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28 Magic Books: For the Beginner G-H


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

28 Magic Books: For the Beginner G-H

Ganson, Lewis Inner Secrets of Card Magic
& More Inner Secrets
& Further Inner Secrets
& Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic

[SD] Several books of stuff from Dai Vernon, the patriarch of LA's
Magic Castle. Some stuff for the person just beyond the beginner
stage, but mostly effects of an intermediate nature. Includes
classics like Twisted Aces.

Ganson, Lewis and Endfield, Cy Entertaining Card Magic
(1955, Supreme)

[SD] The highlight of this book for card sleight fans is the Signed
Card To Pocket trick which utilizes a variation of Erdnase's diagonal
palm shift.

Garcia, Frank Wildcard Miracles
(1977, Garcia)

[SD] The "Wildcard" routine and its variations, along with stuff like
the Ambitious Card, are important intermediate effects to learn once
you have basic sleights down. This book covers Wildcard well as an
introduction to the effect Garcia created (though it evolved from
other work done earlier which he credits).

[RD] Most people seem to credit the original Wild Card to Peter Kane
these days.

Garcia, Frank Elegant Magic of Father Cyprian

[RD] Mr. Garcia was a great magician, but he couldn't write worth
beans. His books are exquisite torture, because the magic is so good
and the explanations are so over-written. This is no exception.
Favourite trick: Solid Gold Deception.

Garcia, Frank Exclusive Card Secrets & Exclusive Card Miracles
(both 1980, ?)

[RD] Ditto the comments under "Elegant Magic of Father Cyprian". The
card work is very clever, and the entertainment value is very high.
Favourite trick: Pinnacle Aces.

Giobbi, Roberto Card College (Volumes 1-4)
(?, ?)

[PN] The definitive reference for serious card workers. Translated by
Richard Hatch.

Goldstein, Phil Focus
(1991(?), Hermetic Press)

[SD] The favorite/best card work of Phil Goldstein. Short on
illustrations, but explanations seem clear enough.

Green, Cliff Professional Card Magic
(1979, Tannen Magic Inc.)

[BD] A wonderful book with a lot of card sleights and techniques very
well illustrated. Only for experts on card magic.

Haines, Ronald 36 Tricks with Fa-Ko Cards
(?, Haines House of Cards)

[SD] The Fa-Ko deck is filled with bizarrely manufactured cards that
you can slip into regular decks. This book describes effects to put
them to use. It covers basic "gimmicked" card ideas and is
interesting without the actual deck. (Making the cards yourself would
be difficult, though.)

Harris, Paul Supermagic
(?, ?)

[SD] For those interested in creative, sometimes wacky work.
Supermagic gives us Reset: a good effect with no gaffes or fakery, just
the cards themselves.

Harris, Paul A Close-Up Kinda Guy
(?, Tannen)

[SD] Good stuff from Paul Harris with a few bizarre things (like a
card flipping flourish) thrown in.

Harris, Paul Las Vegas Close-up
(1978, Chuck Martinez Productions)

[BD] In my opinion one of the best book written by Paul. The effect
"Stapled!" has been for 5 years my forte: a transposition of 2 cards
which have been stapled together (and one is signed by a spectator!).
Some improvements to the original effect are possible, but anyway it
is worth the price of the book. Very interesting also "Gambler vs.
Mentalist vs. Magician": a triumph effect with a very nice
presentation. For cards+coins performers is "Silver Slide". 4 coins
are produced under 4 cards: a good start for your matrix routine.

Harris, Paul Close-up Entertainer
(1979, Chuck Martinez Productions)

[BD] "The Silver Elevator" is dedicated to cards+coins fans: 4 coins, one
at a time, penetrate up from the table to the center of the deck. Also a
classical move that every magician performing a matrix effect should know.
I like very much "Ackerman's Face Lift": another nice transposition of 2

Hopkins, Charles Outs, Precautions and Challenges

[DL] A GREAT book for card workers). This is a book of "outs" and
philosophies therein. Here's a sample of the table of
contents of the book:
Whose fault when things go wrong?
Psychology of Failure
Attitudes that get cooperation
Productions from pockets and other places
First Aid for feeble memories
"Outs" compared with challenges
When the unruly spectator "gives you the works"
What makes an audience get in the way?
Handling hecklers

Hugard, Jean Encyclopedia of Card Tricks
(1974, Dover)

[SD] A corrected version of a 1937 "classic" which covers over 600
card effects as well as explaining prearranged decks, gimmicked decks,
and basic card sleights. Maybe the first book specializing in cards
that a person would want to get. Simple effects, often tersely
explained, but a good survey of effects.

[RD] Includes the "Nicola" card system. An early form of MacDonald's
Aces is in here, as well as French's Aces, which David Williamson
teaches on his second (I think) video.

[SFD] Lots of tricks, many IMHO long-winded and mechanical. Good
sections on stripper and svengali decks. I so far like a few ideas,
but haven't used it much.

Hugard, Jean Card Manipulations "(Series 1-5)
& More Card Manipulations (Series 1-4)
(1973 & 1974, Dover)

[SD] Reprints of monographs on various basic (and not so basic) card
sleights and effects which use them.

Hugard, Jean and Braue, Frederick Royal Road to Card Magic
(1981, Faber)

[SD] One of the "classic" card magic books (originally printed in
1949) on all kinds of card sleights. Few actual routines, but much
useful material on handling cards.

Hugard, Jean and Braue, Frederick Expert Card Technique
(1974, Dover)

[SD] Reprint of 1944 work that is a natural companion to The Royal
Road to Card Magic. Contains much more material than Royal Road and,
therefore, may be even a more useful reference once the former's
sleights are known and practiced.

[RD] Very good, but not a beginner's book. Apparently there was a bit
of a scandal when this book first appeared, since much of the material
is unattributed and was included without permission.

[SFD] Lots of detailed directions, medium-quality drawings, dated
handlings of some sleights (1940's)


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