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5.10 Story: Vaccines From: CRSinc@GroupZ.net (ALF)


This article is from the Childhood Vaccinations FAQ, by Lynn Gazis-Sax lynng@alsirat.com with numerous contributions by others.

5.10 Story: Vaccines From: CRSinc@GroupZ.net (ALF)

This is on my home page. "Stay tuned to this page. My
next story will be concerning "Are Vaccines Really Safe.?"
Moms, please do your research on the safety of vaccinations BEFORE YOU

This is a very controversial topic. I hope I can give you enough info to
research and make up your own mind as to whether you should or shouldn't
vaccinate your child.

much more out of this than you will believe from me. I start my research on
vaccine safety before my son was born so that when the time came for me to
decide I would make an informed decision and not let anyone sway me from my
decision based on facts and not heresy from a doctor, nurse, or my own

The most alarming stats came from the 3 in 1 shot called the dpt shot.
D>Diphtheria (epidemic disease affecting mainly the throat and air
passages) P>Pertussis a.k.a. Whooping cough (infectious disease marked by
fits of convulsive coughing, followed by characteristic loud whoop or
indrawing of breath) T>Tetanus (disease in which a virus causes spasms of
violent muscular contraction; a.k.a lockjaw)

The following is a disclaimer that is on all vaccine inserts: "As with any
vaccine, vaccination may not result in sero-conversion in all individuals".

Sero-conversion > vaccine may not necessarily result in blood antibodies,
and hence, nay not work in everyone.

What they don't give you are the stats on just how many times the vaccine
does work.
Example: 1989 Ohio, Pertussis outbreak. 82% of the children that contracted
the Pertussis were already fully vaccinated. The children that were
vaccinated against the Pertussis had just as bad a case as if they had not
been vaccinated at all. You hear all the time that "if you are vaccinated
and you come into contact with the virus you will either escape from
contracting the virus at all or you will have a lesser/easier case of the
virus than the person who isn't vaccinated at all." All of the research
that I could get my hands on proved that statement to be utterly false.

This is a hard statement for me to make due to the fact that I love my
child and I would never knowingly inflict any pain on that beautiful gift
from God. However, I can not knowingly give my child a vaccine knowing what
I know today.

Here are the facts:
1. Acquired immunity in childhood will last a lifetime. Most infectious
diseases contracted in childhood are not fatal and are fully recoverable.
Contract the same said infectious disease in adulthood and you might die.

2. Risk benefit analysis is for you to decide. THANK GOD. Our government
and the medical community would have you believe that your child can't
attend daycare or school without being vaccinated against everything known
to man and that is NOT TRUE. Fact: you can send your child to daycare and
school. Here is how.
A. Religious exemption,
B. Doctor's note exempting the child from vaccination,
C. Several states have statutes exempting mandatory vaccination.

3. No one knows how long vaccines last in the first place hence the
supposedly necessary evil of boosters. (This was a big WOW for me!) Note:
refer back to #1.

4. Time line for infants to receive vaccine is made up from several
recommendations based on lab results from pharmacuetical companies. Result
> the ultimate conflict of interest.

5. CDC maintains that all infectious diseases can be controlled by
vaccinating the entire population. I found No evidence to support their
claim. In fact the more I search the more I concluded that vaccines do not
work and in fact are responsible for the following; High/high fever
resulting in frying the brain causing sever seizures leading up to and
causing a stroke and eventually possibly death, ADD > Attention Deficit
Disorder, Hypertention/hypersensitivity, break down of the bodies own
immune system (draw your own conclusion from THAT), and the list goes own
on from the hugh side effects from vaccinations.

6. Fact: if the patient has a reaction (red swelling around shot area,
fever , fits of loud crying, etc.) discontinue remaing vaccination
schedule. The doctor will maintain and the CDC and AMA will maintain that
all babies and adults will have some sort of reaction to a shot. Your
pediatrician will continue with the shot schedule unless you ask to have
the shots discontinued. Also, ask the doctor to document your childs
reaction and forward the patient record to the CDC. I had a terrible time
getting any stats on low level reactions. High level reactions were no
problem. All of these reactions were recorded via emergency room visits and
the morgue. 602 deaths in 1994 were attributed to vaccines. 30,000 recorded
sever injuries from vaccines. Our government has a vaccine fund set up to
pay off survivors.

I could go on and on. I started asking a few questions on a couple of chat
lines and I was overwhelmed by the response. 95% of the responses were
solidly against vaccines.
One of the responses was from a lady in Dayton, Ohio - Kristine M. Severyn,
R. Ph., Ph.D., Director of "Ohio Parents for Vaccine Safety". She is your
best contact for up-to-date info on Vaccine Safety. Phone and fax:(513)
435-4750 Address: 251 W. Ridgeway Dr., Dayton, Ohio 45459.

7. Last but not least and definitely very important - New Chickenpox
vaccine called VARIVAX made by Merck and Co. will be used on our children
as if they were guinea pigs for company profits. Merck's own literature
states "The duration of protection is unknown at present and the need for
booster doses is not defined."

8. Post marketing studies of vaccines utilize the federal Vaccine Adverse
Events Reporting System (VAERS). The government that maintains this system
dismisses VAERS reports as "anecdotal".

Vaccine package insert is the place to start when doing your research.
Please obtain from doctor or pharmacist before you take your child in for
their "scheduled" vaccination. Several good books: "The Immunization
Resource Guide" reviews more than 60 books covering all aspects of
vaccinations, Several places on the internet.

The following site http://wwwonder.cdc.gov/wonder/prevguid/p0000238/body0008.htm
is published by the CDC and when you read this keep that in mind!

http://www.groupz.net/~CRSinc/ & http://www.groupz.net/~CRSinc/fff.html


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