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6.2.3 Andrew Lloyd Webber Theatre Recordings Of Shows


This article is from the Theatre FAQ, by aku@leland.Stanford.EDU (Andrew Chia-Tso Ku) with numerous contributions by others.

6.2.3 Andrew Lloyd Webber Theatre Recordings Of Shows


This is the first musical that Lloyd Webber and Rice had produced.
Originally it started off as a piece for a Children's choir and later
became a Broadway musical. The original production was only 15 minutes
long (the first recording ran about 1/2 an hour) but as the years went
by more songs were add to it so that the Broadway production of the early
80's ran for 60 minutes. In 1991 a new production was staged in London
which is currently running. This show now lasts about 2 hours with the
introduction of more dance sequences and the repeating of songs. A
production with Donny Osmond is touring the United States and Canada and
a production with Michael Damian is currently running at the Minskoff
Theater on Broadway (closes May 29/94)

>Original 1968 Cast (25 min)
-This has Tim Rice playing Pharoah. It is very 60's rock and similar
to the new production.
>1973 Young Vic production
>1974 London Cast
>1979 London Cast
>1982 Broadway Cast (60) - Chrysalis
-Stars Bill Hutton as Joseph and Laurie Beechman as the Narrator.
This is a much more musicalized version of the show. It was nominated
for a Tony Award and runs about 60 minutes.
>1991 London Cast (72) - Polydor
-Stars Jason Donovan as Joseph and Linzi Hately as the Narrator. This is
a very modernized, rock version of the show.
>1992 Toronto Cast (72)
-Stars Donny Osmond as Joseph and Janet Metz as the Narrator. Same
production as the 1991 London.
>1993 Los Angeles Cast
-Stars Michael Damian as Joseph and Kelli Rabke as the Narrator. This
is the cast that will play on Broadway.
>South African Cast
>Irish Cast
>Israeli Cast
>Mexican Cast


This is Lloyd Webber's and Rice's musical detailing the last days of Jesus.
Some argue that this should have been called Judas Iscariot Superstar
since the show is basically detailing Judas's dilemma in betraying
Jesus. There have been a lot of new recordings and productions coming out
to celebrate its 20th year Anniversary. Some music from this show came
from the Original Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

>Original Concept Recording (90)
- Cast: Ian Gilliam Jesus
Murray Head Judas
Yvonne Elliman Mary Magdalene
- This is the original studio version before this became a musical.
Very rock and features the voices of Rice and Lloyd Webber as
chorus members.
>Original London Cast
>Original Broadway Cast (45)
- Cast: Jeff Fenholt Jesus
Ben Vereen Judas
Yvonne Elliman Mary Magdalene
>Motion Picture Soundtrack (100)
- Cast: Ted Neely Jesus
Carl Anderson Judas
Yvonne Elliman Mary Magdalene
>Hungarian Cast
>German Cast
>French Cast
>Russian Cast
>Original Australian Cast(45)
>Japanese Cast
>Mexican Cast
>Danish Cast
>Brazilian Cast
>Swedish Cast
>20th Anniversary Recording(100)
- Cast: Paul Nicholas Jesus
Keith Burns Judas
Claire Moore Mary Magdalene
>Australian Cast(60)
- This is an even more rock version of the show in the same manner of
the new Joseph production. Features among other performances, a
heavy metal "Herod's Song" and a very Top-40 "I Don't Know How to
Love Him."
V> Movie directed by Norman Jewison


>Original London Cast(50)
- There is indeed a recording for Lloyd Webber's only flop. This is
based on the Jeeves novels by P.G. Wodehouse. One of the criticisms
of this show is that the book dragged it down and the Jeeves was
just a background character. Sadly, the record is out of print.
Some rare record store might have it but expect to pay up to $200
if you are lucky enough to find it. The recording is missing some
of the show's songs but in the end proves to be a pretty good listen.


Musical of the life of Eva Peron. Winner of Best Musical and Best Actress
Tony Awards among others. Started off as a concept recording like Jesus
Christ Superstar and was later turned into a staged musical.

>Original Concept Recording - MCA(120)
- very rock and contains the song "The Lady's Got Potential" as well as
Che's insecticide plot line which were eventually dropped for staged
- Cast: Julie Covington Evita
C.T. (Colm) Wilkinson Che
Paul Jones Peron
>Original London Cast(60)
- They only released a highlights recording of this cast.
- Cast: Elaine Paige Evita
David Essex Che
Joss Ackland Peron
>Original American Cast(110)
- Cast: Patti Lupone Evita
Mandy Patinkin Che
Bob Gunton Peron
>Spanish Cast(110) - Epic
>American Touring Company
>Australian Cast
>New Zealand Cast
>Korean Cast
>Brazilian Cast
>Hungarian Cast
>Mexican Cast
>South African Cast
>German Cast
>Israeli Cast
>Japanese Cast


I can't remember if you listed a Hungarian Evita or JCS, but they were
probably there.

>Original London Cast(120)
- This recording has Elaine Paige, Paul Nicholas, Brian Blessed, and
Sarah Brightman among others. It has a different version of
"Mungojerrie and Rumpleteaser" from the future productions and
includes the song the "Ballad of Billy McGraw".
>Original Broadway Cast(120)
- This recording has Betty Buckley, Terrence Mann, and Ken Page among
others. In order to make fun of those who claimed he had stolen from
Puccini, Lloyd Webber wrote "Growltiger's Last Stand" to replace the
"Ballad of Billy McGraw" as a Puccini parody.
>Australian Cast(90)
- This is the only english recording with the "Pekes and the Pollicles"
on it.
>German Cast(60)
>German Cast live(120)
>Japanese Cast
>Japanese Cast (second recording)
>Dutch Cast
>French Cast(120)
>Mexican Cast
>Hungarian Cast


Song and Dance is a combination of Tell Me on a Sunday and Variations.
Unexpected Song was added for the Broadway version.

>London Cast with Marti Webb(100)
- This was recorded live and contains both the Song and Dance portions.
>Broadway Cast with Bernadette Peters, songs only(60) - RCA
>London with Sarah Brightman
>German Cast
> Tell Me on a Sunday Swedish recording.
V>BBC broadcast with Sarah Brightman


>Original London Cast - Polydor(100)
-with Frances Ruffelle as Dinah
>American Concept Recording - MCA
>German Cast(60)
>German Cast live
>German Cast - 1993
>Australian/Japanese Touring Company (in English)(45)
>1993 London Starlight Express


This is Andrew Lloyd Webber's biggest hit yet. One of the most often
talked about subjects is who is the best Phantom. Phantoms that a large
number of people appear to like include Michael Crawford, Colm
Wilkinson, Davis Gaines, and Dave Willetts. This show has played to sell
out crowds on London and Broadway since it opened in 1987 and 1988
respectively. Alan Jay Lerner was going to write the original lyrics for
this show but died before he could begin work. This is also relevant
because a lot of people accuse Lloyd Webber of having stolen "Music of the
Night" from "Come to me, Bend to me" from Brigadoon, but this does not
appear to have attracted notice from that show's lyricist.

>London Cast (100 min.) - Polydor
- Cast: Michael Crawford Phantom
Sarah Brightman Christine
Steve Barton Raoul
- This is the same cast that went to Broadway.
>collector's edition 24K Gold release of London Cast (831 273-2G)
>collector's edition 24K Gold release of London Cast Highlights
>Toronto Cast (70) - Polydor
- Cast: Colm Wilkinson Phantom
Rebeccah Caine Christine
Byron Nease Raoul
- This is a highlights recording but it does include the Hannibal opera
which was not on the London Cast Recording.
>Hamburg Cast Highlights(50 min)
>Vienesse Cast(120)
>Swedish Cast(110)
- Basically the whole show recorded live.
>1988 Japanese Cast(120)
>1992 Japanese Cast(120)
>Dutch Cast Highlights
>studio cast - TER
- Cast: Graham Bickley Phantom
Claire Moore Christine
John Barrowman Raoul


Lloyd Webber's musical based on the David Garnett novel. This show has
met mixed success. It played 3 years in London but didn't even last one
year on Broadway. It is currently touring the United States in a revamped
Robin Phillips production. Some people complain that this show consists
of 1 song others are quick to point out the many musical themes in this
show. There has been debate about the relationship between the beginning
and ending of the play and it has been generally resolved that the
beginning takes place right after Alex has left Rose and Jenny and has met
Giulietta. In the touring production this means that it is actually
George's body in the casket.

>Original London Cast(137) - Polydor
- Cast: Michael Ball Alex
Ann Crumb Rose
Kevin Colson George
Kathleen Rowe McAllen Giullieta


Musical version of the Billy Wilder movie, which opened in London
July 12, 1993. The London Cast Recording (a.k.a. World Premiere
Recording) was released in England in August 1993, and is now
available domestically in the U.S. The LA cast has been recorded,
and the CD was released September 13 1994.

>Original London Cast - Polydor
-Cast: Patti LuPone Norma Desmond
Kevin Anderson Joe Gillis
Meredith Braun Betty Schaeffer
Daniel Benzali Max von Mayerling
>American Premiere Cast - Polydor
-Cast: Glenn Close Norma Desmond
Alan Campbell Joe Gillis
Judy Kuhn Betty Schaeffer
George Hearn Max von Mayerling
>Sunset Boulevard Single (Michael Ball)
>The Perfect Year Single (Glenn Close)


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