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Birds FAQ

Info about rec.birds and wild birds

This Birds FAQ was compiled and written by Lanny Chambers with numerous contributions by others.

-1.0. All-purpose rec.birds etiquette
-1.1. I have a question about pet birds.
-1.2. Are domestic cats Satan? --A Non-judgmental Attempt at Consensus.
-1.3. Can I "count" this bird? What are "listers"?
-1.0 above).
-1.4. I found an injured bird; what can I do?
-1.5. I found an abandoned nestling; what can I do?
-1.6. A wild bird is annoying me; what can I do?
-1.7. What is the Migratory Bird Treaty?
-1.8. I saw a rare bird! What do I do?
-1.9. Why does everybody seem to hate Starlings and House Sparrows so much?
-1.10. Why does everybody seem to hate Cowbirds so much?
-1.11. I saw a bird which I can't identify. Can someone help me?
-1.12. How do I keep squirrels out of my feeders?
-1.13. How can I make homemade hummingbird syrup ("nectar")?
-1.14. What kind of binoculars should I buy? What kind of scope should I buy?
-1.15. I found a dead bird with a band/ring. I saw a banded/ringed or marked bird. What do I do?
-1.16. If we throw rice at our wedding, will birds eat it and explode?
-1.17. Does providing food at feeders during summer keep birds from migrating?
-1.18. If I stop feeding birds, will they die?
-1.19. Does anyone archive rec.birds postings?
-1.21. Acknowledgements
-2.0. How can I get this and other FAQs by anonymous FTP? On the Web?
-2.1. Which field guide should I buy as a first purchase?
-2.2. I'm going on a trip. How can I find out where are good places to go birding?
-2.3. How can I get on-line bird checklists?
-2.4. What are good wild-bird magazines?
-2.5. What are good wild-bird-related organizations?
-2.6. What is Birdchat?
-2.7. Are there good computer programs for maintaining bird lists?
-2.8. Where can I get digitized pictures of birds? What are some birding resources on the Internet and the Web?
-2.9. Where can I find recordings of birdsongs?
-2.10. Are there field guides for nests, eggs, and nestlings?
-2.11. Are there newsgroups or mailing lists for my part of the world?
-2.12. Bird House Information

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