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10.2 Canada p2 (Professional groups for writers)


This article is from the misc.writing Writing FAQ, by Wendy Chatley Green wcgreen@cris.com with numerous contributions by others.

10.2 Canada p2 (Professional groups for writers)

10.2.5 League of Canadian Poets

54 Wolseley Street, Suite 204
Toronto, Ontario M5T 1A5
Phone: (416) 504-1657
Fax: (416) 504-0096
Email: league@ican.net
WWW: http://www.poets.ca/

The League of Canadian Poets, founded in 1966, is a non-profit
association of professional publishing and performing poets in
Canada. Its purpose is to enhance the status of poets and nurture a
professional poetic community.

10.2.6 Canadian Society of Children's Authors, Illustrators, and

35 Spadina Road
Toronto, Ontario M5R 2S9
Phone: (416) 515-1559
Fax: (416) 515-7022
Email: office@canscaip.org
WWW: http://www.canscaip.org/

CANSCAIP members are professionals in the field of children's culture
in three areas: writing, illustrating or performing. The aim of the
Society is to promote the growth of children's literature in Canada
and encourage the development of new writers, illustrators, and

10.2.7 Writers Guild of Canada

123 Edward Street, Suite 1225
Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E2
Phone: (416) 979-7907 or (800) 567-9974
Fax: (416) 979-9273
Email: info@writersguildofcanada.com
WWW: http://www.writersguildofcanada.com/

The Writers Guild is an organization of freelance writers working in
film, television and radio production in Canada. The WGC negotiates,
administers and enforces collective agreements that set out minimum
rates, terms and conditions of work in the Guild's jurisdiction.

10.2.8 Crime Writers of Canada

c/o Secretary/Treasurer
3007 Kingston Road, Box 113
Toronto, Ontario M1M 1P1
Email: ap113@freenet.toronto.on.ca
WWW: http://www.crimewriterscanada.com/

The CWC is the national association for professional practitioners of
the crime writing genre in Canada. It provides a forum for the views
of its members and promotes the publishing and sale of works created,
edited, and published by its members.


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