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The Language of Your Soul

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

The Language of Your Soul

Are you aware that, you and you alone, possess the magical formula to release the tether that binds you from moving forward and possibly stagnating your growth and potential?

Too often you may unerringly believe that there is no way out from a futile situation, but really what it boils down to, is that you lack understanding or hold misapprehension surrounding the fundamental power that you hold within. So now it is time to unleash this power.

The "power" that I refer to is your intuition; also known by other metaphors such as gut feeling, psychic sense, 6th sense, or ESP (extra sensory perception). But it is of no consequence what label you give it for this is how your soul communicates to you - it's the language of your soul. But like all languages, unless you take the time to learn its unique signs, signals, sounds and are able to interpret its meaning or speak the dialect, it remains a mystery and one that is often ignored, neglected or long forgotten.

The language of your soul is multi-dimensional. It bypasses restrictive linear or left-brain thinking and conveys information through your feeling centres using creativity such as music, art, poetry, writing, inventions, inspirations or dancing, etc. It has no limits - there is no beginning and no end; anything is possible without logical or valid reason. With left-brain or linear thinking, you always need to search for explanations, proof or reasons why something is, but the language of your soul cannot be measured by cause and effect, so instead you must learn to build trust and have solid belief in the power of your soul self and its connection to universal consciousness. Start first by knowing and accepting who you are without worrying about the opinion or beliefs of others and then acknowledge your truthful and positive inner dialogue.

Yes, I can just hear you say, "So what is the point?" Well, for starters, the language of your soul connects you to your best and most loving teacher and friend - you, but the eternal you, which is your soul. Through this connection, your first step is to receive guidance from your ever-present teacher for how to heal from your soul level. By accomplishing this, you will be able to maintain a more peaceful, loving and balanced existence, you will reach inner prosperity, you will always be supported during an emotional crisis, you will have access to greater knowledge and wisdom, you will receive inner strength and have greater endurance, you will be empowered to learn and grow spiritually and as well, you will create and live a more exciting, prosperous and expressive life.

Fear, impatience and frustration can impinge drastically and shut you off from the language of your soul. Your development and relationship with intuition revolves in cycles and will require infinite patience, trust and understanding of self. There is no quick method and average development takes a moderate six years; it is like learning to crawl before you can walk. Progress is unique to each individual depending on intuitive flexibility and strength. I know it sounds like forever and I can just hear you moaning, "I don't have that sort of time", but if you take the proper time, you have a far greater chance of reaching lasting results, because communicating via the language of your soul then becomes a way of life, rather than a dreary daily ritual or exercise. Think about it......are you better equipped speaking one language or do you increase your potential by speaking several?

Healing from your soul is all about releasing and letting go of outdated unconscious thought patterns and belief systems by transforming your present state of being. Communicate through your intuition and listen to the language of your soul - it will tell you through your feelings what is not working in your favour. With a loving heart, accept what is, then learn to live in the present and not worry about your past, whether it is based on past associations/relationships, past incidents, past memories, past-lives or past karma - whatever the past is - release it and let it go. This is not inferring that you ignore your past; on the contrary it is important for you to experience everything, because it is through each experience, whether good or bad, positive or negative, that your soul learns, grows and expands to a higher energy frequency.

Although this may sound easier said than done, you can readily release or let go of anything that no longer serves in your best and most positive interest. Merely bring it to your conscious level by recognizing it with honest awareness, accept responsibility for it, learn the necessary lessons from it through forgiveness and loving intention and then affirm your goal for the present time or the Now. If you fail to do this then your past, in whatever capacity, will always remain your present - you will always feel as if you are a victim and your energy becomes stagnated or polluted. And this is why it is so important to clear out the clutter before true healing can begin, for you cannot allow anything new into your life if you are already filled to capacity.

But in order to communicate through your intuition and listen to the language of your soul, you must be free from clutter and stagnation. The language of your soul is composed of fluctuating energy, which needs room to move, room to grow and room to be flexible. But above all, it needs freedom - freedom to explore, freedom of choice, freedom to experience, freedom to learn, freedom to develop and freedom to elevate to higher levels of consciousness in a loving and positive manner.

The language of your soul always ensures your over-all safety and well-being. It conducts itself through integrity providing you with an abundance of wisdom to enhance your soul's growth and potential. Wouldn't you like to partake in such exhilarating possibilities? So what are you waiting for, the formula is within you just waiting to be stirred!

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