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32 Magic Books: Coin Magic


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

32 Magic Books: Coin Magic

Andrus, Jerry Five Dollar Tricks
(1973, J A Enterprises))

[RD] Silver dollars, that is. This booklet (five routines) includes a
nice effect of producing coins from a dollar bill which is continually
shown on both sides.

Bobo, J.B. New Modern Coin Magic
(1966, Magic, Inc.)

[SD] The "classic" book on all aspects of coin magic. If you're going
to do coin magic, this is a book you need to have.

[E?] the standard, very complete with sleights and effects, although some
of the effects are considered "dated" by some. There are two versions
available, a Dover paperback for under $10.00 and a hard cover (called "New
Modern Coin Magic" with about 100 extra pages of sleights and routines)
which is available for about $30.00

Fulves, Karl Self-Working Coin Magic
(1989, Dover)

[SD] Easy to learn and perform effects with coins for beginning

Futagawa, Shigeo Introduction to Coin Magic
(1978, Borden Publishing Co.)

[JB] An excellent introduction to coin magic. This book includes
many, clear, line-drawing illustrations. Most common sleights are
well-described and illustrated together with quite a few effects.
This book is not as extensive as Bobo or Roth, but very good for
beginners in coin magic.

Jennings, Nina et al Larry Jennings on Card and Coin Handling
(1977, Jeff Busby Magic Inc.)

[SD] A booklet which, besides cards and coins, includes Larry
Jennings' Chop Cup routine. It's based on magic lectures Jennings
developed in 1967 and 1970

Kaufman, Richard Coinmagic
(1981, Kaufman & Greenberg)

[SD] A collection of coin magic routines from many people, compiled by
Richard Kaufman. After Bobo's book, perhaps the most useful
intermediate coin magic book. As usual, the illustrations are very

[E?] an excellent book of "new" sleights and effects by a number of
current coin manipulators, most notably David Roth (not the guy from
Van Halen!). It covers a few of the basic sleights, including the
shuttle pass and Roth's handling of the Retention Vanish, but it is
assumed that you have some background in coins (which can be obtained
in Bobo). The effects vary from intermediate to difficult. "Hanging
coins" is a popular effect from the book.

Kurtz, Gary Coin Magic
(1990, Kurtz)

[SD] Booklet of good stuff to move a beginning coin worker along.

Roth, David Expert Coin Magic
(1985, D. Robbins)

[SD] Originally published by Richard Kaufman, this book covers most of
the things you will have seen Roth do over the years. As perhaps the
most skilled coin magician in modern magic, Roth sets technical
standards with his work. The book, like most of what Kaufman has
published, has fine illustrations. Highly recommended for someone who
really wants to get into coin magic by learning some nice (but not
easy) routines.

[DH] A pricey and hard to find book, I have been coveting this for
some time. The sheer volume of material kind of overwhelms you,
somewhat like opening Bobo for the first time. The up side is that the
writing and drawings are of the highest quality. If the drawings where
photos, I would have said this was the perfect magic book. The book is
well organized into 3 sections: general coin magic, coin box magic,
and some of David's major routines. I found lots of material that I
could master, plus lots that I probably never will (routines where you
classic palm 4 coins the whole time until the end...Not). I thought
the coin box stuff was the most unique. He has tons of Okito (and all
the variations of the coin box) routines that never use a turnover.
Very clever. A definite "must have" for anyone doing coins. Now if
only I could afford some of Roth's videos.

[E?] this book was out of print, but I believe that it has been
reprinted by Robbins. This is an awesome tome of very modern moves
and routines covering the effects and technique of David Roth. It has
sections on coin box routines and includes Roth's famous "Portable
Hole" routine. A must-have for any serious student of coin magic.

Simmons, Ken Scotch and Soda (Parts 1 and 2)
(1982, 86, Magic City)

[SD] Two booklets on how to use the Scotch 'n' Soda effect. I
actually picked these up in Disney's Magic Kingdom Magic Shop in Walt
Disney World -- Disneyland's is, overall, a superior shop, but both
had decent booklets on magic.


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