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18 SuperModels: T


This article is from the Supermodels FAQ, by graham graham@shell.portal.com with numerous contributions by others.

18 SuperModels: T

Taylor, Krissy
Height: 6'0
Hair: blonde
Agency: IMG Models, NY
Born: '78?
Died: summer 1995 from possibly abusing Psuedoephedrine.
Niki's younger sister. Not a quite a supermodel. Has appeared in YM,
Seventeen, Self, Mademoiselle, Vogue, and Dolly (Aust)
Was on House of Style with sister Niki summer 94.
Krissy was a popular model in Australia, having done numerous
covers for Australian girls' magazines.
http://www.supermodel.com/ used to have her home page.

"She's Young, She's Dead, She's Net"

Krissy Taylor died tragically last month, but her scantily clad image still
lives on the Internet, where her mother, Barbara Taylor, is using photos of
her dead daughter to generate some cold, hard cash. Two months before
Krissy's death, the elder Taylor put together a Web site called "The
Supermodel Home Page," which charges advertisers up to $30,000 a month
(apparently no takers yet). Taylor is promising the arrival of "at least six
more significant supermodels" to the site, but for now, Krissy remains the
only featured mannequin. "Ironically, she was the first model we selected,"
Barbara Taylor's partner Patxi Pastor says seriously. But while the home
page now includes a somber Krissy "memorial," the real attraction for the
Internet's largely young, male Web surfers is the sexy pinup style bikini
shots of the late 17-year old. Pastor claims the site draws more than a
million visitors a week. And despite some criticism, Pastor says she and
Taylor won't tone the shots down. "In this business, pictures like that are
peices of art. They are sensually, not sexually, explicit. This is similar
to people looking at shots of Marilyn Monroe."

--"New York" magazine, August 14, 1995

Taylor, Niki
Height: 5'11.5"
Weight: 128 pounds
Bust-waist-hips: 34b 24 34
Hair color: brown
Eye color: hazel
Born: 74? age 19 (june 94 cosmo)
Agency: IMG Models, NY
Earning power: $15,000 per day
Nationality: American
Niki is head of her own company called Niki Inc. She has a tattoo
of a dolphin on her ankle, a sun on her foot and two on her
buttocks. Niki appears in ads for Cover Girl and older L'Oreal
ads. She has a fan club. [ address below ] On MTV House of Style
(summer 94), Entertainment Tonight, MTV "videos that don't suck"
Engaged (june 94 Cosmo) to Arena Football player Matthew Martinez
(dating for 7 to 8 months) Her Father is a Florida HWY policeman.
"I have to say, since we've been together I've put on 10 pounds, and
I love it. Now i've got hips and boobs. ...I'm more of a woman."
Has an apartment in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Saving money for a family.
Wedding was Dec 1993, Repeat vows in July 23rd,1994 in Idaho.
Had twin boys from her pregnancy named Hunter and Jake. Explained
her refusal to do topless work by saying "My Boobs are for my Man."

Thorgen, Aya
Nationality: Swedish
Versace model a few years back. Possibly in the 95' SI Planner Calendar.

Tiegs, Cheryl
Agency: Ford
Height: 5'10" (178 cm)
1970's and 1980's supermodel. Sports Illustrated swimsuit model.
Now has her own eyewear designs (in name only) via Sears. Still
shows up in magazines in those print ads.

Trella, Karen
Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model (june 1994 SI calendar)
"Hailing from sunny Florida, Karen lights up the page in her
first Sports Illustrated appearance, making it a memorable one.
When she isn't dancing, water-skiing or skating, chances are
you'll find her hard at work in acting classes, preparing for the
film career she has her sights set on. Look at her carefully,
and don't be suprised if you see her soon at your local theater!"
[Jule Campbell, SI]

Turlington, Christy
Born: Jan 2, 1969 in San Francisco, California
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 118
Agency: Ford
Had a major contract with Maybelline for two years at $2 million.
Can be seen in print ads for Calvin Klein Eternity perfume, North
Beach Leather, and Anne Klein Accessories. Christy has a small
tattoo inside her right ankle. She was rumored to be married to
Roger Wilson, the screen writer, (Never Legally Married)
but is rumored to be having an affair with Cindy Crawford. Is one of
the top five supermodels of the world at the moment. Appeared in
George Michael's video "Freedom". was dating Christian Slater, the
actor. Her mother is El Salvadoran, her father is Anglo. May be
supporting PETA, an anti-fur activist group. Currently seeing Jason
Patric, the actor. Smokes, Drinks, apparently gaining weight in thighs,
see recent Prada ads in Vogue. Hosted "Christy Turlington's
Backstage" a one-shot look at the modeling world. Has shown pubic
hair in print photographs. Possibly has an apartment at 240 Centre
Street in Little Italy on New York's Manhatten Island.
Has a major contract with Maybelline cosmetics.

Turner, Janine
Agency: Ford
Still on Runways and can be seen in Vogue print ads.
Has done print and TV advertisments for Automobiles, currently starring
as "Maggie O'Connell" on Northern Exposure, hit TV show

Hair: Yellow, blonde, generally long
Skin: pinkish pale.
The original waif model. Incredibly popular in the 60's. Most
recent appearance was a cameo in the movie "The Blues Brothers".
Was in Broadway show "My one and Only" in the 80's with Tommy
Tune. (big comeback with fantastic reviews, ran for 2 years.)
Was the Kate Moss of the 60's. A cute-cute model.


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