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3.14 - Superchargers (All)


This article is from the Toyota Tundra FAQ, by Steve Yee with numerous contributions by others.

3.14 - Superchargers (All)

Toyota Racing Development has been infamous in providing add on supercharger
kits that bolt on to the existing engines with little to no modifications. At
the current time, a Toyota Racing Development supercharger is only available
for the V6 Tundra engine. A V8 supercharger may be available soon, due to the
fact that the V8 engine is similar to the ones used in both the Lexus
LX/GS400/430, Lexus LX470, and the Toyota Land Cruiser. The TRD V-8
Supercharger at the current time is undergoing C.A.R.B. (California Air
Resources Board) certification with an unknown estimated shipping timeframe.

According to some early posts, the early prototype versions of the TRD V8
supercharger has had some design problems. People who have talked to TRD
engineers or testers have mentioned two glaring problems with the proposed TRD
V-8 Supercharger:

1) The differential is unable to handle the additional torque (too much
slippage ?)
2) A Limiter may be added to only allow the supercharger to kick in after 2nd

It has been theorized that the stock differential should be able to handle the
supercharger. External tests from various 4x4 magazines show that the Tundra's
differential and axle has a strength between a Dana 35 and a Dana 44.

The versions "seen" by Internet posters said that the test supercharger has
provided up to 400 Horsepower for the stock engine. Again, this is from what
is posted on the Internet - Your Mileage May Vary once the real kit comes out.

At the 2000 SEMA show, TRD demonstrated a addon supercharger with a new limited
slip differential. To view the specifications, go to
tml .

Rod Millen Motorsports has a supercharger kit available for sale now. Details
are sketchy, but it seems to be a bolt on kit that utilizes the current engine
covers. Pictures can be found at www.rodmillen.com.

The other option to boost your Tundra is to spend $100,000 for a TRD racing
engine. This would include a complete engine that would install into your
Tundra. The bad part (other than eating up $100,000), is that you will have to
use racing fuel and not ever pass emissions again.


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