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Spiral up with Growth

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This article was written by Gini Grey, who is a Transformational Coach, utilizing a powerful blend of coaching, counseling and spiritual energy tools in her individual sessions, workshops, books and CD's. For more information go to www.ginigrey.com.

Spiral up with Growth

We are continually growing, expanding and evolving in life. Nothing stands still; just as there is stillness in movement, there is movement in stillness. At times we may feel as though nothing is changing, yet deep within there are subtle, powerful shifts taking place. At other times we feel the turbulent winds of change in our own lives and on the planet. These growth spurts can be intimidating, fearful and depressing, or they can be exciting, empowering and uplifting, depending on our perspective.

When we trust our inner knowing and operate from our spiritual selves we see the bigger picture and surrender into the flow of life which, like nature, moves towards balance. If we resist the process of growth or try to manipulate or control it, we lose ourselves into a spiral of fear and confusion.

We are growing individually as well as a collectively on the planet. In the beginning stage of change things can appear chaotic, as what is no longer needed is released, and new aspects are strengthened. If we relax in the stages of growth, knowing it is a healthy process, in the end we emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon - free to fly wherever we choose.


* Where are you in your own personal growth cycle? Are you incubating in a cocoon, feeling inward and quiet or are you twisting and turning trying to bust loose? Perhaps you are like the season of fall, letting go and dying to the old, or more like spring and summer, bursting forth and blossoming.

* When you look at your community, country or the world, what stage of growth do you see taking place? Can you be at peace with what is happening even if it appears chaotic at this time?

* Reflect over the past few months and notice what changes took place within you. Where did you soften? What did you release? What have you strengthened? Where have you blossomed?


* If you feel like you are in a growth period, with shifts and changes taking place (which may trigger uncertainty as there is a fine line between fear and excitement), take time to find stillness. It may be through meditation, sitting in a quiet place outdoors, going for a peaceful walk in nature, doing something creative, or relaxing in a warm bath. Within that stillness touch into your inner state of trust and certainty that life is flowing as it's meant to.

* If you are feeling stagnant or stuck, set your intention for an area of growth. Where would you like to soften, strengthen, release or blossom? Write down your intention and then let it go and watch it unfold.

* To support your mind and body to accept growth (as our body tends to resist change preferring to be comfy and cozy) reflect over your life to see all the positive growth, even amidst the chaos. Then look over someone else's life to see how they have grown and changed in a positive direction. Reflect over the history of the planet to see how human rights have changed, industry has grown, technology has blossomed, and through disaster and chaos, how people have opened their hearts and grown in compassion.

"The growth of understanding follows an ascending spiral rather than a straight line."
Joanna Field

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