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27 Magic Books: Card Magic A-F


This article is from the Magic FAQ, by Paul Nielsen nielsen@vulture.eecs.umich.edu with numerous contributions by others.

27 Magic Books: Card Magic A-F

Ackerman, Alan Esoterist
(1971?, Ackerman)

[RD] A small collection of variations for well-known card effects,
some quite clever, including a number of methods for the "Jack
sandwich". Not for the beginner.

Annemann, Ted 202 Methods of Forcing
(193?, ????)

[SD] Just what it says. Just about every way is in here (and not just
for forcing cards either), including stacked decks.

Annemann, Ted Annemann's Card Magic
(1977, Dover)

[SD] Reprint from two prior works from 1943 and 1948. Some nice
effects that are not hard to do but aren't too "simplistic," i.e.,
they look harder when you see them performed.

Bannon, John Smoke and Mirrors
(1991, Kaufman & Greenberg)

[SD] Card effects which Bannon feels "surprise" the audience rather
than "merely challenge" them so that "the impossible thing itself [is]
unexpected." Actually, his two-page Foreword is a nice little essay
on magical philosophy as a lead-in to the (31) effects presented.

Boudreau, Lou (Leo?) Spirited Pasteboards & Skullduggery
(1987, 89, Rustic Press)

[SD] Card effects using binary number system counting techniques to
remember and identify cards, ordering, ranking, etc.

Craven, Tom 16th Card Book

[RD] An exploration of a variety of effects that can be achieved by
positioning a chosen card 16th from the top of the deck. Some tricks
require perfect faro shuffles.

de la Torre, Jose Real Magic
(1978, de la Torre)

[SD] Nice card effects, including various color changes.

Dodson, Goodlette Exhibition Card Fans

[BB] A classic book is that teaches techniques for producing card
fans. I bought my copy 15 years ago for $4. Don't know what the
current price is.

Erdnase, S.W. Expert at the Card Table, The
(1902, Erdnase)

[SD] The classic work on card "manipulation" focused mainly on
gambling but with some "legerdemain" (literally, "light of hand") as

Erdnase, S.W. and Ortiz, Darwin The Annotated Erdnase
(?, Magical Publications)

[DP] This book is a gem because it provides a tremendous
cross-reference of moves, etc. That is, it mentions similar moves and
variations in hundreds of other books. Few books do this. If you want
to learn Erdnase - which some people consider mandatory, this is the
book to get.

[HM] Everything you ever wanted to know about cards is in there. No
one will ever tell you that it is an easy book to master, and I don't
know if ANYONE has truly mastered it all (except the Professor), but
for learning how it should be done, this is the bible. It is a tough
read, and the annotations and photographs added by Darwin make it an
exceptional book.

Fields, Ed and Schwartz, Michael Invisible Secrets Revealed
(1976, Sorcerer's Apprentice)

[RD] A booklet on presentations for the marketed trick "The Invisible
Deck". We should all stop ripping off the Don Alan patter.

Fulves, Karl Millennium Aces
(1981, Fulves)

[RD] Actually a booklet on applications of the half-pass. Some very
clever methods for this sleight, including the Neil Elias half-pass,
which is easy to do.

Fulves, Karl Kaleidoscope
(1989, Fulves)

[RD] Fairly heavy card work. Nothing really grabbed me except "Force
Feed", a very clever, simple, and honest-looking force.

Fulves, Karl Self-Working Card Tricks
& More Self-Working Card Tricks
(1976 & 1984, Dover)

[SD] Two paperbacks with basic, easy-to-learn and perform card effects
"for the amateur magician." (From a series of books by Fulves on various
aspects of easy magic effects.)

[RD] These are all intended to be performable by those with little or no
technical expertise, and hence rely on subtleties rather than sleights.
Those who do have the skills will see many ways to dress up the effects.
Favourite trick from the first book: the O. Henry trick.


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