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Directories of Computer Consultants and Developers

Salaries Surveys

  • www.realrates.com - Resources for Computer Consultants

Directories of Computer Consultants and Developers (and General jobs)

Webmaster/webdeveloper specific directories:

  • www.itinfo.net ITinfo.Net. A Job Search Engine specifically for IT jobs.  There are over 20,000 jobs for network, system & database analysts and administrators, IT administration folks, & MIS managers.
  • Brain Power (http://www.bpower.com/)
  • developers.net (http://www.developers.net/)  A community of software developers and web developers. There are over 30,000 jobs in a searchable database on the site.
  • The Perl Job Board (alpha version) (http://www.tpj.com/tpj/jobs)
  • CGI-City: Help wanted (http://icthus.net/CGI-City/helpwanted/helpwanted.shtml) / Help Offered (http://icthus.net/CGI-City/helpoffered/helpoffered.shtml)
  • the CDR Internet Group:
    • Directory of Programmers (http://www.cgi-java.com/cgi/programmers.shtml)- A list of programmers available for CGI services. If you're a programmer that does contract work, be sure to list yourself here.
    • CGI Jobs (http://www.cgi-java.com/cgi/jobs.shtml)- Companies needing CGI services can post their jobs here.
  • www.developer.com Add yourself (http://www.developer.com/community/submit_person.html) / Browse (http://www.developer.com/community/c_whoswho.html) / Find a Job (http://www.developer.com/community/jobs/c_jobs.html)
  • JobServe (http://www.jobserve.com/) - The largest source of IT vacancies in the UK
  • Job Search (http://www.jfpresources.com/jsearch.html)(JPF)
  • www.WebsiteBuilder.com
  • www.softwaredeveloper.com
  • Job Openings at www.developer.com (http://www.developer.com/about/jobs.html)
  • Jobs at cgi-resources.com (http://www.cgi-resources.com/Jobs/) - posting are kept for 2 weeks!
  • Directory of Computer Consultants and Developers (http://www.iversonsoftware.com/service.html) (Iverson Software Co. People) - The place to find the people who make computers work. Add An Entry! Update An Entry! Search the Directory! Add A Job Opportunity!
  • Webmaster Job Opening (http://www.cio.com/forums/wmf_job_posts.html)
  • CIO Wanted (http://www.cio.com/CIO/cio_wanted.html) - CIO, VP or Director level positions and above.
  • CIO Jobs Openings (http://www.cio.com/forums/wmf_job_posts.html)
  • WebMasters' GUILD:
    • Webmasters Needed (http://www.webmaster.org/cgi-bin/net.Thread.pl/message/1)
    • Webmasters for Hire (http://www.webmaster.org/cgi-bin/net.Thread.pl/message/3)


  • Computer Consultant (http://www.computer-consultant.co.uk/) is a fortnightly magazine for computer consultants listings the top contracts in the UK and Overseas.
  • Freelance Informer (http://www.freelanceinformer.co.uk/) THE PREMIER web site for the UK IT contracts industry.
    • Our site is designed to help you get the best out of the contracts marketplace. We have thousands of jobs in our searchable database, a comprehensive personal jobs email service and you can even apply for jobs online.
    • Plus lots of great articles from Freelance Informer magazine together with a daily news service focusing exclusively on the contracts market.
  • Software Contractors' Guild (http://www.scguild.com/) (sm) An organization of Software Contractors and Consultants worldwide.This is the place for:
    • Software Contractors/Consultants who want to advertise their services.
    • Businesses seeking Software Contractor/Consultants. (No Fees).
  • Resume Distribution JKL Enterprises (http://www.jklenterprises.com/)


More general directories with search ability:

  • AmericanJobs.com (http://www.americanjobs.com/)
  • Asia-Net (http://www.asia-net.com/)
  • HotJobs (http://www.hotjobs.com/)
  • CareerMagazine (http://www.careermag.com/db/cmag_postsearch_form) - Job Openings Searchable DataBase
  • Jobs-Online (http://www.jobs-online.com/) - Misc Jobs postings
  • Resucom (http://www.pbgi.com/resucom/seek.htm) (tm) is a unique service that distributes your resume directly to our subscriber base of more than 600 professional recruiters. All you have to do is follow the steps in our easy-to-use online form, and we take care of the rest. (Internet resume posting service )

Other links to links:

  • Jobs, worlwide, (http://frhewww.physik.uni-freiburg.de/kabuff/jobs.html)
  • SenseMedia Job Board (http://sensemedia.net/getajob)
  • VL-WWW: Job_Resources (http://Stars.com/Vlib/Internet/Job_Resources.html)
  • Other Employment Sources (http://asae.org/jobs/)

The Webmaster's Guide to Programming Jobs:

  • A library of (http://www.jfpresources.com/prgguide.html) job hunting tips, and resources specifically designed for programmers.
  • The Riley Guide (http://www.dbm.com/jobguide/)- Employment Opportunities and Job Resources on the Internet


  • Computer Industry Salary Survey (http://www.datamasters.com/survey.html) (by Datamasters)
  • 1997 Interactive Salary Survey (http://www.pencomsi.com/industry.html)

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