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1.3 Guidelines for posting questions


This article is from the eBay FAQ, by William B. Shaw toppsoft@yahoo.com with numerous contributions by others.

1.3 Guidelines for posting questions

Posting questions is a pretty simple process but you might very well find
that your question has already been answered! Before posting the question,
take some time to read the FAQ, lurk in the group for a while and get a feel
for the types of questions that are allowed. Unlike many other usenet
groups, amoe is very tolerant of newbies and basic questions are generally
answered in a very helpful fashion.

Check http://pages.ebay.com/help/usenet_policy.html for eBay's general
usenet guidelines and policies.

1.3.1 Can I advertise my auctions here?

No. You may want to try alt.marketPLACE.online.ebay or a category specific
to your product that allows for auction posts. Be sure auction announcements
are accepted in any category you decide to use before you post them. If in
doubt, don't post in that category.

1.3.2 Can I post announcements here?

That greatly depends on what you are announcing. If your announcement is
strictly a commercial message and not of general interest to the online
auction community, such as for sale or for auction notices, then the answer
is a resounding NO. Because this newsgroup is informational in nature, posts
that do not contribute to the ongoing discussion of online auctions are
considered off-topic.

If you have a tool or resource that might be of interest to auction buyers
and sellers, announcements should conform to generally accepted usenet
guidelines and should be posted no more often than monthly. Frequent,
repeated postings are considered spam. Responses to genuine queries may
direct the poster to your tool provided the reference is on-topic and brief.
An excessively long description of your product in response to a general
question is not acceptable.

Signature lines should be no longer than four lines and may include links.

1.3.3 What other types of posts are not welcome here?

No posts containing anything but plain text are permitted. Do not post
HTML-formatted messages.

Do not post binaries (pictures, executables, archives and other non-plain
text posts (usually encoded using encoding schemes such as UUencoding and
base64). Posts must be "human readable" in a "human language" (such as
English, Spanish, French, Korean, for example). Posting of plain text
computer language "source code" should only be used to explain something
related to a proper topic.

If your comments are blatantly off-topic or purely inflammatory, take them
somewhere else. No posts offerring money making schemes (legal or otherwise)
or employment offers of any sort whatsoever. Do not post a message whose
primary purpose is just to display your sig.

1.3.4 How are these rules enforced? (alt.marketing.online.ebay)

Since the alt hierarchy of Usenet is inherently anarchistic, there is no
formal enforcement of any rules. However, you can be assured that several of
the regulars will report inappropriate posting to eBay, your ISP, or any
other party adversely affected by your post. Many of our regulars subscribe
to SpamCop (http://www.spamcop.net) and other similar services.


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