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02 Who Created The Sliders Concept?


This article is from the Sliders FAQ, by Ed Hall sliders@nym.alias.net with numerous contributions by others.

02 Who Created The Sliders Concept?

SLIDERS was created by Robert K. Weiss and Tracy Torme. Here is some
information which was provided (in large part) by Fox Broadcasting's
publicity department, updated with information from Starburst interviews:

Tracy Torme (Co-Creator/Writer/Executive Producer of SLIDERS)

Tracy Torme graduated from the USC School of Cinema-Television in 1979.
Torme began his career before his senior year of college had a chance to
play itself out -- when he was hired as a staff writer for the much
acclaimed Second City Television. From there he joined Saturday Night
Live as a Writer/Filmmaker. He then became a member of the writing staff
of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on the first two seasons (sometimes
under the nickname Terry Devereaux or Keith Mills due to how his scripts
were mutilated by Maurice Hurley, according to Torme in the book"Captain's
Logs") writing some of that series' best-received episodes (including the
Peabody Award-winning episode "The Big Good-bye"). Torme wrote the movie
"Spellbinder" in 1988.
He also served as Writer/Producer on the Emmy-nominated mini-series
"Intruders" (1992). The following are the Star Trek:TNG episodes written
by Tracy Torme:
Season 1: Haven, The Big Goodbye,Conspiracy
Season 2: The Schizoid Man, The Royale (as Keith Mills), Manhunt (as Terry

In addition to his many television credits, Torme wrote the screenplay for
the 1993 film "Fire In The Sky," which he also co-produced.

Torme has developed "Dark City," a ninety minute pilot for HBO, and the
script for a film based on Richard Matheson's classic novel "I Am
Legend," on which he was the producer. His latest new series is Kung Pao,
which he describes as "a very dark twisted, strange comedy" likened to
"Batman meets Kung Fu meets The Prisoner". Also, Torme has produced the
show "Domination".
He has also written an episode of Outer Limits called "Rule of Law", and a
pilot for a show called "The True Tales of Terror".

He is the son of crooner Mel Torme. He has always been a big fan of
Raymond Chandler and of the film noir genre (this influence can be seen in
the Star Trek episode "The Big Goodbye".
He lives in Los Angeles.

For more information, check out Starlog's Science Fiction Explorer #7
(June 1995) for an interview with Tracy Torme written by Frank Garcia.

Robert K. Weiss (Co-Creator/Executive Consultant of SLIDERS)

Robert K. Weiss' credits as a film producer include the three "Naked Gun"
films, "Dragnet," "The Blues Brothers" and "Kentucky Fried Movie." For
television, he produced "Police Squad," the progenitor of the "Naked Gun"
film series. As President of St. Clare Entertainment, Mr. Weiss presides
over the development of network and cable television productions. His
many shows include "Dream On" and "Weird Science".

A graduate of Southern Illinois University, Mr. Weiss has extensive
experience in studio and location video production resources. He has
served on the Board of IS Robotics, a Cambridge, Mass. company whose
business is the design, development and manufacture of micro-robots for
a wide range of applications, including extraplanetary exploration. He
currently sits on the Board for The Center for the Study of the
Environment, in Santa Barbara.

Mr. Weiss lives in California. He is a member of the Directors Guild of

During the first season of SLIDERS, Mr. Weiss was one of the three
Executive Producers of SLIDERS. For the second season, his title was
changed to that of Executive Consultant.

Mr. Weiss has been known to post on both alt.tv.sliders, on America
Online and he has taken part in a number of online chats.


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