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Site Promotion

Site Promotion:

  • Promotion World (http://www.promotionworld.com)

Promotion Centric sites:

  • Freepromo.cjb.net -- Freepromo.cjb.net is your one stop source for free web site promotion.
  • www.submitcorner.com A complete suite of Free online web tools including META Tag Generator, Search Engine Submission, Robots Generator, META Tag analysis tool, and complete guides to targeting your market with search engines.

Submit URL:

New: See the New Free Search Engines Submit URLs Project to get a feed of the latest Submit URLs and the submit tool
  • Many scripts to submit your site (http://www.computerheaven.net/rc/Web_Promotion/)
  • Free Submit (http://www.worldmachine.com/freesubmit/)- FreeSubmit will submit your URL to the search engines that more than 95% of all Internet searches are done with: Alta Vista, Lycos, McKinley, WebCrawler, InfoSeek, HotBot, Open Text, Excite and What-U-Seek.
  • All4one Submission Machine (http://www.all4one.com/all4submit/) - This free web page submits a URL to AltaVista, Excite, HotBot, Infoseek, Lycos and Webcrawler with one click, in less than 30 seconds. Windows or frames are opened for visual verification that the submission has been successful.
  • Making It Easy to List Your Web Site with the Best 100 Search Engines & Databases (http://www.mmgco.com/top100.html)
  • Broadcaster (http://www.broadcaster.co.uk/index.htm) - This is a FREE URL submission service to over 200 Engines/Web media
  • Locations to post, submit, register and publicize your home page: (http://www.ntg-campus.com/ntg/public.htm)
  • Pointers to Pointers (http://www.homecom.com/global/pointers.html)
  • PostMaster - Announce Your URL Everywhere! (http://www.netcreations.com/postmaster/)
  • http://www.submit-it.com
  • Add me (http://www.addme.com/) ( to 30 search engines)
  • World Wide Web Broadcaster: (http://www.broadcaster.co.uk/)This is a FREE URL submission service to over 200 Engines/Web media, by far the best free submission service if it does in fact submit to 200 engines as it states!
  • AddURL: (http://addurl.com/) Submits to up to 500 sites for free, but you have to choose the correct categories (you will not be submitted to all 500 sites once you choose the appropriate categories and takes more time submit then Broadcaster.
  • @Submit: (http://www.uswebsites.com/submit/) Submits to 50 Sites for free and they are adding more.
  • Web Step Top 100 (http://www.mmgco.com/top100.html)WebStep TOP 100 features links to the best 100 places that will list your web site for free.

Check your availability:

  • SiteInspector (http://www.siteinspector.com?leann71/) -The first step to improving your site's quality, Checks
    • HTML Design
    • Browser Compatibility
    • Link Validator
    • Spelling
    • Submission Readiness
    • Popularity
    • Load Time
  • Globes utility - all in one (http://www.find.co.il/all-in-1/index.html) Give a pointer to your site and it will search for you on the many search engines and return the results (Cool!)
  • Yahoo (http://www.yahoo.com/)
  • The Web Robots Pages (http://info.webcrawler.com/mak/projects/robots/robots.html)- Web Robots are programs that traverse the Web automatically. Some people call them Web Wanderers, Crawlers, or Spiders. These pages have further information about these Web Robots.

Search Engines Tutorials:

  • JavaScripts, HTML, Webdesign & Promotion (http://www.algonet.se/~tools/)
  • Bruce Clay (http://www.bruceclay.com/) Free "how to" information, advice, products, tools, links, and services offered for those planning to promote their own Web site. This information is especially for those performing Web architecture, Web design, Web marketing, and Web promotion tasks. This site offers help with everything from developing Web promotion strategies and plans to implementing effective tactical programs. If you would like to succeed as a Business Internet Services Web Designer offering web architecture and design, marketing, promotion, and site launch consulting, you will find help here.
  • Meta Medic (http://northernwebs.com/set/setsimjr.html) - How many times have you submitted a site to the search engines, only to learn, weeks later, that you messed up with a tag somewhere? Web Design for Search Engine Friendly Pages isn't rocket science, but you do need to pay strict attention to detail. And now that just became easier.
  • Search Engines Tutorial for Web Designers (http://northernwebs.com/set/) - The Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers explains, how to design your pages, keeping the search engines in mind, and why it is necessary to do so.
  • the Promotion World Search Engine Tutorial. (http://www.promotionworld.com) It is a 40 page tutorial for beginner and advanced webmasters who want to promote their sites.
  • A Standard for Robot Exclusion (http://info.webcrawler.com/mak/projects/robots/norobots.html) - n order to prevent unwanted robot accesses to your server or parts of your server, you can create a robot exclusion file.


  • Advertisment Tutorials at WebReview (http://webreview.com/wr/pub/Advertising)
  • Go! (http://www.eckent.com/go/go.html)- Search Engines, directories, shopping, links and more!
  • Missing Link : (http://www.igoldrush.com/missing/)The Reciprocal Links Database Missing Link collects sites willing to exchange reciprocal links. Find out at a glance which sites you should exchange links with.
  • Welcome to Microscope, the weekly zine dedicated to showcasing the most creative and compelling ads the web has to offer. (http://www.pscentral.com/index2.html)
  • Webpromote(tm) (http://www.webpromote.com/content1.html)- Internet Marketing, Promotion and Announcement Services
  • Microscope Home Page: Best Ads On The Web (http://www.pscentral.com/)
  • - Wilson Internet Services (http://www.wilsonweb.com/)
  • Web Marketing Forum (tm), sponsored by Wilson Internet Services (http://www.wilsoninet.com/hn/forum/)
  • The Banner Generator Form (http://www.coder.com/creations/banner/banner-form.pl.cgi)
  • SI Software - One-Stop Directory Of Web Advertising, Promotion, Marketing, Sales And E-Mail Resources - Web Advertising, Banner Advertising, Marketing, Web Promotion (http://www.sisoftware.com/silink2.htm)
  • Media Placement Research (http://www.wprc.com/pldb/bmanage.shtml)
  • Web Site Banner Advertising on the Internet/Banner Ad Servers: (http://www.ca-probate.com/comm_net.htm)Commonwealth Network, DoubleClick, Internet Link Exchange, eAds, NarrowCast Media (NCM), NarrowLine, CyberGold, Imgis, BannerAd, SWWWAP, Webvertizing, Burst Media, NetGravity, FocalLink, and many more!
  • WPRC Paid Links DB (http://www.wprc.com/pldb/wprcpldb.shtml#options)
  • White Palm's Effective Banner Design (http://www.photolabels.com/betterbanners.shtml)
  • Web Magnet Advice: Promoting Your Site on the Web (http://he.tdl.com/~magnet/howtodoit.html)

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