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65 Previous Changes


This article is from the The Monster Truck FAQ, by Jeff Hawkins with numerous contributions by others.

65 Previous Changes

06/26/98 Version 1.10! New URLs! We now list 84 trucks with URLs and 55
without. Added a pointer for the MTRA Website. Added pointer for
the Monster_Trucks News Group on Gcomm. And a address for the
Monster Truck Trivia List. Also the Virginia Giant has a new Web

I won't be marking the new info any more and the old markings will
be removed soon. This FAQ should have a permanent home RSN (Real
Soon Now) as a HTML document and the text version will be updated
from the HTML. Look for a bigger, better FAQ with more links,
pictures and info sometime this summer.

02/11/98 This is Version 1.09! Changes marked with the `*'character! David
Weihe reminded me the old Gravedigger site is down and gone! And
Andrew Palochko contributed a bunch of info this for this months

New URLs we now list 83 trucks with URLs and 56 without. Started
that calender section! Hardly anyone noticed I messed up the date
in last months changes section (01/01/97 Hee Hee)! And not even a
`Roman' noticed my sections were numbered improperly!

Someone asked about the starter's lights and `Stop Motion' video
systems. Do we have a new promoter coming into the business? I
have answered their questions with what I know!

01/01/98 Version 1.08! The truck URLs list has been updated extensively and
reformatted! Andrew Fielder sent URLs for every truck he has on his
pages! I also added his site to my Web sites list! Thanks to these
new URLs we now list 79 trucks with URLs and 55 without.

12/10/97 Version 1.07! Added the mailing address for USA Motorsports! Found a
promoter in FL. added their Info! Question about E-mail Addresses
came up again in a discussion! See my Answer here! Also had a question
about Pit Passes! In the Truck List You'll Find 40 truck URLs and 71
trucks without URLs = 111 Trucks Total!

11/10/97 Version 1.06! Couple new truck URLs, some slight reformatting! I
think I found a URL for Simitar (the video Company)! Added Monster
Mania to the major Web sites list! Took out the Truckzone Press
Awards Announcement! I Really appreciate the recognition they've
given this FAQ and all their efforts to promote Monster Truck

10/10/97 Skipped a month here!

09/09/97 Version 1.05 Audio Month I guess! 8-) I found some `good' info
about audio equipment so I checked what I could and inserted
in the suppliers area! I also added some reading list info into
a new section! This is mostly for the promoters/performers but
you fans might find it interesting background info too! I think
all the truck URLs should be right as of today! Still need more
URLs! There is some info about internet Services for Monster Truck

08/19/97 We won a award! Along with many other sites! I included a special
Section Excerpt from Truckzone Press as an announcement at the end
of this section! (Kudos now removed!)

O8/10/97 Version 1.04 Added a reference for our first freelance motorsport
announcer! This will probably become a section on its own! Someone
asked about how the teams cut tires so I added that info! Mike West's
Outlaw Super Trucks appeared with us at three shows this week so I
added contact info!

07/06/97 Added some info about Dan Patrick and some odds and ends.

06/10/97 Found Grave Digger's New URL. And updated same! Changed URL for
The Virginia Giant.

05/31/97 Received a MTRA rule book and Newsletter, made some changes to
reflect information found there. I added a lot of truck names,
need URL's for them!

04/26/97 fixed a few errors found in the htmlized version

04/13/97 just a little more info and final proof reading

04/06/97 A little added polish

03/02/97 The crude beginnings


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