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10 Singles (The Young Ones)


This article is from the The Young Ones FAQ, by Andrew Wong BritCom@audiophile.com with numerous contributions by others.

10 Singles (The Young Ones)

Cliff Richard and The Young Ones : Living Doll
As part of the Comic Relief fund-raising drive in 1986, this single was
released, which hit no.1 in the UK charts in March 1986. It was also
performed live at the Comic Relief concert, available on video. It was on
WEA Records, catalogue YZ65 for the 7" version. It states on the sleeve
"Coming soon: the book, the LP, the chocolates..." :-)

A video was made to accompany the single, which deviated quite a bit from
the single, and also featured Hank Marvin from The Shadows (Cliff's
original backing band....) The video is available from most of the Comic
Relief compilation tapes that are invariably released around the next
Comic Relief telethon.

The song was also performed for the Comic Relief concert, but a few
changes were made. It was announced that the total and utter king of rock
and roll was in fact John Craven (a newsreader who specialised in reading
the news to children from 8 to 15).

The B-side to that was (ALL THE LITTLE FLOWERS ARE) HAPPY. A transcription
of this is available from the FTP sites

Neil - Hole In My Shoe
A cover of the old 1960s classic, it got to no.6 in the UK charts. A 12"
of this song was also released, which apparently is roughly the same, but
with extra bits (talking and freaky sounds) tagged on at the end.

To promote the single, Neil/Nigel performed Hole In My Shoe live on TOP OF
THE POPS. It was quite a memorable performance because half way through it
he stumbled and knocked down the scenery (some Athenian-style pillars) and
this was transmitted live... It has apparently become an oft-repeated
clip, and is embedded in BBC2's "Boxpops" show.

Neil - My White Bicycle
As a result of the success of Hole in My Show, this single was released
and an album duly made. The B-side was Cosmic Jam and both tracks can be
found on the album. A 12" version was also released. It was released on
WEA Records (1984), and the 7" catalogue number is YZ30.


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