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07 Re: Bandsaws


This article is from the Woodworking FAQ Collection 2, by multiple authors.

07 Re: Bandsaws

From: mikemo@tekig4.TEK.COM (Mike Moser)
Date: 21 Jan 87 22:18:14 GMT

In article <3896@hplabsb.UUCP> bradley@hplabsb.UUCP (Karen Bradley) writes:
>I also got a Grizzly catalog and browsed through it, but having seen
>negative articles about some of their other machines in Fine Woodworking
>and other magazines, am a bit dubious about them.

I too read the articles in Fine Woodworking. As I recall, the articles
were referring to ALL Taiwan imports in general, not Grizzly only. As far as
Grizzly goes, they have a reputation for being one of the more reputable
import companies. This opinion comes from myself, several friends who have
ordered from them, and an instructor of a wood working school I attended. I
have bought several tools from Grizzly including their 14" bandsaw and their
8" long bed jointer. I have been very pleased with the quality of the tools
and will continue to do business with them. I have also had a chance to look
at other imported bandsaws and noticed that they all seem to be the same
machine down to the little elephant symbol molded on some of the knobs. I
assume the import companies get their tools from the same source. I also
have used the Rockwell 14" bandsaw (made in USA; 16" is an import) at
the school and must admit that it is easier to setup and adjust. Once
adjusted though the resulting cuts are the same.

My Grizzly bandsaw runs vibration free (a concern with two large spinning
wheels). The machine was perfectly serviceable as received although I did
make some mods. I moved the power switch up to a more convenient position.
I also made some fine adjustments to the upper blade guide assembly to make
it absolutely parallel to the blade. This took a few swipes with a file
on the upper casting.

I have had my bandsaw for about a year and a half and my jointer for about
six months. Both get moderate use and the motors have held up just fine.
The Fine Woodworking articles claim that the motors are the weak point
in the Taiwan imports. Grizzly wrote back saying their motors are given
extra testing and inspections. I figure that even if my motor dies and I
have to buy an American made replacement I will still be ahead.

I have no connection with Grizzly other than being a satisfied customer.


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