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How to Look for Signs of Transition or Inner Transformation

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

How to Look for Signs of Transition or Inner Transformation

Have you ever wondered how you know when you are either entering a transition period or experiencing inner transformation? One thing to remember is that life, no matter whose, is always in a continual flux of ebb and flow.

This can be a very confusing time for most and if you don't understand what is happening, it can also be quite distressful. For most, it is difficult enough to just get through the day without mishaps, never mind about having to contend with other strange happenings.

Transition cycles occur every eighteen years according to numerologist Norman Shine. Now this isn't a lesson about numerology or forecasting the future. And you don't have to agree or even believe in the science of numerology, but if you have a basic awareness about these cycles, then you can use this knowledge to at least alleviate any concerns that may arise or perhaps it will give you greater insight into what is happening in your life at a particular time period. In any case, the most important aspect to remember is how you are living your life right now, in the present.

Every nine years you will probably notice a high or low period entailing either significant setbacks, roadblocks or major changes. You may experience these as periods of elation or periods of extreme distress. Over a ninety year lifespan, the "high" years encompass ages 9, 27, 45, 63, and 81, while the "low" years encompass ages 0, 18, 36, 54, 72 and 90 (see example 1). The "mid-line" or in-between years encompass ages 4-5, 13-14, 22-23, 31-32 and 40-51.

18-year Transition CycleExample 1

In the "high" or peak years, you will automatically focus on your inborn, inherited talents and because you are really expressing what comes naturally, you will most likely experience little or no resistance. However, in the "low" years, you exhibit your reactions to the challenges of life events; therefore, you will be required to exert more effort and patience in order to live with balance. But you may also notice that during a "low" cycle, major life altering events may still happen despite your best efforts or best intentions. During a "mid-year" cycle, you will likely experience a combination of medium scaled highs and lows, but nothing too drastic will transpire; it can be regarded as more of a lull or uneventful period. You may feel stirrings of restlessness, but most likely this will not erupt into a critical incident and may pass peacefully without notice.

When you are in a relaxed state of mind, see if you can recognize your "high" or "low" transition periods by re-living events backwards or forwards along your age scale to an occasion that proved dramatic, where you may have encountered trauma, difficulty, exhilaration or ease or feelings of being either happy or unhappy. Your assessment must be done objectively and sometimes it is very difficult to admit or to recognize set patterns. Normally, you will find that the happiest or the best years of your life occur at eighteen year intervals and that the unhappiest events occur nine years before and after your happiest ones.

You may wonder, "Why bother doing this exercise at all?" "What is its benefit?" and why dredge up old events that you'd rather forget. But sometimes when you are in a transition period, in order to move forward, it is necessary to release emotional interplay that may hamper constructive change. Quite often you may not be aware at your conscious level of such interference. By forcing yourself to recall life events it is therapeutic to your soul's evolution or development.

Other signs or signals that you are either in transition or are just entering a stage of inner transformation are recognized as follows:

1. You may feel quite impatient or discontented with your present lifestyle without understanding or realizing why.

2. You may become unhappy in your job for no apparent reason, but you strongly feel that you need to be doing something else with your life, although you can't pinpoint what it is.

3. You feel a strong urge or a magnetic pull in a certain direction whether it be a new hobby, a new interest, a new lifestyle, a new partner, a new spiritual devotion, etc., but whatever it is, you have no control over the matter; you just can't help yourself from pursuing it.

4. If you suffer from chronic illness, you may suddenly take great interest in discovering how to become well.

5. You may uncover hidden talents or abilities.

6. You may start to experience vivid or bizarre dreams in which you know you are given guidance.

7. You may sense that there is a greater power guiding or feeding you with knowledge that you normally don't possess.

8. Your interests may shift from focusing on the self to instead focusing on community, national or global conditions.

9. You may find that you are becoming more of a humanitarian possessing increased feelings of empathy, sympathy and compassion for others less fortunate than you.

10. Material possessions may become insignificant in your life and you may long for a simplistic lifestyle.

These are indications in which your soul conveys to you that you are not fulfilling your true potential and that you need to re-connect to your true inner self. I'm sure you have heard the age-old adage, "You can run, but you cannot hide." Yes, who are you really kidding? Quite often these unfold around mid-life and are then blamed or labelled as a "mid-life crisis." Too often people change their material surroundings, thinking that this will solve their inner turmoil.

In reality, you incarnated in order to learn certain lessons or to complete specific agreements in order to progress along your spiritual path. But first you must know who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses, your own unique talents or gifts, your likes or dislikes and this takes honest evaluation, acceptance of truth and strength with determination in order forge ahead to reap the benefits.

Generally, every eighteen years you will be reminded of this, where you will feel deep inner urges or a strong pulling, giving you the opportunity to align with your true spiritual self. Once you recognize or welcome these signs, you will enter a transition stage and the transformation will be your inner growth. Remain open, go with the flow and resist the temptation to try to control or manipulate the process in any way.

You will know that you have accomplished transformation when you feel extreme peace, utter joy and blessed contentment from being just you. You will love yourself, despite any faults or shortcomings that you may have. By this time, you will have reached total integration with your inner spirit or soul, which connects you to your spiritual source and your renewed daily living pattern will reflect this. These feelings of unconditional love, peace, joy and contentment will not be generated by any circumstance or anything outside of yourself or by any other person; all feelings will exude from within you.

If by chance you continue to remain unaware of this process, then you will be given another opportunity in another eighteen years. But then you ask, "What happens if I never pay attention and completely renege on my spiritual contract?" Nothing drastic will happen, but your soul will have missed its opportunity for growth in this lifetime; thereby slowing its over-all spiritual growth time-frame. Oh well, perhaps in its next incarnation it will have better luck and since time is really a man-made creation, what's the rush?

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