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Yoga for Better Sex

How to use Yoga to improve Sexuality


This series of articles on Yoga and Sexuality was written by Corinne Friesen, the author of "Hurry Up - Relax!" and author of audioyoga.com where you can find a lot of information about yoga.

When people ask me how to use yoga for better sex, I ask them, 'What part of sex?' Sex is so varied and such a broad experience. But then, so is yoga, and that's what makes them such a great match!

Yoga can:

  • Deepen the connection you feel with your partner.
  • Improve your own understanding of yourself and your partner.
  • Put you more in harmony with your own body and mind and so, make you a better partner.
  • Help you cultivate and maintain emotional and physical states.
  • Keep you fit and healthy so that you're more able. ;)
  • Allow you to get into some very interesting positions!

Not to mention all those ancient secrets locked inside the hundreds of positions of the Kama Sutra! (They're not so mysterious nor are they unattainable, so we'll definitely get to them. ;) )

So this is a series of articles that will help you use yoga toward, not only for some great sex, but also for a better relationship. What I'll show you are a series of things you can do for yourself, as general practices, plus things you can do with your partner. Some of these practices are specifically about sexual goals you may have. Others are more general, having an overall effect on you and on your relationship.

These practices become a foundation for building a great relationship and have just plain great sex. You will be able to do many of these things even if your partner isn't interested in learning along with you. And some things are about both of you practicing together.

The first thing I like to point out is that people generally get what they focus on. If you think orgasms are important, then orgasms generally becomes what your sex is about. If you think you want sex to be about developing your relationship, then that tends to be what you try to use it for. Trouble comes when the partners are trying to use sex for different, conflicting goals. So women often complain that guys just go for that climax. Men get frustrated that women make it all so complicated. In these articles, I'll give you a series of practices that can take you out of that conflict.

A good place to start is to understand what your purpose is for any given sexual encounter or for the exercises you are doing at the moment. Sometimes sex can be about having a thrilling finish. Sometimes it can be about developing your relationship. Sometimes, you can do yoga practices that simply increase your awareness of each other. Sometimes you can practice your general mindfulness or build your ability to cultivate your state of mind. Since yoga is about union of all aspects of your life, there are things you can do throughout your day, touching on all areas of your life, that can make sex great.

These articles will break the exercises down into the following kinds of areas:

  • Things you can do for your own sexuality.
  • Things you can do for your partner's sexuality.
  • Things you and your partner can do to cultivate the sexual rapport between you.
  • Things you can do in your overall life that will also improve your personal sexuality.

Things you and your partner can do throughout the day that will improve your general rapport. (This, naturally, spills over into the bedroom.) That means some of these exercises will be very sexual, while some won't seem sexual at all. But it all adds up. :D You just have to pay attention to what you're doing at the moment, knowing that, over time, your sex life will get better and better.

-Yoga Routine for Better Sex
While you're busy learning the secrets of yoga and sex, you can also be limbering up and strengthening your own body, getting to know yourself better through a daily routine. Here it is.
-Sexual Energy Breathing Meditation
This is a basic meditation that will help your ability to simply sit and notice feelings without doing anything about them. With practice, you will be more able to sustain your sexual energy during love making and will be more able to build your sexual desire during a session. As a result, you will have more rich experiences - and stronger orgasms.
-Partnered Abdominal Breathing Technique
This is a gentle way of becoming more in tune with each other. It can have a delicious side effect of bringing up sexual feels and intensifying them.
-How to Cultivate Sexy Thinking
One thing yoga teaches us is to monitor our thoughts and even to pick and choose what we think about. Here are some ways to cultivate 'Sexy Thinking', to rev you up and put you more in the mood! It can also increase the enjoyment you get out of ordinary moments.

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