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VI-D. Fish tank pumps Gerber Precious Care


This article is from the Breast Pumps FAQ, by bweiss@cs.arizona.edu (Beth Weiss) with numerous contributions by others.

VI-D. Fish tank pumps Gerber Precious Care

Excerpt from "The Nursing Mother's Companion": This semiautomatic
electric pump, new from Gerber, is about the size of a small aquarium
upmp. Again, suction is generated by placing a finger over the vacuum
release hole. Two disadvantages are the unusually shaped breast
funnel and the low suction strength. (1990: about $50)
I currently use the Gerber "Precious Care" electric pump and am very
satisfied with it. I bought it when my now 4 1/2 month-old daughter
was 2 months old (I *tried* to use a manual pump at first, but found
it to be very difficult) and wished I had bought it sooner. I picked
it up at Sears for $49. The parts are very easy to clean and the unit
provides excellent suction, the strength of which you can control by
covering or uncovering a small valve. The best feature of this pump is
that the cone which fits over the breast is of a soft, malleable
plastic which is very comfortable and prevents leaks. The only
complaint I have is that the unit emits a fairly loud, constant drone
when in use which can get on your nerves! It is possible to muffle the
sound by covering the unit with a pillow or towel. I was very
surprised to find an electric pump so cheap, since I had read that
they can cost a couple of hundred dollars. I have never used a
battery-operated pump, so I can't compare the Gerber pump's
performance with theirs, but, as I said, I am very happy with my
purchase. I have only been using this pump for about 2 1/2 months and
don't use it every day, so I can't vouch for its longevity, but so far
I have had no mechanical problems with it.
I used [the Gerber "Precious Care" electric pump], too. I really liked
it for small amounts of pumping, when I started back at work, I rented
a Medela. The thing I really liked about the Gerber is that it came
with an order blank for extra pieces. For $11 I was able to buy enough
assmeblies for three pumpings. When I mailed away for it, I asked them
to send it ASAP. I had it within a week. I was impressed by that.
People may want to shop around. I have seen it for $3X, at discount
stores. (Fedco for people in S. Cal), and at Kids R us. This was 2
years ago. When Jeffrey was a newborn we went thru a few weeks of
evening fussiness. He wouldnt nurse, so I would pump the milk, and
give it to him later. Then I noticed that he would quiet down when I
pumped. The sound of the pump relaxed him. I then went all out, and
used the Vacumm cleaner. Since the noise of the pump and vacumm
cleaner made him relax, it was music to my ears. :-)
I used Gerber, Medela, and Gentle Expressions with my first child.
[...] One time I did take apart the Gerber Precious Care pump though
when it was losing suction, then I found out the problem was not
inside at all, but that gasket at the top just wasn't making good
contact with the bottles.


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