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31 Magic Books: For the Beginner R-T


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

31 Magic Books: For the Beginner R-T

Racherbaumer, John The Wild Card Kit: A Modular Experiment

[SD] Racherbaumer has put together a "theme" book just on the Wild
Card effect which he states comes originally from Brother John
Hamman's "The Mystic Nine" and became the Wild Card through Peter Kane
(whose handling is part of the book). The book breaks the effect into
several stages and shows variations at each point, including a version
with plain cards that can be handed out to the audience. (Though less
extensive, it is like Daryl's Ambitious Card Omnibus.) There is a nice
bibliography as well for those who wish to pursue the subject further.
All in all, it's a compact coverage of a 'classic' effect (and even
comes with the requisite packet of cards).

Racherbaumer, John Universal Card, The
(1975, Tannen)

[SD] Like "Wildcard" and the "Ambitious Card," this is a basic routine
with many variations. Racherbaumer's book covers the subject well and
gives a history of the effect.

Ross, Faucett Early Vernon
(1962, Magic Inc.)

[RD] Dai Vernon's earliest creations continue to impress. These
tricks were marketed to a small group of magicians by giving them a
complete description of the effects, then offering to sell the
workings. The famous "psychological force" is in here.

Scarne, John Scarne on Cards Tricks
(1950, Signet/New American Library)

[SD] Paperback of card effects that you can probably find in any mall
book store.

[RD] Contains simplified handlings (virtually no sleights anywhere) of
a number of well-known plots. Not to be scorned because of general

Sharpe, Alton Expert Card Mysteries
(1975, Tannen Magic Inc.)

[BD] A collection of moves and card tricks from Tony Kardyro, Frank
Lane, Alton Sharpe itself and many others. There are special sections
dedicated to Larry Jennings, Paul Swinford and Ed Marlo.

Sharpe, Alton Expert Card Conjuring & Chicanery
(1976, D. Robbins and Co.)

[BD] Another collection of card tricks from the world experts. The
special sections on the most important sleights and effects by Marlo
are the most valuable parts of the book. You will find for example:
the Perfect False Riffle Shuffle, Marlo Slip Cuts, Double Lift
Substitutes, many Triumphs, etc.

Simon, Frank Versatile Card Magic
(1983, Magical Publications)

[SD] Has great food for thought. His Versatile Spread Controls were a
fad among young card workers in Japan. This is one of those books
that makes you want to go out and show somebody what you just learned.
Really nice card control. Not entirely original, although the
handling described sees print for the first time.

Stevenson, Al 75 Tricks with a Svengali Deck
(1964, Wizard's Workshop)

[SD] As it sounds, a book on how to use this gimmicked deck.

Stevenson, Al 75 Tricks with a Stripper Deck
(1962, Wizard Books)

[SD] As it sounds, a book on how to use this gimmicked deck.

Tamariz, Juan Sonata
(?, Frakson)

[DP] Interesting collection of moves, theory and detailed routines.
Senor Tamariz loves to out-think his audience, and a number of the
routines are crafted with immense care and delight. There is,
however, a huge variation in level of difficulty and value throughout.


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