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Perl Modules

I have developed several Perl modules, which can be downloaded from my directory at your favorite CPANmirror server. The listing below could be incomplete as I add new modules, but not always remember to update this page. The directories listed above will have a complete list of my modules

  • Apache::Filter::HTTPHeadersFixup - Manipulate Apache 2 HTTP Headers

    Apache::Filter::HTTPHeadersFixup is a super class which provides an easy way to manipulate HTTP headers without invoking any mod_perl HTTP handlers. This is accomplished by using input and/or output connection filters.

  • CPAN::DistroBuilder - Create a distro from a bundle or a number of modules from CPAN.

    This module does a very simple thing. It fetches the source packages from CPAN, using "CPAN.pm" and puts them all into a single *tar.gz* package ready for distribution. This distribution package later can be installed in one command and therefore very useful for users who have to use our software, but know little or no Perl at all and don't know how to use CPAN shell to fetch and install all the required packages. Releasing Bundles and properly defining prerequisites in the CPAN modules is very important, and we go one step further to actually provide sort of SDK.

  • Debug::FaultAutoBT - Automatic Backtrace Extractor on SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, etc.

    When a signal, that normally causes a coredump, is delivered This module attempts to automatically extract a backtrace, rather than letting the core file be dumped.

  • Env::C - Get/Set/Unset Environment Variables on the C level.

    This module provides a Perl API for getenv(3), setenv(3) and unsetenv(3). It also can return all the "environ" variables.

  • Apache::GTopLimit - Limit Apache httpd processes.

    This module allows you to kill off Apache httpd processes if they grow too large or have too little of shared memory.

  • Apache::VMonitor - Visual System and Apache Server Monitor.

    This module emulates the reporting functionalities of top(), mount(), df() and ifconfig() utilities. It has a visual alert capabilities and configurable automatic refresh mode. All the sections can be shown/hidden dynamically through the web interface.

  • Apache::Watchdog::RunAway - a monitor for hanging processes.

    This module monitors hanging Apache/mod_perl processes. You define the time in seconds after which the process to be counted as hanging. You also control the polling time between check to check. When the process is considered as 'hanging' it will be killed and the event logged into a log file. The log file is being opened on append, so you can basically defined the same log file that uses Apache.

  • Pod::HtmlPsPdf - takes your POD files and converts them into a linked documents in HTML, PostScript and PDF.

    I have originally developed it for the mod_perl guide, but I use it for other documentation projects in my company thus allowing me to maintain the documents in any way, while keeping the bosses and alike happy, by presenting them a PS or a PDF versions of the documentation on demand.

    This module has been obsoleted by the DocSet module, that I've recently developed.

  • DocSet - documentation projects builder in HTML, PS and PDF formats.

    This package builds a docset from sources in different formats. The generated documents can be all nicely interlinked and to have the same look and feel. Currently it knows to handle input formats: POD and HTML and knows to generate HTML, PS and PDF documents.

    It is used to create this site and perl.apache.org.

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