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Living in the Moment

About The Author

This article was written by Gini Grey, who is a Transformational Coach, utilizing a powerful blend of coaching, counseling and spiritual energy tools in her individual sessions, workshops, books and CD's. For more information go to www.ginigrey.com.

Living in the Moment

One breath at a time, one moment at a time, keeps us in the present where our power exists. From our present point of power we see more clearly, access our higher knowing and take appropriate actions. We turn off the automatic pilot and step away from reactivity. When we are here now everything slows down and comes into perspective. There is time to notice, feel, and most important, be.

How much time does each of us spend rushing from one activity to the next without stopping to enjoy it? How much energy do we focus on rehashing past experiences and conversations or rehearsing future ones? Does this actually do anything except keep us distracted from the only reality that exists? When we are not living in current reality our power is drained from us. No wonder so many people are frazzled and exhausted. Imagine how much more energy we would each have if we stayed in the present.

Bringing ourselves back into each present moment by focusing on what is here now; the task we are involved in, the person in front of us, the words we hear, our percolating ideas, sensations moving in the body, the texture and flavor of foods in our mouth, emotions wanting expression, and anything else in our current experience, enriches our lives.

The richness in life is not about more, more, more, or how fast we can accomplish things. It is in the depth of each experience. This is where the vibrancy of life comes into full force.


* How much of your time and day do you spend in the present moment, being really here now, listening, talking, feeling, experiencing? When you are truly in the moment, how does this feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?

* Do you spend more time in the present, past or future? How much of your time do you spend reflecting on past experiences and conversations? How much time do you spend rehearsing future conversations or planning future experiences? Do you multi-task, overlapping present time activities with past or future time thoughts?

* When you get lost reflecting over the past how does this affect you; how do you feel physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually? When you go off into the future with worries or incessant plans, how does this affect you? What happens when you move back into the present moment?


* Move into the present moment right now. As you read these words, notice what sensations and emotions are stirring within you. What thoughts are you having? How does your body feel? Feel your breath flow in and out. Look around the room and notice the colors and shapes. Smell and feel the air surrounding you. Become aware of the pause between your thoughts. What does it do for you to move more into the present?

* Set your intention to be more present throughout your day. Practice presence with each person you communicate with; really hear what the other has to say and notice their tone and body language. Be conscious as you do daily activities such as brushing your teeth, preparing a meal, sipping a hot beverage. Go for a walk and instead of losing yourself in thought, use all of your senses to take in your surroundings and then bring your awareness to your internal experience; feel your feet touch the ground, focus on the flow of your breath, notice the sensations and emotions in your body. Take time to relax and do nothing, and notice what this feels like.

* As you go through your day, see if you can catch yourself moving out of the present moment and ask what purpose it is serving. If reflecting on the past or planning for the future is of benefit, see if you can do it from the present, anchoring yourself here now while you focus on past or future. If focusing on past or future isn't serving you then bring all of your awareness into this moment by noticing your outer surroundings and inner experiences. Continue on with your activities from a present moment perspective by being with yourself in each activity.

"Life can be found only in the present moment. The past is gone, the future is not yet here, and if we do not go back to ourselves in the present moment, we cannot be in touch with life."

--Thich Nhat Hanh

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