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How to Embrace the Power of Surrender

About The Author

This article was written by Gini Grey, who is a Transformational Coach, utilizing a powerful blend of coaching, counseling and spiritual energy tools in her individual sessions, workshops, books and CD's. For more information go to www.ginigrey.com.

How to Embrace the Power of Surrender

Flowing into peaceful surrender, allowing its softness to gently envelope us, is much like sinking into the warm water of a bath; body aches and pains are soothed and mental tensions are melted away as we slowly drift into sweet serenity.

Many of us know the power of surrender when we choose to let go of our fears by breathing them out and focusing on something uplifting, or when we release our problems by asking a guardian angel or higher power to take them from us and guide us to solutions. Ah, the relief. But most of us have not been guided to live our lives in surrender. We have been taught the opposite; try harder, plot more, manipulate where you can, force, push, resist, and if those don't work, run and hide. We know too well from experience that all these actions really accomplish is to dig us deeper into turmoil. We burn out, get frustrated, feel hopeless, alienate others, compromise our integrity, and give away our power.

Surrender allows us to own our power; the power of our higher self, spiritual self, creative source or whatever term one uses to describe their eternal essence. That same essence within each of us is within everyone and everything in the universe. This is why when we let go into it, our fears are taken away, our problems are taken care of, and whatever we need is brought to us. All it takes is letting go; letting go of trying to control all the details, letting go of holding onto fear, doubt or guilt, letting go of old identities that no longer serve us, letting go and letting something bigger than our small self be our guide. From here our mood lightens, our heart opens, and the walls we erected to protect our small self begins to crumble, allowing more light to enter.


* How do you view surrender? Do you see it as a giving up or giving in? Does it feel like things will collapse and get worse if you let go? Or are you able to trust in the divine order of things and feel that you are surrendering into something more powerful? How you view surrender will determine how you experience it so play with different perspectives.

* What is your experience of surrender? Have you experienced the relief of letting go of a fear or problem and trusting something bigger within you or within the universe to handle things? What motivated you to surrender during these times and what was the outcome? What would support you in surrendering more often?

* How do you feel right now? Are you in a surrendered state or are you in effort, trying, resisting or holding on? Is your body relaxed and peaceful or is it tense, feeling like you are grasping onto something? What about your mind; are your thoughts clear and calm or racing about or spacing out? What about spiritually; do you feel open, expansive, peaceful and uplifted, or shut down, numbed out and closed off? On average, do you spend most of your time in a more or less surrendered state?


* Whatever state you are in right now, allow yourself to move into a more surrendered space. Take a few deep breaths and on the exhalation release any tension in your body. Let your body completely relax into the chair you are sitting in. Close your eyes and bring all of your awareness into the center of your head, finding a still peaceful place within. Notice anywhere in your mind or body where you are holding on - to emotions, tensions, thoughts, worries or problems and let them go; allow them to drift out of your mind and body and float away, or see yourself putting them down on the ground behind you, or hand them over to a guardian angel or higher power. Breathe in softness and trust. Feel that you are being cared for and looked after by a loving presence.

* Practice being in a surrendered state daily by taking time to connect to your bigger self and your higher power. Take time in inner silence or meditation to feel your true authentic self and your connection to your eternal essence. Let this peaceful feeling flow throughout your whole mind and body, supporting you to let go into a place of ease, trust and flow.

* As you go through your day and days ahead, whenever you notice yourself ruminating over problems or concerns, or feeling a tight or holding on sensation in your body, choose to let go and release all of this to your bigger self or higher power. As you do this regularly you will move more and more into an expansive surrendered state.

"Surrender does not diminish our power, it enhances it." Sara Paddison.

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