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01 Misc.taxes newsgroup


This article is from the US Taxes FAQ, by Wayne Ross wayner@metronet.com.

01 Misc.taxes newsgroup

The unmoderated misc.taxes (m.t.) newsgroup is one of the
principal Usenet groups which deals with taxes (mostly US Federal).
The original charter was tax laws and advice. In the recent past
the group's content has expanded from questions and answers to tax
questions, to include discussions of proposed tax schemes, (flat
tax, value added tax, etc.) and tax protest issues.

The volume of protest, advertising and other postings to
misc.taxes had in the minds of some so cluttered the newsgroup,
that in December 1995 a second newsgroup, misc.taxes.moderated
(m.t.m.) was voted upon and created to focus more narrowly (see
below). The efficacy of the moderated group remains to be seen.

For a number of years, Sam Houston State University has
provided digests of the misc.taxes and gatewayed these digests into
the FedTax-L mail-oriented discussion list. The following is noted
at that site:

"FedTax-L is a mail-oriented discussion list supported by Sam
Houston State University of Huntsville, Texas, to provide a
generally unmoderated environment for the discussion of federal
taxation issues from both a practical and academic viewpoint. The
discussions are intended to include latest trends, regulatory
actions, and, of course, a lively exchange of ideas and concerns."

"The list is mirrored to and from the USENET newsgroup
misc.taxes so that any discussion appearing on that media is
forwarded to subscribers of FedTax-L and all posts appearing on
FedTax-L are forwarded to all network news sites carrying

"To subscribe to FedTax-L, include the text: SUBSCRIBE
FedTax-L "Your Real Name in Quotes" in the body of a mail message

NOTE: Whether this service will be expanded to
include misc.tax.moderated is unknown!

Sam Houston State indirectly archives(ed) the unmoderated
group as a by-product of maintaining the FedTAX-L mailing list see:

(try the 4th item on main menu, then the 8th)

An archive of the last month's postings of m.t. was also
maintained by kentlaw.edu see:

(select tax matters on the forms menu)


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