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CGI-BIN Scripts by Category

CGI-BIN Scripts by Category

Search For Free Scripts:

  • The CGI Directory (http://www.cgidir.com)
  • DevDirectory: Perl/CGI (http://www.DevDaily.com/Dir/Perl/)
  • CGI-Search (http://www.cgi-search.net/)
  • Computerheaven.net (http://www.computerheaven.net/rc/Programs_and_Scripts/Perl)
  • boysss Perl Script (http://linux.cqi.com.cn/personal/boysss/perllinks/)
  • CGI SCRIPTS (http://www.webresource.net/cgi/scripts/) by webresource.net
  • Free Code (Perl/Java/C/C++) Categorized Directory (http://www.freecode.com/index.html)
  • perlWWW is a index of Perl programs, and libraries, related to the World Wide Web. (http://www.oac.uci.edu/indiv/ehood/perlWWW/)
  • CGI City (http://icthus.net/CGI-City/)
  • CDR Internet Group's Directory (http://www.cdrinternetgroup.com/cgi-java/)
  • Developer.com (http://www.developer.com/directories/pages/dir.cgi.html)- CGI Directory
  • Script Search (http://www.scriptsearch.com/) - Includes cgi/perl and other scripts
  • The One And Only CGI Script Search Engine (http://www.scream.rede.com/usl/)
  • The CGI Resource Index (http://www.cgi-resources.com/)- Enormous Index of Free Scripts
  • The CGI Collection (http://www.selah.net/cgi.html) - Search Engine
  • WebSeek Directory: CGI (http://www.webreference.co.uk/directory/cgi/index.html)

Free Web Conferencing Software:

  • http://freenet.msp.mn.us/~drwool/webconf.html#freeware

Web Statistics:

  • Analog: a WWW server logfile analysis program (http://www.gamesdomain.com/analog/) - Fast, professional, freeware WWW logfile analysis for Unix, PCs, NT, Mac, VMS and RiscOS.
  • wwwstat information page (http://www.ics.uci.edu/WebSoft/wwwstat)--for analyzing NCSA httpd log files.
  • getstats information page. (http://www.eit.com/software/getstats/getstats.html)

Cgi Modules and Libraries:

  • Cookie-lib.pl (http://m12.ellerypeck.uri.edu/cookie-lib/index.html)is a perl library, written in the spirit of cgi-lib.pl to help developers use cookies easily and effectively in web applications.
  • JavaCGIBridge Make your Java Client talk CGI to your perl server (http://www.gunther.web66.com/JavaCGIBridge/)
  • Cool Modules List (http://perl.com/perl/info/cool_modules.html#WWW)
    • CGI.pm (http://www-genome.wi.mit.edu/ftp/pub/software/WWW/#query)
    • CGI.pm In Use: Examples (http://www-genome.wi.mit.edu/ftp/pub/software/WWW/examples/)
    • Layered CGI::* modules
    • LWP
    • GD
  • HTTP Cookie Library (http://worldwidemart.com/scripts/cookielib.shtml)
  • libwww-perl (http://www.sn.no/libwww-perl/) - excelent perl5 www modules page with many ready to work tools
  • Libwww (http://www.w3.org/Library/)is a general-purpose Web API written in C.
  • Mozilla - V3 the C++ CGI Class Library Project (http://www.infomaniak.ch/~dblock/agnes.new/index.html)- Mozilla Motivations ,Mozilla-V3 Step by Step CGI Design Example ,Mozilla-V3 Short Class Description ,Download Public Domain Source code


  • WWW Homepage Access Counter (http://www.fccc.edu/users/muquit/Count.html)
  • CronCount (http://www.ee.pdx.edu/~maurice/CRONCOUNT/)

Macintosh's Cgis:

  • ComVista: (http://host.comvista.com/Internet.tfm)


  • dada's perl lab (http://www.divinf.it/DADA/PERL/) - WIN32 perl stuff (scripts and modules)
  • CGI Scripting using Winductor (http://www.desisoft.com/)- Winductor is a scripting language for Windows (3.1, 95 and NT) environments, which has evolved to include CGI programming.
  • Windows 95 Web Software (http://www.rlaj.com/scripts/win95.htm)

Other pages:

  • Hitch Hackers Cgi Toolkit (http://amadeus.ccs.queensu.ca/cgihacks/hacks.html)
  • The CGI Collection (http://www.selah.net/cgi.html) - A big list of CGI-Scripts as well

Misc Scripts by FTP:

  • ftp.zcu.cz: /pub/network/WWW/tools/translators/ (http://nic.zcu.cz/ftp/pub/network/WWW/tools/translators)

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