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19 SuperModels: V


This article is from the Supermodels FAQ, by graham graham@shell.portal.com with numerous contributions by others.

19 SuperModels: V

Valasquez, Patricia
appears in Victoria's Secret catalogs, Sports Illustrated, SI CD-ROM,
and the SI Planner.

Valetta, Amber
Agency: BOSS
Born: '73? in Tulsa
One of the waifs. Gets a lot of work in the UK magazines.
Was everywhere and then deliberately cut back on exposure to prevent
saturation and self-distruction of her career. Interviewed on House of
Style and Fashion TV in 1994.

Vanderloo, Mark
Born: April 24, 1968
Raised: Waddenveen, Holland; Nairobi, Kenya
Has apartments in Amsterdam and Paris, but works largely in New York,
Los Angeles, or Miami. A nice looking guy.

Vanous, Lucky
Born: April 11, 1961
Raised: Lincoln, Nebraska
Male model. Married. Was member of the Black Beret Rangers, an
antiterrorist company in the military. 11 years ago got first break
modeling for GQ. "For the diet-coke commercial, a casting agent I've
known for years said, 'Come on, take off your shirt.' It makes me very
self-conscious, but I figured I'd try it. And it wasn't a big deal,
really. Not until afterward..." This is "Diet-coke break" ad where the
women of the office gather at 11:30 to watch him strip off that shirt and
guzzle down that diet-coke. [you've ALL seen this ad I am pretty sure.]

Vela, Rosie
Age: 41 (in 1995)
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
modelling for Maybelline, released a record album called "ZAZU" a few
years back. Was modeling for a cigarette company in Japan in 1994.

Popular in late 1960's.
Height: 6' 3"
Nationality: Russian
appears in Antonio's "Blow Up"

Visser, Anouschka Tamara
Age: 23.
Place of Birth: Delft.
Country of origin: The Netherlands.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond, long
Worked for Vogue, Weekend, Story and Cosmopolitan.
Had some minor parts in Dutch series (like Medisch Centrum West and Goede
Tijden Slechte Tijden) and had a small role in a Dutch movie called Diepe
Hartstocht, Kleine Dames.


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