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8. Phone Numbers


This article is from the Beginner Motorcycle Info FAQ, by rn@bell-labs.com (Ravi Narayan) with numerous contributions by others.

8. Phone Numbers

The Big Guys
The following companies are large mail order houses that will ship
at least nation wide with the appropriate shipping and handling
fee. (Sorry! I don't know about outside the U.S.) The things they
carry include: helmets, jackets, T-shirts, repair manuals, tires,
exhausts, chains, fairings, oil & chemicals, brake pads, in short,
almost anything you could want.

Chapparal- (San Bernadino, CA) Will send free Catalogue. 1-800-841-2960

Motorcycle Accessories Warehouse) (CA, NV & PA) Will send free
catalogue I believe. 1-800-241-2222

Competition Accessories- (Xenia, OH) 1-800-543-3535. Don't know
about catalogue (any company will send it free with an order though)

Dennis Kirk- Will send free catalogue, 1-800-328-9280

Shade Tree- 1-800-866-4747, Free Cat.

Donelson Cycles- (St. Louis) 1-800-325-4144. Small charge for
catalogue I believe.

Laurel Highlands- 1-800-332-0670 (Norvelt, PA) $2 for cat.

Specialty Houses
They carry one or two types of products exclusively. All have
shipping in at least the continental U.S.

Bates Leather (Long Beach, CA) ) They make high quality
motorcycling jackets and pants. They are reportedly very good at
making sizes to fit women. They will send you a catalogue and
samples for $3.00. 213-435-6551

Aerostich- Makers of very high quality cordura/kevlar riding
suits. They will send you a free catalogue. If you are female or
unusually sized you should ask to speak to one of the seamstresses
when ordering the suit as Andy Goldfine (the owner & designer)
isn't too swift at fitting women's sizes, but he is a heck of a
nice guy anyway. 1-800-222-1994

Autobound (Alameda, CA) Retail store devoted exclusively to books
about driving or riding, particularly repair manuals. Despite the
awful name of the store, they do carry an extensive line of
motorcycle manuals, including many older, hard to find ones.
Warning, go here as a last resort, their prices can be up to $10
higher than at the dealer or through mail order. 415-521-8630

Hidalgo- they make sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses that are
easy to fit under helmets. Prices are less than any optical store.
Will send free catalogue. 1-800-786-2021

Cycle Tow- (San Francisco Bay Area Only!) Rich Gibbon is a nice guy.
Should your cycle ever be stuck inoperable somewhere, he will transport
it for you (for a nominal fee of course) in a truck specifically
equipped for hauling/towing motorcycles. He is based at Berkeley
Yamaha, price will vary with distance. 415-525-8243 or pager at

Cool-Tech Leather Jackets- 1-800-426-4704 Free cat

Mike Corbin- Boots and Seats, Custom made. Pricey but reputed to
be the best. 1-800-662-6296 ( Toll free is CA only?)

Parts Dealers

Always go to your local dealer first before going to these places.
Your business keeps them in business, that way the local guy will
be there when you need them. If you have no local dealer or he/she
is obstinate, uncooperative, or sexist then you can try one of these

Midwest Action Cycle) Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda
1-800-323-0078 (no catalogues for parts)

I could list many more fine places here, but I will let you
discover all the rest of the places that will be happy to take your
money and make you more unwilling to part with your bike than ever.

I know this sounds like a ton of stuff and might at this point make
the sport seem more complicated than it's worth. Nothing could be further
from the truth!


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