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Find Your Truth to Capture True Power

About the Author

Margaret Jang is a Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, Numerologist, Intuitive, and a Spiritual/Inspirational Poet & Writer. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC and can be contacted at margjang@gmail.com or through her website www.margaretjang.com.

Find Your Truth to Capture True Power

True power, which I speak about in this article, has nothing to do with physical prowess, but rather it is a state of being once you find your soul's authenticity.

How many can honestly admit that they are 100% contented with their life? How many jump out of bed in the morning full of vim and vigour just raring to start another day at their job? How many admit to truly enjoying their daily routine day in and day out? How many can attest to feeling absolute passion for whatever they do? How many are authentic in their thoughts, feelings and re-actions? How many feel that they are living not only with purpose, but in purpose? How many can look in the mirror and be truly happy and contented with what they see?

Too often, you may fall victim to being educated into trades coerced by well meaning parents or other influential friends, family or institutions. Or the idea might have sounded marvellous at that time, but over the years the gloss and glamour somehow has worn thin - titles or prestige rapidly become mundane. Then there instances in which you may live a certain lifestyle, but one day wake up wondering why you feel that you have missed out on something of greater value or perhaps would be more meaningful. Suddenly it seems like a piece of the puzzle of life is missing and you start searching to solve the mystery.

In order to capture your true power, you must first know yourself intimately, but in order to do this you first must establish inner awareness and be truthful to whom you really are. Sadly, most people are not too interested to sit down and ask themselves hard-pressed questions or just spend quiet time alone. It might be too boring or it might be mistaken as being selfish or hedonistic - heaven forbid! By far, the biggest reason is usually that there just isn't any time left after a hard day's work taking care of so many other responsibilities.

But in reality, each moment you spend alone in contemplation, you give yourself an invaluable gift. Each time you truthfully admit to your limitations or to your vulnerabilities and are willing to make necessary positive life-altering changes, you become transformed and empowered into who you really are - your challenges become gifts of opportunity.

You are here on the earth plane for special reasons and part of this is to find or discover your passion - what truly makes your heart sing in order to bring you contentment, peace and inner joy, without the trappings of materialism. You are here to learn lessons that you ignored in other lifetimes - great, here is another chance to make things right and restore your soul's good virtue. You are here to acquire greater knowledge and wisdom that your soul hungrily thirsts for in order to attain a higher spiritual standing.

But without finding your truth, your reason for being here becomes obscure and you possibly risk wasting precious time and energy running around in a continuous futile circle.

"And why is this important?" you ask. Candidly speaking, if you can successfully capture your own true power, your own true spiritual essence, this in turn has a powerful, positive effect globally, as well as universally. Each person who experiences success inadvertently is able to attract greater amounts of 'light' (universal energy) into their own being.

As a result, according to the Law of Attraction, what is attracted to you is also given out and soon everything around you vibrates with a higher, purer resonance that creates transformation, unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness, as well as unconditional healing. And on it goes - you create the domino effect, thus raising the overall global and universal consciousness level.

By now you probably realize that by finding your truth and capturing your 'true' power, you empower everything along your path. You provide an ultimate service not only to you, but to all of humanity and to the universe. Simply stated, your 'true' power becomes a virtual blessing!

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