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19 Sherlock Holmes Lit-Crit/Non-Fiction A-G


This article is from the Holmes Booklist FAQ, by Evelyn C. Leeper evelynleeper@geocities.com with numerous contributions by others.

19 Sherlock Holmes Lit-Crit/Non-Fiction A-G

Accardo, Pasquale: Diagnosis and Detection: The Medical Iconography Of
Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Alexander, Arthur M.: Hot On The Scent: A Visitor's Guide To The London
Of Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Amis, Kingsley: "Holmlock Shears" (in THE AMIS COLLECTION) (LIT)
Armstrong, Walter P.: Holmes' Range (LIT)
Atkinson, Michael: Secret Marriage of Sherlock and Other Eccentric
Readings, The (LIT)
Austin, Bliss: Austin's Sherlockian Studies (LIT)
Austin, Bliss: Holmes and the Theory of Games (LIT)
Apple Cheeks Press: Sherlock Holmes Cookbook (LIT)
Arden, Eleri: Sherlock Holmes Observed, or Watson TV Tonight (CIN)
Baring-Gould, William S.: Annotated Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Baring-Gould, William S.: Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street (LIT)
Barnes, Alan: Sherlock Holmes On Screen (CIN)
Bayer, Robert John: Some Notes on a Meeting at Chisham (LIT)
Bell, H. W.: Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (LIT)
Bell, H. W., ed.: Baker Street Studies (LIT)
Bigelow, S. Tupper: Irregular Anglo-American Glossary of Sherlock
Holmes (LIT)
Blackbeard, Bill: Sherlock Holmes in America (LIT)
Blakeney, T. S.: Sherlock Holmes: Fact or Fiction? (LIT)
Bonnell, William: The Sherlock Holmes Victorian Cookbook (LIT)
Boucher, Anthony et al: Sincerely, Tony - Faithfully, Vincent (LIT)
Bradley, C. Alan & Sarjeant, William A. S.: Ms. Holmes Of Baker Street,
The Truth About Sherlock (LIT)
Brend, Gavin: My Dear Holmes (LIT)
Brown, John William: Sherlock Holmes In Streatham (LIT)
Bullard, Scott R. et al: Who's Who in Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Bunson, Matthew E.: Encyclopedia Sherlockiana (LIT)
Butler, William E.: Sherlockian Bookplates (LIT)
Byerly, Ann: "Doings at Dubuque: A Sherlockian Seminar, The" (LIT)
(AD, V18, #1)
Cairns-Smith, A.G.: Seven Clues To The Origin Of Life: A Scientific
Detective Story
Campbell, Maurice: Hound of the Baskervilles: Dartmoor or
Herefordshire?, The (LIT)
Canton, Rolf J: The Moriarty Principle, An Irregular Look At Sherlock
Holmes (LIT)
Carr, John Dickson: Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, The (LIT)
Chesterton, G.K.: "Sherlock Holmes" (in A HANDFUL OF AUTHORS, 1953)
Christ, Jay Finley: Irregular Chronology of S. Holmes of Baker St.
Christ, Jay Finley: Sherlock Holmes, Raffles, and Prototypes (LIT)
Christ, Jay Finley: Sherlockian Studies (LIT)
Clarkson, Stephen: The Canonical Compendium (LIT)
Cook, Doris E.: Sherlock Holmes & Much More (LIT)
Cook, Michael L.: Practical Handbook of Bee Culture (LIT)
Cooke, Michael: Ancient Curse of the Baskervilles (LIT)
Costello, Peter: Real World of Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Coules, Bert: 221 BBC
Cox, Don Richard: Arthur Conan Doyle (LIT)
Cradock, Fanny: Mrs.Hudson, Sherlock Holmes Cookbook (LIT)
Cutter, Robert A.: Sherlockian Studies (LIT)
Dakin, D. Martin: Sherlock Holmes Commentary, A (LIT)
Davies, David Stuart: Holmes of the Movies (CIN)
Davies, David Stuart: Starring Sherlock Holmes (CIN)
De Waal, Ronald Burt: International Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
De Waal, Ronald Burt: Universal Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
De Waal, Ronald Burt: World Bibliography of Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Dorn, William S.: The Many Faces Of Mycroft Holmes (LIT)
Dorn, William S.: Study Guide To Sherlock Holmes, Vol. I, A (LIT)
Doyle, Adrian: True Conan Doyle, The (LIT)
Doyle, P. J. et al: Baker Street Dozen (LIT)
Doyle, Steven T. et al: Illustrious Client's Fourth Casebook (LIT)
Duffett, Gerald: 'Sherlock Holmes' And 'The Garden Of Eden (LIT)
Dunbar, Robin: Detective Business, The (LIT)
Eames, Hugh: Sleuths, Inc. (LIT)
Earnshaw, Tony: An Actor And A Rare One: Peter Cushing As Sherlock
Holmes (CIN)
Eco, Umberto & Thomas A. Sebeok (ed.): Sign of Three, The (LIT)
Edwards, Owen Dudley: Quest for Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Eyles, Allen: Sherlock Holmes: A Centenary Celebration (LIT)
Fass, Myron: World of Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Fido, Martin: The World Of Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Frayling, Christopher: Nightmare, The Birth Of Horror (LIT)
Gale Research Inc.: The Case Book Of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (LIT)
Gay, Patricia: Bacchus at Baker Street (LIT)
Goldstein, Edward: History of Sherlock Holmes, The (LIT)
Golstein, Edward: Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Goodrich, William D.: Good Old Index (LIT)
Goodrich, William D.: New Good Old Index, The (LIT)
Granada Television: Centenary Celebration of Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Grazebrook, O. F.: Studies in Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Green, Richard L., ed.: Letters to Sherlock Holmes (LIT)
Green, Richard L. et al: Bibliography of A. Conan Doyle, A (LIT)
Green, Richard L.: Conan Doyle of Wimpole Street (LIT)
Green, Richard L.: Letters to the Press (LIT)
Green, Richard L.: Misadventure of the Sherlock Holmes Pilot, The
Green, Richard L.: Sherlock Holmes Letters (LIT)
Greene, Graham: "The Sign Of Four" (in REFLECTIONS, 1990) (LIT)
Guy, Patricia: Bacchus At Baker Street: Observations On the Bibulous
Preferences Of Mr. Sherlock Holmes And His Associates (LIT)


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