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The Maintenance Wizard

About the Author

This article was written by Michael Levy, who is the author of seven books, a mystical poet, inspirational philosopher and wellness/healthy living speaker. His latest books are The Joys of Live Alchemy and Worry Causes Wrinkles which can help a person change dark negative situations into beautiful, colorful, positive actions, that bring de-lights on the darkest of days. Michael's website is pointoflife.com.

The Maintenance Wizard

If you own a modern computer, you will know there is a maintenance wizard in your windows software. With a click of the mouse, you can sit back whilst the wizard automatically checks out your computer for any faults. If it finds anything amiss, it will correct it within a few seconds. The wizard will also remove any files that are not necessary in its memory banks.

Wow! What a wizard... It would be great, if we had a wizard in our minds, which could remove sickness and rid all erroneous memories...A wholesome lifetime of never falling into ill health. Well, we do have such a wizard enmeshed in every human being. .....Just a minute, I can sense you do not believe what I am saying. Well, what I am saying does fly in-the-face of modern conventional medical science. Non-the-less, if you live in true joy, you will never get sick.

What is he talking about I hear you say... I'm deep in debt... My son was sent home from school for being a disruptive influence... My beloved aunt is dying of cancer ... The boss is telling me business is slow and he may have to lay people off if things don't pick up... The roof is leaking and the dogs got diarrhea...There is also a hundred and one other problems piling up on the back cooker.

Quite so, everyone is faced with problematic challenges every day of their lives. That is all part of the human experience of living in a modern day world. The main problem is, the world we live in is no longer natural. It has become perplexingly plastic and sophisticatedly complex and if we accept it as our reality, we will have no chance of living a healthy dis-ease free life. Simplicity is the answer to many problems, but when given a choice of an easy way or a hard way to solve a problem, most "normal" people will take the hard egoistical route. Why? ... Because they live with an egotistical, intellectual master/monster, and it is his/her way or no-way.

But, what about God... Isn't 'he' supposed to help us live disease free? If he is watching over us, why is 'he' not listening to our prayers?

* Why is he slinging a deaf ear?

* Why is "he' allowing such suffering to all the kind innocent folks who are asking him for help?

As with everything else in our lives, the answer is simple but unacceptable to the conditioned minds of "normal" unnatural people. The Male God does not exist, that is why "he" cannot perform miracles and has not been seen nor heard from since the days of superstitions, fables, yarns, folklore and myths. Unfortunately, 'he' has been planted into the conditioned minds of robotic humans, who never ask profound questions that need truthful answers. Blind be-lie-fs will lead the followers into blind wars and blind self-inflicted-disease-destruction.

However, there is an infinite power that creates, organizes, nurtures, cultivates, nourishes and evolves all life forms animate and non-animate. We can call that intelligent energy God, but it does not require prayer because it has already given us everything we will ever want to live on earth in health, wealth, happiness, peace, serenity and harmony.

When human beings began to create their own individual power base to protect themselves from other tribes, all of humanities modern day woes began. The old saying "united we stand, divided we fall." are amongst the truest words ever spoken. Moreover, we will never be united as long as we are segregated by diverse doctrines of funny, bazaar, freakish man-made Gods. If people aren't killed in wars they will most certainly kill themselves by an inauthentic lifestyle. If they die of dis-ease, then in most cases it is a self-inflicted illness, brought on by erroneous, negative thoughts.

Wow! What's happened to the maintenance wizard? Have no fear; the wizard will not ever go away. It is part of whom and what we are, and it can repair all ills if caught in time and will delete all invaded programs if you allow it to perform its divine magic. All religions contain truths but they become distorted and erroneous once a human image of God materializes...God is not in human form and a human being has no more rights to an existence on earth than a worm or ant. All life come into being from nature's intelligence and all are equal in true essences of intelligent cosmic energy.

Our maintenance wizard is labeled 'soul' and it is the most misunderstood word on the human tongue. The soul possesses no negative emotions. It embodies feelings of love & joy in realms of intelligent non-visible indestructible energy. When we are aware of this life creating force, we live an authentic life on earth. We live as an ego, guided by the soul wizard and that makes us true human beings.

What about the guy with all the problems to solve who says he can't live in joy? Firstly, he needs remove his debt mountain of woes. Once the wizard gets to work, the debt will vanish...because s/he will understand it is not an option. If s/he can't afford non-essentials, then s/he does not buy them and s/he lives more simply, until the debt is paid off. Then, when s/he has saved up enough reserves, s/he can spend some money on a few luxury items and just as long as s/he never, ever goes back into the red, s/he will enjoy the wealth nature gives everyone freely.

As for the problem with the son that was sent home from school...He needs to detach from the conditioning the parents have most likely have taught him. He must now learn he is going to school to enjoy his learning and if the teachers do not know how to teach, he can become their mentor by excelling in all his subjects despite their lack of wisdom. The soul inner alchemy wizard... who has no human form... who cannot be overcome by pride and egoistical human non-sense, empowers him. Now, instead of being a disruptive influence, he becomes school leader, even if the other pupils and teachers cannot recognize it. Self-empowerment is not beholden to the opinion of others. At-the-same-time he is never rude or disrespectful. The real God within is in action and cannot be overcome by mortal stupidity. No buildings or holy books are required to replace the maintenance wizard. Everything authentic is preprogrammed in the subconscious mind and will click into action after the mind has rested in silence for a short period. The boy becomes a man of sincere heartfelt character and honest reputation.

What about the beloved aunt who is dying of cancer...Visit her in a state of happiness and joy. Understand there is no such thing as death in the real sense of the word. The wizard within is the true identity of every human. It is a speck of energetic, intelligent nothingness, which contains everything. This is our own true selves and it is the maintenance wizard, which can fix our mental computer, so that we can run on full power and vitality in perfect health. If the aunt has not gone down the path of illness too far, then there is a good chance she can recover from her illness, once she accepts her true identity. However, from my experience, when a person has journeyed down the wrong path for along period it is very difficult for them to rearrange their thinking and mind conditioning, once illness has taken a firm hold and the mind has been weakened. It is far easier to prevent illness than to fix it when it strikes. The maintenance wizard will not let its computer down if it is permitted to carry out its mission, with freedom and support from the mind and body that carries it.

We still have the boss to deal with whom threatening the layoffs. With the power of the wizard within, you will be the last person the boss will fire, because you have become an intricate, indispensable part of the business and will bring it back to profitability. In no-time-at-all you will become the CEO and sack the boss who could not run things efficient or effectively.

As for the roof that is leaking ... ring up a roofing contractor and let him use his roofing wizardry to fix your roof. Before you contact him, go around the neighborhood and find houses with new roofs. Knock on doors and find the best contractor who does the best job at the most reasonable price. You can be sure his wizard is in good working order.

We still have the dog's diarrhea to clear up. Well, ... there are many messes that happen in our lives and sometimes we just have to roll up our sleeves and clear up the muck left by others. Just be thankful we're not elephant keepers.

From the book The Joys of Live Alchemy.

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