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5.9 Story: To Whom It May Concern


This article is from the Childhood Vaccinations FAQ, by Lynn Gazis-Sax lynng@alsirat.com with numerous contributions by others.

5.9 Story: To Whom It May Concern

[update: The original story was deleted at the request of its writer]


We have since learned that the wording necessary for a personal beliefs
exemption from immunizations is available on the California School
Immunization Record, form PM 286 (3/89), 89 52111. The wording is quoted


I hereby request exemption of the child, named on the front, from the
immunization requirements for school/child care center entry because these
immunizations are contrary to my beliefs. I understand that in case of an
outbreak of any one of these diseases, the child may be temporarily
excluded from school for his/her protection."

Since we turned in our letter, the school Siobhan is now attending has
stopped asking for proof of further vaccinations. We take it they are
satisfied that we are serious and/or they have cleared this with their
lawyer(s) and it meets their need to have complete records. Siobhan has a
new homeopath and is on a new remedy. Her rash is finally healing up after
weeks, she is balanced and making good progress. She has returned to the
developmental growth pattern we saw before the immunizations threw her off,
and is very, very happy!

Good luck to all those of you who are struggling with this issue, we hope
you make the right choices for your child. This is our story thus far. We
don't want to do anything but help Siobhan be the best person she can be,
get her the most help we can, and give her all the love we are able to
give. We are not crusaders for or against immunization, indeed, it may be
one of the most important advances in health care the human race has ever
made. Only time will tell. What we want most of all is for the pressure to
be taken off health care professionals so they can tell us the truth on
this issue. I have looked several doctors in the eye as they told me there
were no side effects, negligible side effects, etc., and caught them lying
as they were speaking. Please, if you administer immunizations and you know
something adverse about them up front, I must beg you not to lie outright.
The truth shall set us free. Let us make up our own minds about this issue.
Now that Congress has taken manufacturers off the hook for punitive damages
there is no way you can help your child after the fact if there is damage
from vaccines. Be sure you know what you're doing and don't take anyone's
word for it but your own.


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