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Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt - A Gift From Mother Nature


This article was authored by Klaus Ferlow, HMH (Honorary Master Herbalist), innovator, lecturer, researcher, writer, founder Ferlow Botanical Enterprises Ltd, Vancouver, B.C. manufacturing/distributing organic toxin-free medicinal herbal and personal care products to professional health & wellness practitioners in Canada and parts of USA since 1993.

Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt - A Gift From Mother Nature

This is one of the greatest re-discovery of modern time! Natural Himalayan Alexander Crystal Salt for a healthy and energetic life!

Water (our body consist of approx. 70% of water) and salt, as well as pollution free air are key components and essence of life with the tremendous healing power of nature. Life could not exist without any one of them. Still today, over seventy percent of mother earth is covered in water. Life comes from the ocean - a natural sole (water and salt solution) contains the essential energy for the creation of life. All life forms on this planet have emerged from the ocean. We can observe this process in the growth of the fetus in the womb.

Our drinking water today does not have half the energy and vibration it once had and is at the bottom edge or mostly below the vibration level of today's healthy human being's requirement. Water can either be a healing elixir or a deadly poison. Clean drinking water free of chlorine, a naturally occurring, poisonous greenish-yellow non-metallic gas to kill bacteria, for bleaching and in the manufacture of many organic chemicals, is hard to come by. A Belgian study found 10 years ago, that when chlorine combines with organic material, trithalomethane is formed and is known as carcinogenic (cancer causing) organic chemical. If the level of trithalomethane is too high in the water, governments are using chloromine, a combination of chlorine and ammonia in place of chlorine to kill bacteria in our drinking water. Experts expect that chloromine is also carcinogenic as well. And than, of course, there is fluoride (sodium fluoride, a industrial waste by-product from the aluminum industry) another poisonous chemical added to our drinking water and the question arises how much can your body (immune system and your liver) take before you get sick?

There are many other contaminating chemicals and total dissolved solids in our drinking water, and these substances will change and increase in number as our water supplies are additionally altered by pollution. In the United States the government will introduce four new chemicals - and Canada usually follow suit) into municipal drinking water to stop the leaching of lead from old water pipes.

More facts about water:

* up to 300 pesticides and fungicides pollute drinking water in America alone * the pressure in the water pipes destroy the structure of water * the minerals in mineral water are too coarse to be absorbed by the body and therefore have no value. They can even be damaging to our body's health * immature spring waters have not yet built their geometric, crystalline structure and therefore have no value for our health * carbonated and ozonated waters are dead waters and have no value for your health * bottled water is often more contaminated than tap water * distilled water is pure, however it is also extremely aggressive and has no structure and is therefore not recommended for drinking, some say it is "dead" water with nothing in it. Whereby others in the industry disagree and recommend it for drinking.

I myself would not not drink this water and we are using water from our own well which produces artesian spring water.

Because of all these problems we created for ourselves with drinking water, it is very important to install a water purifying system, but according to many reports and studies it seems that most filters don't purify the water and can only take out large particles, but no chemicals and the only system that seems to work removing total dissolved solids (they are a combination of minerals, metals, calcium, magnesium), is with reverse osmosis. It is a "triple purifier", that passes the water through eight stages of treatment and provides sterilisation and restructuring of water and you further enhance the quality and pH level by adding some Himalayan Alexander crystal rocks to the water, to create a medical grade distilled quality water for drinking and cooking.

Most people know that plenty of quality water (however, the suggestion is controversial, that everybody should drink eight glasses of 8 oz water a day. The Chinese traditional medicine people as well as I don't believe it), is essential for optimal health and for all proper body functions, including skin and organ integrity, immune system balance, cellular respiration and repair, waste elimination, and longevity. Water and salt has been the most essential part of the earth's original ocean, the "URMEER" from which all life evolved. The energy of the sun dried up the sea millions of years ago. Natural crystal salt has been exposed to enormous pressure inside the earth, which caused its special formation. The higher the pressure, the more perfect the crystalline structure becomes with its natural energy. Never having been subject to pollution it remains pure. This is called sole (so-lay) or brine. Contrary to stone salt, the minerals and trace elements in Himalayan Alexander crystal salt are bound in colloid form, which can be absorbed and assimilated into our body immediately. The minerals and trace elements of the salt crystals are just as important to our health as are vitamins. In fact,with life evolving from the original ocean, would it not make sense that a balance of these important elements that existed then, would be an essential harmonious balance required by our bodies today? Our bodies require up to 84 natural elements that are found in the Himalayan Alexander crystal salt, to be able to function perfectly and in its natural form, is fully alive. When this salt is taken as food, the body receives a vital energetic effect, benefiting for up to 24 hours. A defect of energy causes a chaotic condition in the body, which mean disease. Harmony, on the other hand, means body health!

The original Himalayan crystal salt comes from the salt mine of Alexander The Great in Karakum/Kashmir, Pakistan and has supreme bio-energetic qualities and has been prepared using traditional methods such as breaking the rocks by hand, minded in an exclusive, protected mountain area. It is very important to keep the vibration pattern in the crystal salt intact and after breaking the rocks by hand, sorting, washing in sole and drying in the sun to preserve the energy. Pure Himalayan crystal salt has a pinkish colour even when finally granulated. The benefits of fusing this salt are numerous including increasing your pH into alkalinity, hay fever, asthma attacks, digestion problems, enhanced immune system, increased alertness& work productivity, concentration, lung capacity and reduced susceptibility to colds and flu, increasing your vibration called bovis, relief from sinus, migraine, headache, allergies. Imagine all those benefits with absolutely no negative side effects and from a substance from Mother Nature itself! Unfortunately many mainly profit oriented companies are mining the rocks in a commercial manner by blasting and using metal equipment which destroys the true holographic memory within the salt crystal and therefore reducing the effectiveness. The crystal salt is available as rocks, coarse or fine table salt, with organic dry vegetables or herbs, bath salt, salt rock lamps and tea lights. Besides replacing the crystal salt with your ordinary poisonous table salt you can also create sole by putting the rocks into quality water until they are dissolved and reach a 26% solution. More detailed information can be obtained from the book "Water & Salt" The Essence of Life. The sole can be used as drinking therapy, flushing your sinuses, for eye wash, sole bath, topical application, sole wraps, body peeling and floatation. The unknown miracle that comes from this crystal salt elixir it that only a few drops are needed to enhance virtually any liquid to their specific potential. In addition, the drops would also enhance the pH level towards a higher alkalinity from 7 (level in water) to 10, which is very healthy at the intake level. Blood must maintain a pH of 7.35 - 7.45. European doctors found that drinking sole can help ease suffering from gout, rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases, and can be a healing process for the body, flavouring food, dental hygiene, cold brine compress, facial masks and more.

Did you know that for example this crystal salt:

* can displace an energy deficit and restore balance * without the elements of potassium and sodium found in crystal salt, we could neither * think or act * it contains the entire spectrum of frequency patterns of elements found in the human body * it contains all the minerals and trace elements of which the body is made * water and salt, in combination with light, can built proteins * salt used to be more valuable than gold and was used as a form of payment * our blood is 1% sole solution to the salt concentration of the primal oceans * the poor condition of our drinking water must be seen as one of the foremost causes for the dramatic increase of disease * the best drinking water for us is pure, natural spring and artesian well water * mature, fresh spring water is free of germs and bacteria due to its crystalline structure

Buyer be aware there is crystal salt sold in stores coming from places such as Northern Germany, Poland and salt plains of central Pakistan, regions not having the geological prerequisites to form real crystal salt. Often times, pink shimmering rock salt is sold as "crystal salt", cheap, of course, because to the inexperienced eye, it cannot be identified by is appearance. Be critical and ask the merchant where they got their salt from, which region and which salt mine and also ask for the required analysis of the crystal salt.

Here is the remarkable difference between Himalayan Alexander crystal salt and common table salt, sea (celtic sea) salt and rock salt:

Common Table Salt

It is also called white gold to white poison. It has nothing in common with the original crystal salt of which we are talking about. Salt nowadays is mainly sodium chloride with additives such as iodine, bleached and fluoride and it is an aggressive cellular poison, which additionally burdens our organs of excretion. The result of consuming it, is the formation of overly acidic edema, or excess fluid in the body tissues, which is also the cause of cellulite and that is why doctors tell us to avoid salt. Similar to white, refined, poisonous sugar, salt was once regarded as the white gold and than was converted into white poison. 93% of the world's salt production is more or less used for industrial purposes and another 6% as inexpensive food preservatives. You will find it in ready to eat or fast food, yogurt, bread, ham, sausage, smoked meat, fish etc. This has been a blessing for the food industry because they have now been able to extend the shelf life of many of their products for up to one year or more. However, for the human body, this has been a fatal, hazardous, dangerous development.

Sea (Celtic) Salt

Salt is plentiful on earth, especially in the oceans, which covers approx. 70% of the earth surface. However, the oceans are being degraded to waste disposal dumping facilities (can you believe for example that raw sewage is still dumped into the ocean in your capital of British Columbia, Victoria ?) and are being polluted with heavy metals like lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury , oil, radiation (oil tanker spilling oil, U-Boats from Russia running aground) and additional pollution from the air. Poison elements have their own vibration patterns which are dissonant and therefore harmful to our bodies. In addition, 80% of all sea salt producers are refining their salt.

Rock Salt

Salt deposits, as found in salt mines, consists of 95% rock salt which is far more valuable than table salt or sea salt. Bio-chemically, it is non-aggressive. However, the elements within the rock salt have not undergone sufficient compression to be fully fused into a crystalline grid or lattice of structured order but are only attached to the surface and along the fissures of the rock salt. Even though all or most natural elements on earth are found in rock salt, they are too coarse and unrefined to be absorbed into our cells. Since the elements in rock salt are not integrated into the salt's crystal grid, but cling to the outside surface and crevices of the crystalline structure, they are no health benefits to the human body. The valency of the elements depends largely on whether they have been subject to sufficient compression over million of years, which integrated them into a crystal grid. That is really the major difference between rock salt and crystal salt.

Himalayan Crystal Lamps

The Himalayan mountains are a huge mountain range, stretching from Afghanistan through Pakistan, Kashmir, India and China. The geological structure of rocks surrounding the salt deposits has a great deal to do with the retained holographic memory from the primal ocean at the time of their formation some 250 million years ago. As a sideline companies offer also salt crystal lamps and tea lights in different shapes and weight. The lamps with a bulb inside, when lit and warming up emit negative ions, which is a function of attracting humidity from the air, and then neutralizing the positive ions found in the air of our living spaces as well as generating additional negative ion content, a very healthy, invigorating condition by also purifying the air. The colour of the lamp is pink and very soothing and calming down your nerves for relaxation. We have a number of these lamps (we are also using for a number of years only the Himalayan Alexander crystal salt in our household) and a friend of us tested them with pendulum and it showed that they definitely gave up negative ions. However, there are many of these lamps sold that only can be used for decoration since they don't create any negative ions.

You might be interested to check into Dr. Masaru Emonto's fascinating work about water, water crystals that form in ice by checking his website. He has also written a number of books I list them in the references. They are a MUST read and also try to get his DVD "What The Bleep Do You Know?" Websites: www.masaru-emoto.net/ -k- www.whatthebleep.com/crystals/-13k-


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This information is offered for its educational value only and should not be used in the diagnose, treatment, or prevention of disease. Any attempt to diagnose and treat illness should come under the direction of your health care practitioner.

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