dazers, and Hades.
Ruby Weapon's attacks:
Removes one character from your party for the duration of the
battle. It will always do this attack when there is more than one
character in your party who is alive.
'Grand Sweep'
Damages all allies for about 5000+ points.
<no name>
A claw attack that hits one target for 3500+ damage.
'Ruby Fire'
Causes variable Fire-element damage to one target.
'Ruby Ray'
Causes around 3000 damage to one ally.
The magic spell. Used as a counterattack.
(Note that Whirlsand, Grand Sweep, and <no name> can't be
used by the Ruby Weapon when its claws are in the
Normal way to defeat Ruby Weapon:
You can use any characters you want, as long as they all
have high HP (9000 at least). One of them should be
wearing 'Mystile'; the others should wear something that
offers protection against fire, or should have 'Elemental'
+ 'Fire' or 'Phoenix' attached to their bracelet.

I (Kao) personally suggest killing the Emerald Weapon
first so that you can get the set of Master materia from
Kalm to use in this battle. And since you don't need lots
of Materia slots, you might as well use your triple and
double AP weapons in this battle, since you can load them
up with non-mastered materia and then get lots of AP when
the battle is over.

Give one character this materia chain:
Master Summon + HP Absorb or Knights of Round + HP Absorb, Hades.

That character also needs to have 'W-Summon', and enough
MP Plus materia so that he/she has enough MP to cast KoR
and Hades once. One character needs to have 'Master
Command' or 'Mime', but I suggest that all three
characters have it. If you don't have a lot of
restorative items, pack an All + Restore materia.

Now, kill off your two teammates and go into battle with
the Ruby Weapon. As soon as it puts its hands into the
ground, revive your allies. Have one character cast Hades
and Knights of Round, then keep Miming it. Hades has a
chance of paralyzing the Ruby Weapon, preventing it from
attacking. And since you're continually summoning
monsters, its tentacles won't get much of a chance to
attack either. Best of all, the HP Absorb materia will
earn you at least 6800 HP when using Knights of the Round,
making you party practically invincible. There
are two things you need to watch out for, though. First
of all, since the Ruby Weapon uses the Ultima spell as a
counterattack, it can hit you with it between a W-Summon
if it isn't paralyzed. Secondly, if you have to stop
Miming in order to revive a character, etc, make sure that
the Ruby's Tentacles haven't drained too much MP from the
person with Master Summon/KoR-Hades, so that they can cast
it and you can go back to using Mime repeatedly.

Remember: Ruby Weapon is virtually indestructible until its
hands are in the ground. Make sure you hold your attacks
until this happens.

You may find that this boss is much more difficult than
Emerald Weapon...
Quick & dirty way to defeat Ruby Weapon:
Try this: As above, but W-Summon Knights of Round twice.
This will do much more damage, especially with three
people Miming it, but is also a little risky. If you need
to stop Miming, cast Stop or use a set of Dazers on the
Ruby Weapon so that it won't be able to attack you while
you're busy reviving/healing, etc. This strategy also
works well for the Emerald Weapon (too bad you can't stop
it with spells or Dazers, though).

Remember that you can run away from the Ruby Weapon, too,
as long as its tentacles aren't waving around behind you.


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