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When the Student is Ready the Teacher Will Come

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

When the Student is Ready the Teacher Will Come

When the student is ready the teacher will come. How true this declaration is, but it does not always transpire in the context that you may understand, agree with or accept.

At some point in your spiritual growth cycle, you will feel that you are on the brink of greater discovery, but cannot quite pinpoint what this may be. You will probably be restless and run around in circles searching for either a group or a person to provide you with greater insight or knowledge or at least point you in the right direction. Indeed you wonder what your life purpose is supposed to be. You question whether you are on track or if you are wasting precious time. You may doubt your own unique gifts or talents or you may wonder what your special contribution to humanity should be.

Too often people get caught in the trap of searching for answers to their inner turmoil by thinking that the answers lay beyond them. They lack perception or awareness of just how powerful they really are. Fear, anxiety and uncertainty created by their ego dominates and dis-empowers them into believing that they have taken leave of their senses, after-all, ego does not take kindly to change and will resort to extremes to create doubt. Or they may feel mis-understood and very alone, hoping that somebody or something else holds the answers to their puzzle. And so their solo plight begins.

This article is not meant to dissuade you from attending courses or workshops, study books to gain further knowledge or join support groups or to proclaim that these are bad or useless endeavours that should be avoided. On the contrary, gaining added wisdom strengthens your soul's potential. However, it does become an issue if you lose your personal identity or innate powers by believing that these sources know best for what is good for you. As you search and discover along your journey, keep in mind that however much time you spend in your quest, ultimately, you and you alone, possess the golden key that will unlock the mystery behind your pursuit.

Throughout your life you will encounter numerous teachers who certainly will make a difference to whom you aspire to be today. Your first teachers, in most cases, will be your parents, who no doubt are your most influential ones. From there, your teachers expand to include siblings, relatives, friends, school teachers, councillors, doctors, clergy, employers, animals, team-mates, Mother Nature and spouse or partner. From each encounter you receive important teachings and lessons, negative or positive, but valuable to your soul's growth and learning process. But somehow, this influence and help is still not enough and eventually you will start to feel deeper urges or a pulling, which does not seem to make total sense.

Well, you are not alone. The student is now ready, but where is the teacher? And so you start to investigate, trying to feel your way through a very complicated sea of uncertainty. Everything seems so vague, nothing is concrete and where is your guarantee? Where is this so-called special teacher who is supposed to appear when you call?

And exactly how do you know, if or when, you have found the right teacher? If you are intent upon finding a human teacher to supply you with knowledge and guidance, concentrate on your feelings at your heart/solar plexus area (or your first response to your gut feeling). You should experience an instant bond, an inner trust, a comfy, cozy feeling, almost like you have known the person for years and your values and goals will most likely coincide.

Another important concern is how to discern what makes an exceptional teacher? When choosing a teacher, careful consideration should be applied, because they do range in calibre. So in your search, ask yourself if the teacher meets some or all of these criteria:

1. What can the teacher offer you that you do not already possess?

2. Does the teacher have special knowledge or greater life experiences that will benefit you?

3. Does the teacher allow freedom of thought, expression and action?

4. Does the teacher avoid enabling unhealthy co-dependent relationships?

5. Does the teacher avoid enforcing personal opinion or "will" upon others?

6. Does the teacher continuously search and learn to enhance their own personal growth?

7. Does the teacher encourage and empower others to recognize and acknowledge their own special gifts or talents?

8. Does the teacher exude a positive, approachable attitude and personality?

9. Does the teacher inspire others to seek, develop and believe in their own abilities?

10. Is the teacher a doer, not a follower, plus a self-starter?

11. Is the teacher compassionate and empathetic towards people, animals, as well as global and universal conditions?

12. Is the teacher an open-minded, individualist?

13. Is the teacher reliable and punctual?

14. Does the teacher listen attentively to others and honours the opinions and feelings of others?

15. Is money or personal gain inconsequential and is not the teacher's main focus for teaching?

16. Does the teacher not only teach, but mentors others to develop themselves into their highest potential?

17. Does the teacher provide a safe, clean and comfortable environment?

18. Does the teacher share time, knowledge and wisdom willingly, without expecting recompense?

19. Does the teacher teach for the love of teaching and receives fulfillment by assisting others to develop their own true potential?

20. Does the teacher uphold and maintain a high degree of personal integrity?

This is when many people join religious affiliations or decide to follow a guru. After-all, are they not supposed to be enlightened beings? Is it not true that they are blessed with special powers and insight? Do they not dedicate their life to teach others about goodness and encourage them to follow in their footsteps? How could this be a wrong choice? And yes, while many people find comfort and immense satisfaction going this route, it is not a path that all will want to follow.

It is equally difficult to find one teacher who is able to supply you with sufficient knowledge and guidance, for each teacher has their own speciality and limits; therefore, once you have attained what they offer, you will be forced to search again for a new teacher. So now what? Where does it end? You are still confused while still searching, plus you can feel yourself becoming quite impatient. But if you are willing to delve a little deeper and surrender your ego, you will discover a far greater teacher who possesses infinite wisdom and power. The only teacher you really need is from the universal source and if you take the time to tap into this realm, you will have access to knowledge and wisdom far beyond what any human teacher can offer.

In essence, what you search for is within you. Your soul, spirit or higher self connects you to this universal source.....to your spiritual teacher. This teacher is your true guidance, your true councillor and one who never lies to you, never misleads you, never judges you, never forsakes you and never compares you to anyone or anything else.

It simply becomes a matter of connecting to your inner self and your starting point is through meditation, which will balance, raise and align your energy to its spiritual source. Your teacher will certainly appear when you are ready to commit and accept, without expecting or demanding validation. And when asked with sincerity, your teacher will offer unconditional love, supply moral support, give encouragement for your soul's growth and potential, provide guidance for your life's direction and answer your innumerable questions.

The only challenge on your part is to have a keen willingness to do the leg-work, which will consist of daily, continuous, disciplined commitment to study and practice. As well, you will be required to readily trust, forgive, accept, change and show gratitude. Just keep in mind that answers will not always appear in the way or at the exact time you assumed, so remain patient, optimistic and open-minded. You will be given guidance or assistance, but your spiritual teacher will not do the work for you, so resist expecting a supply of precise answers or time-lines, because this is not how the universe works.

So the student is ready and the teacher has come, but continues to wait. The question now remains.........are you finally ready to commit and undertake this unique tutelage?

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