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1.0 Introduction (alt.marketing.online.ebay)


This article is from the eBay FAQ, by William B. Shaw toppsoft@yahoo.com with numerous contributions by others.

1.0 Introduction (alt.marketing.online.ebay)

This article attempts to address the most commonly asked questions about
eBay and the newsgroup alt.marketing.online.ebay . In thisarticle you will
find answers to questions about both eBay in general and about the commonly
accepted guidelines for use of a.m.o.e.

1.0.1 Disclaimer (alt.marketing.online.ebay)

This article is provided as is without any express or implied warranties.
While every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information
contained in this article, the author, maintainer, and contributors assume
no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the
use of the information contained herein.

1.1 What is a.m.o.e?

a.m.o.e. is the acronym for our little corner of usenet, namely

1.1.1 Who should read this FAQ? (alt.marketing.online.ebay)

If you want tips to improve your auction business or feel a bit lost about
how this whole auction thing works, you are in the right place! This faq is
a sampling of the collective wisdom from many longtime residents of amoe and
provides a broad cross-section of information relevant to both buyers and

1.1.2 Who created this FAQ and why? (alt.marketing.online.ebay)

This faq was created by Bill Shaw with contributions from a vast number of
the denizens of amoe. See Section 8.0 for a list of credits. The goal is to
provide a balanced answer devoid of politics and emotion for many of the
common questions asked on amoe.

1.1.3 Where can I find the latest version of this FAQ? (alt.marketing.online.ebay)

The latest version of the faq can be found at

1.2 Who is welcome at a.m.o.e?

Everyone with something positive to contribute to the discussion of online
auctions is welcome.


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