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VI-D. Fish tank pumps Double Up


This article is from the Breast Pumps FAQ, by bweiss@cs.arizona.edu (Beth Weiss) with numerous contributions by others.

VI-D. Fish tank pumps Double Up

Summary of responses to my questions on the Double-Up Breast Pump offered
by Right Start follows.

Of those familiar with the pump, I had positive feedback. No one
mentioned any problems with the pump (granted, we didn't have a large
pool of responses, though).

One person told me it looked exactly like the Nurture III that they
got for around $90. Another told me she had the Double-up and her
friend had the Nurture III and that they were basically the same, with
a different hose configuration.

There were positive comments about the Nurture III, and one positive
report on the Double-Up, and one absolutly glowing report on the

The Double-Up was more expensive, but it did come with a cooler kit
and I wasn't sure what difference the "different hose configuration"
might make. So I went for the Double-Up.

I actually ended up ordering from One Step Ahead rather than Right
Start. OSA advertised the entire kit for 149.95. When I called
RS they said they didn't sell the cooler kit, just the pump. In
retrospect, seeing how the pump was packaged and the video, I bet
the service rep at RS just didn't know his product.... RS advertised
price was $149.

Results: I *LOVE* it! I'm getting just as much volume as I did with
the Lactina in the same amount of time. I even tried an 8oz bottle
single pumping this morn and that worked fine. I've also done the
single pump with 4 oz and the double pump with 4 oz bottles. If
anything, I'm getting *better* results than with the Lactina. It's
also easier to lug around. I didn't know how much I'd appreciate that
until this morning when my boss sprung a day trip to Houston, planes
and all, on me by surprise -- tomorrow! I'm sure glad I have the
Double-Up to deal with instead of the Lactina on the plane! My
husband will be returning the Lactina tomorrow.

And for the person who thought $150 was outrageous to spend on a pump
-- well for me it's worth it. Yes, I can manually express. But it
does take time. I went back to work part-time, with no additions to
office staff. So I'm getting five days of work done in four days. I
take two breaks to pump during the day, and have got to get it done
quickly. I'm working my tail off at work to spend an extra day with
my daughter, so forgive my indulgance of $150!

All in all, the Double-Up is a great pump, easier to transport
than the Lactina, and definitely more affordable.

For my 3rd child I bought the Double Up pump from the Natural Choice
Company. I bought it through a catalog (Right Start, I think). It
comes as a complete kit - the pump, tubing and caps to double or
single pump, 2 bottles, 2 flanges, 2 gaskets, 2 cold packs, a video, a
pair of washable nursing pads, an outer tote that holds it all and an
inner tote that holds two 4oz bottles with the cold packs. You can
use any 4oz bottle. So far I've used it for over 3 months.

One cold pack got a leak which I patched with tape, and I've had to
buy extra filters and gaskets (cheap and the service was outstanding).
I'm extremely impressed with the pump; it is the only one other than a
full sized that has ever worked for me. It does indeed seem to have
as much power as the big pumps, and it really can double pump with

It can be used either as a single pump or a double pump, and I usually
switch off in the same pumping session - about 10 minutes of double
pumping, then 5-10 minutes per side of single pumping, and sometimes a
little double pumping again at the end.

It has worked flawlessly for me so far and I'd recommend it to anyone.
The user controls the suction in two ways - by presetting a dial (2
levels of suction for double pumping and 3 for single pumping), and by
covering a hole in the cap of one of the bottles. I always need the
dial on the top suction setting, and then can cover the hole a lot or
a little depending on just what I need, and what is comfortable at
that moment.

One thing I've found to be a huge time saver with this pump - once my
milk starts flowing at the beginning of a pumping session, I can leave
the suction hole covered, or mostly covered and "stream" the milk out.
I usually can do this for 3-5 minutes, and if I'm going to let down,
it almost always happens during that time. I can't do this with the
big electric pumps because they cycle the suction for you. I don't
know if this would work for others, but it is great for me!

I love the small size and light weight of the pump; packed in its tote
it is easy to carry anywhere. Since I am at work M-W-F and telecommute
from home on Tu-Thurs, being able to carry the pump back and forth is
very important to me now.
|> Has anyone purchased the breastpump offered by The Right Start
|> catalog? It's only $150, but they claim it's a medical
|> grade pump as good as the rental units.

I've got one and I'm happy with it, but I think this claim is a little
exagerated. The motor is basically the same as a fish tank pump. You
need to manually create and release the suction every couple of
seconds (by covering and uncovering a hole) -- my understanding of the
Lactina is that this happens automatically. I've got a friend with a
Nurture III -- this is basically the same pump with a slightly
different hose configuration.

I pump about twice a day and get 5-10 ounces in 10-15 minutes.

I've already saved money over what renting a Lactina would have cost
(and I'm glad not to have a financial incentive to quit), but my bet
is that you've got a significantly better pump. I'd say, order it and
try it -- If you don't believe that it lives up to their claims,
return it.
Well, since no one else seems to be going to answer your question, I
will! Yes, I bought it (fortunately, on sale) and I LOVE it! I have
used most of the major brands of pumps, from manual right thru the big
rentals. I am currently nursing my 3rd child. I have never had good
success with anything less than a full sized plug in model, and it
isn't because I don't know what I'm doing - it is just harder for some
than for others. I can and do manually express, and agree it is a
great skill, but it doesn't work for me as a day to day way to handle
daytime pumpings.

I bought the "Double Up" pump from Right Start last spring, and have
been using it 2-4 times a day since mid-July. I adore it. It is
everything they say in the ad (I don't know what "medical grade"
means, but it really does have plenty of suction to double pump, and
easily converts to single pumping as well). It is a very complete kit
for that price - you get 2 bottles, 2 flanges, one pump, tubing,
filters, 2 cold packs, an outer case for everything plus an inner case
for the cold packs/milk, and even a video with some tips! One aspect
I particularly like is the small size and easy portability - since I
telecommute 2 days a week, being able to take it back and forth was an
important point; I really didn't want to have to rent 2 big machines.

If you plan to rent for more than about 2 months, or plan to have more
than one child, the financial aspects work out pretty well. It is a
lot of money, but it is also returnable (I checked about 10 times with
Right Start) and the company that makes it (The Natural Choice
company) has been very helpful and quick when I've called to order
spare parts. I'm very impressed and pleased with it, and still can't
figure out how that little tiny pump can produce so much suction.
I think it is very quiet. I do have a private place to pump (a room
put in specially for pumping-moms, in one of the bathrooms with a
couch, table, outlet, and locking door). One day out of curiosity I
turned it on, walked out, closed the door, and listened closely, and I
couldn't hear it at all from the other side of the door. It is hard
for me to say just how quiet it is, but I'm certain it is much quieter
than anything you'd describe as a motorcycle!


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