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Generosity Feels Good

About The Author

This article was written by Gini Grey, who is a Transformational Coach, utilizing a powerful blend of coaching, counseling and spiritual energy tools in her individual sessions, workshops, books and CD's. For more information go to www.ginigrey.com.

Generosity Feels Good

August 2007

Giving your time, love, patience, attention and affection are all aspects of generosity. Sharing a smile with someone on the street, offering a hug to a friend, or taking time for a loved one are simple acts to perform, yet they reap huge benefits. When you give or receive any of these your heart opens, your mood lightens and your trust deepens. Living from a place of generosity assures that you are always in a state of abundance in life. What else could feel so good?

All it takes is an agreement to be generous. First with yourself and then with others; the more loving, kind and patient you are with yourself, the more you will reflect this to others, and of course, the more this will be mirrored back to you.

Whenever we feel as though others are treating us poorly or life is unjust, we are most likely being stingy with ourselves. As soon as we breathe in generosity and give ourselves what we most need, our perspective brightens and so does our life.


* What does being generous mean to you? In addition to monetary gifts, what other ways can one be generous?

* What are you most generous with in regard to other people? What are you most generous with in regard to yourself?

* What does it feel like to be generous? What does it feel like to receive generosity? How does giving and receiving impact your life - what are the ripple effects?


* Choose three things you feel comfortable giving (a smile, a hug, a cup of coffee etc.) and give them to others today. Notice how you feel doing this.

* Choose three things you would love to receive and give them to yourself this week. See if this increases your self-esteem and self-affinity.

* Tune into the state of generosity by reflecting on how good it feels to give and receive. Let this feeling of generosity flow within your whole body and mind, down into the cells. Turn up the volume on it and let it shine out from you everywhere you go.

"The unselfish effort to bring cheer to others will be the beginning of a happier life for ourselves."

-- Helen Keller

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