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30 Spin-offs (The Young Ones)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

30 Spin-offs (The Young Ones)

While there were no official sequels, other British comedies featuring the
same actors or writers, or set in a university setting include :

American pilot?

According to Slogan...

There was a pilot episode shot and aired of an American version of
the Young Ones. It was called Oh, No! Not THEM! and featured
Nigel Planer as Neil, and it had a claymation opening credit
sequence. Obviously FOX didn't make the series...

In the pilot they were all sleeping in one bed and Rick (not
Mayall) was having a dream about a hot punk girl and woke up and
Neil asks him why he didn't kiss her. Weird, huh?

I'm not quite sure I believe that, but I'll check my sources and get back
to you all on this! :-)

Filthy, Rich and Catflap

Made after The Young Ones, it starred Rik Mayall, Adrian Edmondson and
Nigel Planer, and was written by Ben Elton. It was intended to be its'
successor, and on the video cassette it exclaims "Aaagh! The Young Ones
have grown up - it's horrible!" Alas, rumour has it that it's not very
good, though some might say that it improves with repeated viewing and the
jokes are far more subtle in their own way than on The Young Ones.
Available on BBC Video (catalogue number BBCV 4991), the video sleeve

"Three pretty bloody fabulous and funny episodes starring showbiz
superstar and sex symbol Richie Rich (Rik Mayall) along with his
freeloading, parasitic minder, Eddie Catflap (Adrian Edmonson)
and wino agent Ralph Filthy (Nigel Planer)."

An episode guide to Filthy, Rich and Catflap is available from the TARDIS
TV Database

Girls On Top

Produced by Central Television in the mid-1980s, this starred Dawn French,
Jennifer Saunders, Ruby Wax and Tracey Ullmann as four girls sharing a
flat, with Joan Greenwood as their landlady. The press labelled it a
female Young Ones, though the writers tried to get away from this label.

Blackadder Goes Forth - Private Plane

In this episode, Rik Mayall plays Lord Flash-heart, who comes to the
rescue of Edmund Blackadder, and meets Baron Von Richoften - played by
Adrian Edmondson. The scene plays an awful lot like the battles between
Rik and Vyvyan :)


Made in the 1990s, it was written by Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson who
also starred in the series as Richard Richard (erm...) and Eddie Hitler
(now hang on!). The similarities between Richard and Rik, and Eddie and
Vyvyan are rather striking...

Men Behaving Badly

Another sitcom made in the late 1990s and still going, it's about two
"lads" and their lives. Starring Neil Morrissey and Martin Clunes, it's
become a cultural phenomenon (da doo de doo doo!) in the UK, with their
laddish antics and their relationship with the two women upstairs Leslie
Ash and Caroline Quentin. An American version was screened on NBC in
Autumn 1996.

A Very Pecuilar Practice

While this is NOT an out-and-out comedy like The Young Ones, I found it
rather amusing. This stars Peter Davison as a innocent idealistic doctor
thrust into a University medical centre complete with cynical
hard-bittened characters.


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