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Pepper Stuffed Steak


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Pepper Stuffed Steak

From: Ken Paris <paris@gene.com>

Here's a recipe I worked out last weekend that came out a great
success. For those who are faint of heart, you might want to cut the
chipoltes down to one or two.

Chipolte Peppper Stuffed Flank Steak

* 3-6 Chipolte Chillies (canned)
* 1 small sweet onion (chopped)
* 6 sun dried tomatoes (chopped)
* 1 TBS chopped fresh thyme
* 1 cup grated fontina cheese
* 1/3 cup bread crumbs
* 2 lb flank steak.

saute the onion in olive oil until translucent add the tomato, chilli,
and thyme and saute a couple minutes more.

mix the cheese and bread crumbs with the sauted mixture.

lay the steak flat and place the stuffing in a line down the long axis
of the steak. roll the steak around the stuffing (it should look like
a large sausage), and tie every two inches with butchers twine.

brown the rolled steak in a frying pan with olive oil for just a few
minutes, then bake at 450 for 25 minutes.

scrape any residue from the baking dish into the frying pan and
deglase with white wine.

slice the roll into two inch medallions and top with the strained wine

This should be medium-hot. The chipotle is a dried, smoked Jalapeno
pepper. he drying and smoking take some of the bite off the pepper,
and having had ishes with Chipotle peppers before, I can attest to the
flavor they add.

Very anti-vegetarian.


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