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Perl's Code

Perl's Code

Resources and Archives:


  • The CGI Directory (http://www.cgidir.com)
  • Daily Diffs :: Perl (http://www.dailydiffs.com/dop000kd.htm)- Every day, javElink monitors thousands of pages for change. The Daily Diffs publish 2,000 of the most dynamic pages. Scroll down this page for a list of topics.
  • OneSeekDeveloper (http://www.oneseek.com/dev/)
  • Free Code (Perl/Java/C/C++) Categorized Directory (http://www.freecode.com/index.html)
  • www.developer.com - Perl Directories (http://www.developer.com/directories/pages/dir.perl.html)
  • perlWWW is a (personal) attempt to index Perl programs, and libraries, related to the World Wide Web. (http://www.oac.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/perlWWW/)

Personal Archives

  • stallion.mackay.net.au (http://stallion.mackay.net.au/products.html) provides free perl scripts/modules along with commercial products.
  • Agent Perl (http://webreview.com/97/08/29/perl/index.html) - a Perl script that will search the Internet for mail addresses or URLs that are on a list of sites and, optionally, on the pages that those URLs point to.
  • Perl Program Beautifier (http://www.consultix.wa.com/yumpy/cgi-pvt/pbeaut.cgi) - by Tim Maher, CONSULTIX - This beautifier works best on really ugly programs, and might even make a nicely formatted program look a bit worse. I've spent about 10 weeks on it so far, investing most of my time in analyzing, deconstructing, and reconstructing the Perl program, without ruining it (that's the tricky part!). Because of this emphasis, I haven't had much time to spend on the cosmetic aspects of the final result.
  • SendingMirror.pl (http://www.tanztreff.com/perl/SendingMirror.html) - This Perl script does keep my hired web server up to date with my local harddisk folder without any interaction and without hopefully any unnecessary nor duplicated sending of files.
  • The following set of examples has been used by Tom and Tom's trainers in some of their Perl training courses.Many will find their way into the Perl Cookbook that should be out late this spring, so are necessarily copyrighted by Tom unless otherwise attributed. (Tom = Tom Christiansen tchrist@jhereg.perl.com)
  • Jeffrey's Perl Stuff (http://www.wg.omron.co.jp/~jfriedl/perl/index.html)
  • Free Perl/CGI Scripts (http://www.icemall.com/free/free_perl_scripts.html)- (links to other sites)
  • Free Perl Code from the Source Site (http://www.karland.com/code/perl/)
  • Collection of perl toys, tricks, and traps. (http://www.perl.org/CPAN/scripts/)
  • Cool Modules List (Tom Christiansen) (http://language.perl.com/info/cool_modules.html)
  • CPAN's nnn Modules Distributions (Perl Home Page) (http://www.perl.com/CPAN/modules/01modules.index.html)
  • Matt's Perl CGI Scripts (Matthew M. Wright) (http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/)
  • Navigating CPAN Modules (Tom Christiansen) (http://language.perl.com/info/cpan_modules.html)
  • Script Collection (Bill Middleton) (http://feenix.metronet.com/perlinfo/scripts/)
  • The Free Compilers List (University of Geneva) (http://cuiwww.unige.ch/cgi-bin/freecomp?perl)
  • The Perl 5 Module List (Tim Bunce & Andreas König) (http://www.perl.com/CPAN/modules/00modlist.long.html)
  • Acquiring Perl Software (Tom Christiansen) (http://language.perl.com/info/software.html)
  • A semi-complete Listing of available Perl Archives (Bill Middleton) (http://www.metronet.com/perlinfo/other-archives.html)
  • FTP Archive The Perl Journal (http://orwant.www.media.mit.edu/tpj/programs/)
  • Ports to non-native Platforms (Tom Christiansen) (http://www.perl.com/CPAN/ports/)
  • Index of /CPAN (The Perl Institute) (http://www.perl.org/CPAN/)
  • PERL Resources (JARS) (http://www.jars.com/listing-PERL.html)
  • Where can I get (foo)perl? (Neil Bowers) (http://www.cre.canon.co.uk/~neilb/perl/metaFAQ/entry-06.html)
  • Where can I get Perl 5? (Neil Bowers) (http://www.cre.canon.co.uk/~neilb/perl/metaFAQ/entry-05.html)
  • Perl Scripts (http://abattoir.cc.ndsu.nodak.edu/~nem/perl/scripts/)by Nem W Schlecht
  • Perl Resources (http://www.progsource.com/perl.html)

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