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Offer a Gift of Reiki Distant Healing

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

Offer a Gift of Reiki Distant Healing

The art of healing others does not have to be confined to a personal one-on-one healing session. As a Reiki practitioner, you may have felt a desire or perhaps have been given the opportunity to heal others who do not live nearby or who cannot visit you personally because of adverse health condition. Despite this, as a Reiki healer, you have the capacity to generate healing energy at a global or even at a universal level by using distant (also known as absentee or remote) healing techniques.

To many people who are not versed in the mystery of energy-based healing arts, this may sound bizarre, absurd or impossible and you may be inclined to toss it off as being a hoax or a bunch of malarkey. But to those who have witnessed or received the gift of Reiki distant healing, I'm sure that you will wholeheartedly agree and attest that it most certainly produces beneficial results.

So how does it work? Basically, everything on the planet earth is comprised of vibrating energy, whether it's a plant, animal, mineral, sea life, inanimate object or a human. But each will vibrate at a different energetic level. As a Reiki healer, you connect your energy field to the universal energy source and then project or transmit it via telepathy through the astral plane, which is the energy level directly above the physical plane. Because you are working on an energetic level through time and space, the healing session will be shorter; 10 to 20 minutes.

Certain Reiki symbols are also incorporated. Many believe that the symbols are the crux of Reiki distant healing, but actually your true ability is through your determined desire, focus and intention to provide healing to another. So as you consciously project your channeled energy through time and space, you directly connect to the recipient's aura (or energy field). The symbols are not magical; they are merely short-cut tools that produce a specific function. For instance, each time you use a symbol the function representing that symbol occurs immediately, thus eliminating saying or writing the directions out in long-hand - this saves time and energy. Another analogy is the use of Pitman business shorthand - one short squiggle can represent several words enabling the writer to save vast amounts of time, paper and energy.

While some Reiki teachers may not agree with sharing the so-called "secrets" of the Reiki symbols before a student has taken the appropriate course, I still feel that the symbols are shortcut tools which may be used at the discretion of the practitioner. If you stop to analyze other energy-based healing modalities, such as Pranic Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Power Healing or Silva Mind Control, symbols and sounds are not used, yet healing still occurs. Whatever type of energy healing method used, I firmly believe that the most powerful key ingredients are your positive, pure intention, as well as your focus. In this article I show both the written symbol, plus a picture of the symbol only because I find it rather frustrating when authors share half information solely because of ego or fear; this is how valuable information or insights are lost over time. So in keeping with my beliefs and since so much information is already available through the Internet, I choose to share the symbols, but by doing so I also do not wish to discredit the ideals of Reiki or create animosity within the Reiki community and should this occur, I humbly apologize.

You may be tempted to ask, "How will Reiki distant healing improve or restore another's health?" As you proceed with your distant healing session, the healing energy of Reiki will improve the recipient's emotional level by releasing deep-seated trauma such as fear, hurt or betrayal to be replaced by forgiveness, un-conditional love and trust. Their mental level will improve with the release of anxiety, agitation or negative thoughts and this in turn will raise their energy to a higher, finer, more positive vibration, plus the reduction of stress will create a calmer, more relaxed feeling. As physical discomfort or pain is eased through the release of toxins, energy blockages and impurities, their physical level will also improve to a more comfortable state. Finally, as the recipient feels relief and release emotionally, mentally and physically, at a spiritual level, they will experience the joy of inner contentment and peace. The end result is a more balanced and stable state of being.

There are various methods of Reiki distant healing and no one method is superior to another. Each Reiki practitioner should use a method that provides a comfortable median to project universal healing energy. Some may want to use a surrogate prop, such as a teddy bear, miniature globe, pillow, flower, doll, knee, Reiki box or picture, but if you can visualize clearly, you will not require any of these or as you continue to practice and improve, you may eventually dispense with using props.

The techniques for Reiki distant healing are done much the same as for a regular one-on-one session, but the one primary difference is the use of the Reiki symbols. You still require permission from the recipient, you will scan their aura for energy inconsistencies, you will use the basic Reiki hand positions, you will smooth or comb their auric (energy) field and you will use methods to ground, protect, cleanse and dis-connect.

It is important to keep your energy at an optimum, positive level through living a balanced lifestyle, eating nutritious foods, drinking plenty of water, getting adequate rest and maintaining a regular exercise routine. If you are ill or if you are intoxicated by the use of alcohol or mind-altering drugs, it is unwise to attempt distant healing.

Here is a simple overview for conducting a distant Reiki healing session.

1. Be sure that you will not be interrupted, then make yourself comfortable and relax into a meditative state.

2. Ground and protect yourself.

3. Ask for guidance and assistance from your spiritual healing team (which can include your guides, angels, ascended masters and teachers, Reiki masters and teachers and the universal source, etc.).

4. You will use visualization (your imagination) during the process.

5. Set and affirm your intention. (E.g. release headache pain, release toxins or energy blockages, strengthen blood flow, stabilize blood pressure, induce faster healing for a "set" broken leg, create new healthy cells, etc.)

6. To consciously direct and start the transmission of Reiki distant healing, visualize or draw while intoning three times, silently or aloud,

Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen (the distant symbol, pronounced Hon-Shaw-Zay-Show-Nen). Its purpose is to trigger the distant healing, plus it eliminates distance through time and space.

7. Next, visualize or draw while intoning three times, Sei-He-Ki (the emotional symbol, pronounced Say-Hay-Key). Its purpose is to provide emotional healing.

8. Next, visualize or draw while intoning three times, Cho-Ku-Rei (the power symbol, pronounced Choh-Koo-Ray). Its purpose is to increase the power of the healing energy.

9. Lastly, for those who have learned Reiki Master Level, visualize or draw while intoning three times Dai-Ko-Myo (this is the non-traditional Usui master symbol, pronounced Die-Coe-Me-Oh). It is is a universal all-purpose healing symbol, which removes pain and disease.

10. If you are using a surrogate prop, you can also draw these over or onto the prop. Note: For those who only have Reiki Level 1, be assured that you can still do Reiki distant healing, because during your initiation the symbols were permanently placed within your aura and are automatically directed through your intention for their specific function or use. Remember, it's your focus and intention that directs and influences the healing.

11. Next, ask permission from the recipient. In your mind's eye, you will receive a signal such as a smile, a nod, a green light for a "yes" affirmation or a red light, stop sign or head shaking signalling a "no" answer. Note: If you receive a "no" reply, then send the Reiki healing energy to the recipient's guides with the intention that the healing energy will be re-directed to the recipient at the appropriate time.

12. If you visualize the recipient on a table, then proceed with hand or pendulum scanning that will indicate energy level inconsistencies.

13. Proceed using the basic hand positions in whatever order you are inclined to use. Pay attention to your intuition and follow its guidance.

14. Be mindful to any messages or impressions (what you hear, what you see, what you feel, what you sense, what you smell or what you taste) that you may receive during treatment. Be careful to avoid over-analyzing what you receive and also avoid editing.

15. When finished, sweep or smooth the recipient's auric (energy) field.

16. Re-scan to check for improvements to the recipient's energy level and if there are still major inconsistencies, apply additional Reiki energy to that specific area.

17. If necessary, sweep the auric field again.

18. Place and protect the recipient in a healing bubble of colour (whatever you are drawn to use).

19. Give thanks and gratitude to your healing team.

20. Dis-connect your energy from the recipient's by cleansing yourself (use your favourite technique).

21. Record the details of your healing session.

22. Within a few days contact the recipient, or whoever requested the healing, to discuss and confirm the results of the Reiki distant healing. Feedback will help raise and encourage your confidence level as a Reiki distant healer.

Although many practitioners advertise a nominal fee for conducting a distant healing session, at their discretion they may also waive their fee to provide it as a healing gift from their heart.

Reiki distant healing can also be conducted as a group effort, where everyone participates at a designated time, in an attempt to reduce the toxicity of planet or raise the consciousness level in certain parts of the world or to direct healing to specific areas of the world or to a specific person. The simple theory behind this is that a group effort will produce a stronger energy vibration, thus creating a more powerful healing. The same methods of Reiki distant healing can also be used to heal animals, birds, plants or sea life that you cannot physically reach or touch.

For personal practice, even if you do not have a specific person to practice on, then send distant healing to areas that need healing or repair such as war-torn countries or poverty-stricken areas or disease riddled areas. Then listen to the news in order to validate change or improvement. Another option is to send distant healing to pets or wildlife.

If you have not practiced the art of Reiki distant healing, here is your opportunity to share your healing abilities with others who may find comfort and solace in your gift to share.

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