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7a Meats: The basics and making them edible.


This article is from the Solid Food for Infants FAQ, by David M. Poduska poduska@cis.ohio-state.edu with numerous contributions by others.

7a Meats: The basics and making them edible.

From: jimm@cbnewsi.cb.att.com (james.mumper)

>In article <Buy24q.4vK@acsu.buffalo.edu> gorman@acsu.buffalo.edu (Anne-Marie K. Gorman) writes:
>>We make our own baby food, but we're having trouble with meat. It
>>comes out of the blender as lots of little fibres surrounded by water,
>>not as a puree or even a lumpy puree. The babies hate it! Does any-
>>one have any suggestions?

We boil chicken breasts with various veggies for flavor. After it cools off
we grind up about 1oz in the blender. Mix with about 2 1/2 tablespoons of
low-fat plain yogurt and some wheat germ. Libby loves it!!


From: sgauch@ccs.northeastern.edu (Susan Gauch)

We wait until the baby is ready for lumpy foods (about 6-7 months with
Brian). Then, I dice soft meat very finely with a sharp knife and mix
it with pureed vegetables. Dinner consists of this mixture, pureed
fruit, and cheerios (after the spoonfed food). I've used my own
poached chicken and pork chop, and fried hamburger recently. I
started with canned chicken or tuna. Recently, I used turkey and
roast beef cold cuts.

The first few times, I put a little meat in a lot of veggies. Gradually
increase the proportion of meat (and chunkiness). Quick, easy, and
tastes better than the jarred baby meats. Well, it smells better.
Never could bring myself to TASTE the baby meats. That's when I decided
to skip them altogether. I mean, how could I expect them to eat food
I wouldn't even taste?
Susan Gauch

In article <C6KFBn.6KB@oakhill.sps.mot.com> amym@oakhill.sps.mot.com
(Amy Moseley Rupp) writes:
>We gave Elizabeth some Gerber baby food 2nd foods chicken--UGGGGHHH!!!
>It stinks, the texture is that of sandy water, and it doesn't even taste
>much like chicken. She doesn't think much of it.
>Can one make chicken & puree for babies?

From: mrp@world.std.com (Marjorie R Peskin)

I make pureed chicken for the babies all the time. Its easy and
tastes good, and they like it.

How to make chicken mush:

Take several chicken breasts (boneless) and rinse them off.
Put them in a pot with about 4 cups of water. Add
one onion, one carrot, one celery stalk. You can add a
garlic clove if you like, its optional.

Boil these all together for about a half hour, till the
chicken is throughily cooked.

Put the hot chicken, and the carrot in the cuisinart.
Turn it on to mince the meat. Then add the stock a bit
at a time until you get the consistency you desire.

Spoon into ice cube trays, top with plastic wrap and freeze.
When frozen, place cubes in a ziploc freezer bag and voila!

Don't add the celery or onion because even tho they are cooked
they don't mush up right and could cause a young baby to choke.

Hope this helps.


PS..you can do this with chopped turkey as well. And thats really cheap.


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