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A7. Where were/are Lotuses built?


This article is from the Lotus Cars FAQ, by esprit@netcom.com (Alan F. Perry) with numerous contributions by others.

A7. Where were/are Lotuses built?

The current Group Lotus factory is located at Hethel, a former World
War II bomber base near Wymondham, Norfolk.

According to Patrick Peal, the specifics of the factory are as follows:

      Factory covered area:
        Factory 1:                175,027 sq ft
        Factory 2:                 28,800 sq ft
        Factory 3:                 40,410 sq ft
        Factory 4:                 31,200 sq ft
        Factory 5:                 28,800 sq ft
        Factory 9:                 38,295 sq ft

      Area of site:               5.5 acres
      Length of test track:       2.2 miles
      Length of airfield runway:  900 yds approx. (prior permission required)

Thirteen computer-controlled engine test cell suites, ranging from
30 - 750 kW absorption.

Emission laboratory providing full certification worldwide including
Europe, Japan and USA. This facility is only one of three in the
UK recognized by world authorities.

NVH laboratory providing latest technology and equipment to combat
Noise, Vibration and Harshness in all types of road vehicles. Semi-
anechoic chamber provides state-of-the-art test facilities for whole
vehicle and engine NVH analysis under all conditions of speed, load
and temperature.

Superbly equipped CNC machining facilities constantly being updated
with the latest equipment.

Lotus fabricates its own steel backbone chassis and suspension
components for the Esprit and Elan, produces composite bodyshells
and interior trim styled by its own styling studio, Lotus Design.
Supplied of spares also maintained for most of classic Lotus models.

The lightweight Lotus 16-valve all-alloy turbocharged engine built
in both 2-litre and 2.2-litre capacity is machined and handbuilt on

Team Lotus, now operating jointly with Pacific Grand Prix, has some
facilities at Pacific's headquarters in Thetford and some facilities
in storage units in Wymondham. Team Lotus was formerly located at
Ketteringham Hall, an English country house not too far from Hethel
and before that in some buildings just outside the gates of Hethel.

Classic Team Lotus is located in the former home of Team Lotus in
the buildings outside Hethel.

Before the move to Norfolk, Lotus was located on Delamare Road in
Cheshunt, Hertfordshire near London. That factory is now a furniture
factory. Before Cheshunt, the factory was located in the stables of
The Railway Hotel off Tottenham Lane, Hornsey (North London).
Before that, Lotuses were built in Hazel Chapman's (when she was
Hazel Williams) garage.


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