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Miracles: A Burst Of Light Into A Dark Situation

About The Author

This article was written by Gini Grey, who is a Transformational Coach, utilizing a powerful blend of coaching, counseling and spiritual energy tools in her individual sessions, workshops, books and CD's. For more information go to www.ginigrey.com.

Miracles: A Burst Of Light Into A Dark Situation

A burst of light into a dark situation, a wish fulfilled, an awe inspiring solution, a gift of grace appearing out of nowhere; this is how we describe miracles. We look for them in times of despair and just as we let go of our desperate attempts to resolve a difficult situation they appear. Yet we don't have to wait for the ground to fall from under our feet before we let one in. We can have them all the time, big and small.

Miracles are blessings that manifest out of the invisible realm the way art is created from the ethers of inspiration. Out of nowhere comes a vision, a brainwave, a revelation, which then becomes a painting, a song, a sculpture, jewelry and more. Where did this beauty originate? From the same place as miracles; the creative source, higher self, spiritual aspect, or whatever you call the eternal essence we come from.

All one has to do is step beyond the logical, linear way of thinking and move into the unlimited spaciousness of their higher awareness. The place where anything is possible and blessings and opportunities abound. A creative space where solutions not yet dreamt, are waiting to be born.


* Reflect over your life for the miracles you've experienced. Those times when a disaster turned into a blessing or the perfect person arrived in your life or an amazing opportunity fell into your hands. Search your relationships, finances, career, health, the troubled times and awe inspired times.

* Reflect over the past few days for the small miracles. The ideal parking spot, kind words from a stranger, a gift, an insight, an opening in communication and so on. Feel the gratitude for these miracles in your life.

* How open are you to miracles? Do you see them occurring in other people's lives? Do you experience them in your own life? What could you do to allow more miracles into your life?


* Spend the next several days intentionally looking for miracles in your life and other's. Look for the little ones and the big ones. Every time you see or experience one, feel a sense of gratitude for its occurrence.

* Search your life to see where you could use a miracle. Do you have a health concern that needs healing, a relationship where the communication needs clearing, an item you'd like to have, an inner feeling you'd like to experience? Ask for a miracle and be willing to receive it. Surrender to the possibility and open up to a sense of trust and certainty that it will arrive.

* Notice how you currently feel about having miracles in your life (partially open to them, somewhat open, or fully open and expecting to receive them regularly). Close your eyes and imagine you are standing with a line on the floor in front of you. On your side of the line is the miracle space you currently believe in and allow into your life. On the other side is a more open space where miracles occur fully and regularly. Notice how it feels on your side of the line and then step across the line over to the full miracle space and notice how this feels. Let this miracle feeling flow through your whole body and down into the cells. Set your intention to go through each day from this feeling and perspective.

"I am the miracle"

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