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Everything for Webmaster

EveryThing for WebMaster

Online Magazines:

  • Netscape Enterprise Developer (http://www.netscapeworld.com/)
  • The Intranet Journal (http://www.intranetjournal.com/)
  • Intranet Resource Center (http://www.cio.com/WebMaster/wm_intranet_sites.html)
  • Web Review (http://www.webreview.com/)
  • Welcome to Web "97 (http://www.web97.com/)
  • World Media Services (http://www.world-media.com/)
  • WebTechniques (http://www.webtechniques.com/)
  • WebMaster Magazine (http://www.cio.com/WebMaster/)
  • CIO WebBusiness - Mastering the Web in Business (http://webbusiness.cio.com/)
  • Performance Computing Magazine (http://www.performancecomputing.com/)

Web Design Resources:

  • A programming Resources Megasite (Web Development Resources - Contains a large collection of programs, and programming related tutorials, source code, links, ideas, etc. ) (http://development.freeservers.com/)
  • Web Development Resources (http://www.eborcom.com/webmaker/)
  • Webmaster by Chuck Musciano (http://www.sunworld.com/common/swol-backissues-columns.html#webmaster)  (Sunworld)
  • Webmaster Resources (http://www.webmaster-resources.com/)
  • Ultimate Web Publisher's Guide (http://www.dezines.com/ultimate/)
  • WebResource.net - the ultimate source for webmasters (http://www.webresource.net/)
  • The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability (http://www.useit.com/alertbox/)
  • SunWorld's Webmaster by Chuck Musciano (http://www.sun.com/sunworldonline/common/swol-backissues-columns.html#webmaster)
  • The Web Tools Review (http://www-swiss.ai.mit.edu/wtr/index.html)- An on-line journal for developers of World Wide Web sites.
  • The Web Consultants Association Web Site (http://just4u.com/webconsultants/)
  • Complete Resource for All Web Builders (http://reallybig.com/)
  • CIO Webmaster Resources (http://www.cio.com/resources/)
  • WM Central (http://www.wmcentral.com/)
  • The Elsop Webmaster Resource Center (http://www.elsop.com/wrc/)

Free Online Utils:

  • WMS Encrypt (http://www.world-media.com/webtechniques/Encrypt/)
  • The Banner Generator (http://www.coder.com/creations/banner/linkexchange.html)
  • Online Site Validators: look at Validate Pages
  • Web Link Validator (http://www.relsoftware.com/wlv/)
  • HTML Page Formatter (http://www2.imagiware.com/toolchest/format/)- Unstructured HTML is difficult to edit because it is hard to know when you are inside a given piece of markup. The HTML formatter will take your Web page, spread it out, and nicely indent the HTML markup blocks. Just save the page that is displayed to edit the new formatted version.
  • HTML Page Squisher (http://www2.imagiware.com/toolchest/squish/)- This program will take your HTML page and squeeze it by removing unnecessary characters. Doing so will shrink the number of bytes in your HTML page and make it download faster.
  • Doctor HTML (http://www2.imagiware.com/RxHTML/) is a Web page analysis tool which retrieves an HTML page and reports on any problems that it finds.
  • Dr. HTML (http://www2.imagiware.com:80/RxHTML/htdocs/single.html)- Imageware - Free Online lint and link checker - Few pages only
  • Dr. Watson (http://jvm.com/watson/)- Free Lint & Link Checker
  • HTML Check (http://www.ijs.si/cgi-bin/htmlchek)- J. Stefan Institute - Slovenija - Free Online Service (htmlchek)
  • HTML Checker (http://www2.prepress.pps.com/mem/shop/HTMLtest.html)- PrePRESS Main Street - Free online service - Unix - Local links only
  • HTML Validation Service (http://www.hensa.ac.uk/html-val-svc/)- WebTech - Free Online Service
  • Inspector Web (http://greenpac.com/inspector/sample.shtml)- Greenpac Software Solutions - Free Online Service
  • LinkChecker v.1 (http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~jray/linkcheck2.html)- John Ray - Free Online Service
  • LinkChecker v.3 (http://www.ag.ohio-state.edu/~jray/linkcheck3.html)- John Ray - Free Online Service
  • NetMechanic Link Test & Validation (http://www.netmechanic.com/)- Monte Sano Software - 200 pages - 500 links - Free
  • SiteMap - Jazz Multimedia, Inc. (http://www.jazzsoft.com/)- Free Online Service
  • URL Checker - UC Santa Cruz (http://www2.ucsc.edu/cats/sc/www/urlchecker.shtml)- Free On Line Service - Uses Anchor Checker
  • Web Check - Virtual Source (http://test.vsource.com/webcheck.html)- Single Page Lint and URL tester
  • Weblint - Unipress (http://www.unipress.com/cgi-bin/WWWeblint)- Free online service & $9.95/6 month subscription - Local links only
  • Web Site Garage Tune up - (http://www.websitegarage.com/wsg/scripts/states/start.cgi?banner=bestwsg&page=/tuneup/index.html) A variety of tests in addition to link checking (limit 25 links)

Reference Pages:

  • Iowa Webmaster's Association (http://transmit.net/iwa/)
  • Webmasters Toolbox (http://www.acute.com/promote/graphics/1toolbox.htm)- FEATURED WEBMASTER TOOLS AND TIPS
  • Creating Killer Web Sites (http://www.killersites.com/core.html)

Non Cgi-Bin:

  • PHP/FI (http://www.tp.umu.se/php/doc/doc.html)
  • FastCGI (http://www.fastcgi.com)

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