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2.12. Bird House Information


This article is from the Birds FAQ, by Lanny Chambers with numerous contributions by others.

2.12. Bird House Information

This section is meant only to give several internet links to Web sites
which contain more detailed and complete information about specific topics
related to birdhouses that you may want to explore on your own topics like
birdhouse dimensions, placement, timing, etc.. I couldn't begin to rewrite
all of that information here.

For you builders and handypeople out there, several sites on the Web
provide dimensions and drawings for many of the birds who are cavity
dwellers. As of March 12, 1998, the following sites contain this
information. At least one is principally devoted to Bluebirds, and the
struggles they've had against rival, non-native birds like the House
sparrow and Starling. Enjoy:

http://audubon-omaha.org/bbbox/index.htm (bluebird site, BB box drawings,
etc. - good one)
http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/adv/birding/birdhous/birdhous.htm (Nestboxes
and bird houses)
http://www.bcpl.lib.md.us/~tross/by/house.html (Homes for Birds)
http://www.fws.gov/r9mbmo/pamphlet/house.html (Homes for Birds plus some
http://www.conservation.state.mo.us/nathis/birds/birdfedr.html (How to
Build a Bird Feeder basic)
http://www.pacifier.com/~mpatters/bird/nestbox.html (Building a Basic
Birdbox - good one)
http://www.ces.ncsu.edu/nreos/forest/steward/www16.html (Song bird nesting
box plans)

Further, web sites which contain information about birds/birding and
related issues abound and one need only to do some searching to find them
(also discussed in FAQ 2.8b).
Try the following sites:

http://www.birdware.com/owbf.htm (Overview of Wild Bird Feeding)
http://birds.cornell.edu/ (lots of stuff - good one)
http://www.naturesongs.com (principally devoted to bird sounds)
http://home.sol.no/~tibjonn/index.htm (has many links to other, specific
sites - good one)
http://www.camacdonald.com/birding/birding.htm (birding hot spots around
the world)

Bill Oldroyd, Gail Spitler and John J. Collins provided the links and
information above. Much thanks.


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