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Life in Balance

About the author

The following article was written by Leia Peek. Leia is a Life Coach and owner of WhiteFire Coaching. She has been assisting people with achieving balance, overcoming barriers, and pursuing their dreams for over 10 years. You can contact her through WhiteFire Coaching in Calgary, Alberta, Canada (403) 875-7594 (local calls only please), or email at what.if@shaw.ca.

WhiteFire Coaching offers Personalized Life Coaching, I-Ching Readings, Face Readings, Reiki and Massage.

Life in Balance

Life in balance is truly a place of beauty... where everything flows with amazing ease... when moments of clarity stretch out further than our imagination... and we can ride the waves of chaos effortlessly.

For some, the idea of a balanced life is surreal... a fantasy that is so far outside their experience that it seems unattainable. For some, the dissonance is so severe... that they live in despair, as they watch in amazement... those who have caught even a glimmer of joy.

Those who have connected with this path more than once, realize it is not a destination, but more likely... a path to homeostasis. We cannot, as evolving souls, maintain even a false state of bliss... without giving up the full range of experiences and emotions that bring richness and value to our world.

In short, bliss is not bliss without pain. Nothing exists without contrast. In awareness, homeostasis is simply the point we are always drawn back to between the extremes... and balance is the dance that carries us there.

So, how do we learn how to dance?

The answer... is in the details.

Most of us have a vision of who we wish to be "when we grow up"... a vision to strive for in our personal evolution. Again, this is not a goal so much as a direction.

What often makes the difference between those who meet their challenges along the way and those to throw up their hands in despair... is whether or not their vision is specific and flexible.

In order to make a commitment to something, we need to know what, specifically we are committing to... and in order to be flexible, we can have no attachment to the result. In other words, for us to choreograph our life, our vision needs to change and evolve as we do. For example, if I wish to be a successful therapist, what does that look like for me? What is my own personal archetype?

What is my vision of my office, my home, my vacations, my family, my social life and my spiritual path? What are my values and principles in my vision? What will I need to learn along the way? How will I deal with chaos and change? Sound overwhelming?

The good news is... once I create my personal vision... it becomes my point of homeostasis... and all of the finer details of my life more easily align with it. Simply put, the details that are not aligned with my vision come into my awareness more often because I now know the difference!

This awareness is experienced as dissonance and can spark my personal evolution, sending me forward to my point of homeostasis. In the light, it is what creates and propels me toward my goals. In the dark, it is the anxious energy that I turn inward on myself (or project onto other people and situations) as I fall to the other extreme.

We need to realize that both extremes are a crucial part of the dance of balance. Without them, we cannot evolve and grow... . We cannot champion our vision and we cannot ride the waves of chaos.

With this knowledge, we can begin to look after the details in our life without a sense of overwhelm and experience dissonance with excitement rather than debilitating anxiety. We can begin to see our moments of homeostasis, not as the goal of a balanced life... not as a destination out of our reach, but as cherished moments that remind us that we are still in the dance.

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