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E- Commerce

General info:

  • Sell It! (http://sellitontheweb.com/)How to build and maintain an effective Web storefront - a free resource dedicated to helping businesses build and maintain an effective Web storefront.
  • CIO's Electronic Commerce Research Center (http://www.cio.com/forums/ec.html)
  • CREC - The Center for Research in Electronic Commerce (http://cism.bus.utexas.edu/)
  • Electronic Commerce Interest Group (http://www.w3.org/Payments/)

CEME '98: CREC Conference on Electronic Marketplace and Economics (http://cism.bus.utexas.edu/)

CREC and IBM's Institute for Advanced Commerce announce CEME '98, a unique event that aims at providing an integrated view on electronic commerce, business processes, and strategies, applying economics to interpret and understand the impacts of the Digital Commerce. Austin, Texas, February 16-17, 1998

Electronic Payments Services:

  • CheckFree (http://www.checkfree.com/)
  • Cybank (http://www.cybank.net/)
  • CyberCash (http://www.cybercash.com/)
  • DigiCash (http://www.digicash.com/)
  • First Virtual Holdings Inc. (http://www.fv.com/)
  • Mark Twain Bank (http://www.marktwain.com/)
  • NetBank (http://www.netbank.com/~netcash/index.html)
  • NetCheque (http://nii-server.isi.edu/info/NetCheque/)
  • NetChex (http://www.netchex.com/)
  • PAWWS Financial Network (http://pawws.secapl.com/)
  • SecurePay (http://www.securepay.com/)

  • Digital Certificates 101 - A Brief Tutorial

    • What is a Digital Certificate? (http://www1.sympatico.ca/Sympatico_Help/Advisories/digcert.html)
    • What is a Certificate Authority? (http://www1.sympatico.ca/Sympatico_Help/Advisories/certauth.html)
    • Digital Cerificates: From Obscurity to Ubiquity (http://www.computerworld.com/emmerce/depts/austincol.html)
    • Using Digital Certificates for Secure Electronic Commerce (http://www.cybertrust.gte.com/industryideas/usingcert.html)
    • Digital Signature Guidelines - American Bar Association (http://www.abanet.org/scitech/ec/isc/dsg-toc.html)
    • Internet security, encryption and digital signature references (http://www.public-key.com/sec.html)

    Internet Funds Transfer Services - Digital Certificates

    • BBN SafeKeyper Certificate Management System (http://www.bbn.com/products/security/skcms.htm)
    • BelSign - The Digital Certificate Authority for Europe (http://www.belsign.be/)
    • CertCo (http://www.certco.com/)
    • Entrust Technologies (http://www.entrust.com/)
    • GTE CyberTrust (http://www.cybertrust.gte.com/)
    • IBM SecureWay (http://www.ibm.com/Security/)
    • Intel Digital Certificate Manager (http://www.intel.com/ial/security/cdsa/DCM.htm)
    • Keywitness Canada (http://www.keywitness.ca/)
    • NetDox, Inc. (http://www.netdox.com/Nocorporate.html)
    • Thawte Certification (http://www.thawte.com/)
    • ValiCert, Inc. (http://www.valicert.com/)
    • VeriSign, Inc. (http://www.verisign.com/)
    • Xcert Software, Inc. (http://www.xcert.com/)

    Internet Check Processing Services & Software

    Check Processing Services for Online Transactions

    • AFTS Remittance Processing Service (http://www.afts.com/remit.html)
    • ChekFaxx (http://www.chekfaxx.com)
    • Internet SafePAY Online Transactions (http://www.cyber-action.com/safepay/index.html)
    • Octagon Technology Group, Inc. (http://www.otginc.com)
    • Quick-Checks (http://www.quick-checks.com/)
    • Redi-Check: Real-Time Credit Card and Check Authorization (http://www.redi-check.com/)
    • VirtualCheck (http://www.virtual-adnet.com/quikchec.htm)
    • WebDebit (http://www.instantpc.com/aboutwebdebit.htm)

    Check processing Software

    • CheckFast Payment System (http://www.mtnhigh.com/checkfast/)
    • CheckMaster Internet Checks Software (http://www.checkmaster.com/cmplusb.htm)
    • Checknique (http://www.redbay.com/org/mastercheck/)
    • Checks-By-Fax-Or-Phone (http://www.mckok.com/)
    • Checks Online (http://www.hoffice.com/)
    • CheckWriter (http://www.instantpc.com/about.htm)
    • TurboCheck (http://www.turbocheck.com/)

    Check Fraud Service Bureaus

      Check Information Systems (http://www.angelfire.com/biz/BOGUS)

    Credit Card Processing 101 - A Brief Tutorial

    • Banking Terms You Need To Know (http://www.firstdata.com/terms.html)
    • Internet Credit Card Processing (http://www.firstdata.com/internetccproc101.html)
    • Business-to-Business Internet Commerce: The Returns Are Real (http://website-1.openmarket.com/segments/b2b/b2bwp.htm)
    • Always Open for Business: A Merchant's Guide to Opening a Store on the Web (http://www.mercantec.com/support/aob2.html)

    Internet Merchant Charge Card Services

    • American Midwest Bankcard (http://www.multiplex.com/AcceptCards/)
    • Cardservices International (http://www.cardsvc.com/)
    • Commerce Today (http://www.CommerceToday.com/)
    • CommerceWAVE (http://www.commercewave.com/)
    • Credit Card Network (http://www.creditnet.com/)
    • Cybersource (http://www.cybersource.com/)
    • Directory of Credit Card Authorization Companies (http://www.cybercash.com/cybercash/financial/bankfin.html)
    • Electronic Card Systems, Inc. (http://www.etransfer.net/) Specializes in web based businesses
    • Electronic Merchant Systems (http://www.ems-premier.com/)
    • First Data Merchant Services (http://www.firstdata.com/) - Internet Payment Services (http://www.firstdata.com/internetservices.html)
    • Internet Billing Company (ibill) (http://www.ibill.com/)
    • LitleNet - The Direct Commerce Network (http://www.litle.net/)
    • Merchant Bankcard Network (http://www.bnkcard.com/)
    • National Payment Systems (http://www.npsglobal.com/)
    • Net MoneyIN, Inc. (http://www.moneyin.com/)
    • MerchantAccountCom (http://www.merchantacct.com/)
    • Merchant Credit Card Bankcard Services - Secure Credit Card Transactions (http://www.mktmkt.com/ces.html)
    • Octagon Technology Group, Inc. (http://www.otginc.com)
    • Online Financial Services, Inc. (http://ofs.web-charge.com/)
    • Outreach Secure Electronic Commerce (http://www.outreach.com/)
    • Point of Sale Solutions (http://www.webmall.net/pos/)
    • RealTime Commerce Solutions, Inc. (http://www.realtimecommerce.com/)
    • Redi-Check: Real-Time Credit Card and Check Authorization (http://www.redi-check.com/)
    • SecureCC
    • SecureOrders.com (RSCNet)
    • Unified Merchant Services (http://www.unifiedmerchants.com/)
    • VersaNet SecureOrder Services (http://www.versanet.net/secureorder/)
    • Viaweb - Create your own online store (http://www.viaweb.com/)
    • WWW800 - World Wide Payment System (http://www800.com/)

    Merchant Account Banks Receptive to Internet Commerce

    • Bridgeview Bank and Trust (Cycom) (http://www.bridgeviewbank.com/)
    • First Bank of Beverly Hills (http://www.fbbh.com/) - Information Inquiry Form (http://www.fbbh.com/fbbh5.html)

    Secure Server & Order Form Services

    • Advanced Internet Technologies, Inc. - Virtual Servers for Website (http://www.aitcom.net/virtual.htm)
    • Infoback Internet Services - SafeForm Network (http://www.infoback.net/services/SM2742/secured.html)
    • Simply Secure - SSL Secure Order Forms (http://www.simplysecure.com/)
    • Virtual Server Connection (http://vsconnect.com/services/dotcom.html)
    • Web Works - Secure Form Access For Off-Server Sites (http://www.xwebworks.com/secureform.html)
    • World Order - Secure Payment Gateway (http://www.worldorder.com/html/form_gateway.html)
    • Zygaena Network Service - Secure Server Services (http://www.zygaena.com/commerce/index.html)

    Merchant Card Processing Software

    • Atomic Software (http://www.atomic-software.com/)
    • Free Credit Card Processing Software for Win 95, NT & Mac (Semaphore) (http://www.semaphorecorp.com/ccs/ccs.html)
    • Go Software - PC Charge (http://www.gosoftinc.com/)
    • HKS, Inc. - CCVS: Credit Card Verification System for Unix Systems (http://www.hks.net/)
    • IBM - CommercePOINT (http://www.ibm.com/Security/html/commercepoint.html)
    • Icverify, Inc. (http://www.icverify.com/) - Non-Frames Menu (http://www.icverify.com/menu.html)
    • Open Market (http://www.openmarket.com/) - LiveCommerce (http://website-1.openmarket.com/livecom/) - Transact (http://website-1.openmarket.com/transact/)
    • Tellan Software (http://www.tellan.com/)
    • VeriFone, Inc. (http://www.verifone.com/)

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